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    According to his twitter account, Lonnie Quinn was called back early from his vacation so he can be back tomorrow night at 11:00. Just asking, do you think his sleeves will be rolled up? I'm not sure on this one. Also I have to give credit to Elise Finch. She's been working around the clock from morning to night covering the snow and cold temps.
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    Man you have poor taste in news opens; while the CBS 2 may be a bit wonky; it's ambitious and a relic of it's time. NBC 10's is just fun, especially the theme which is one I want to see publicly posted if the time comes.
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    Joel Nichols has left KMBC as their morning meteorologist. He's been at the station since 1988. The station says that it was his choice. That's two relatively big losses for KMBC this year, with the first one being Larry Moore. There are also rumors* circulating that KMBC has also shown meteorologist Lisa Teachman the door. If true, that's the ousting of two meteorologists at once. *the source of this rumor isn't necessarily the most reliable place, but no one has come out and flatly denied it.
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    From the Bill Applegate era at CBS 2 in Chicago: Bush league crap, especially for a station whose ratings dominance could have once been accurately described as ridiculous.
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