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  1. 9 points
    B-bu-but.... Tegna-itis.
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    Aerial? AERIAL? How to make your station sound small market in one simple step. It's not even edited nicely.
  4. 7 points
    Bill Beutel got a promotion in 1975 for AM America. it failed, he came back to WABC, had a career for another 31 years. I wouldn't call going up and falling back a bad thing.
  5. 7 points
    Surprised nobody has mentioned how Jeff Glor's last broadcast ended with a 1:45 long credit roll with an extended cut of the theme.
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    The second transmitter is probably irrelevant, especially since WICD is pretty much a total satellite of WICS now with no original content other than ids and maybe some ads. The "Code Red" is just worthless fear-mongering, that worsens the relationship between the viewer and the meteorologists. It puts an undue burden on the meteorologists to hype up a weather event that may not live up to its potential harm, and can make the viewer less-trusting of them when it fizzles out or isn't the "eye candy" that it was hyped up to be. And in the era of pissed-off viewers venting on stations for cutting into their programming, it only makes it worse when they have to. I'm just waiting for Boris to chime in on this, bonus points if he brings up the "terrorism alerts" that were used during the 9/11 era.... Here's the bottom line (see what I did there?) JUST LET THE METEOROLOGISTS DO THEIR JOB!!! They know the weather (at least the good ones do), and work in the best interest of their viewers to provide usable forecasts and potentially life-saving information. While it's not technically required, most stations that can put out a forecast will be on-air covering a life-threatening weather event for the affected viewers, or at the very least, have the warning up on the screen through maps, graphics, or at the very least, and EAS alert.
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    A bad spot to cut off words.
  8. 6 points
    As a millennial in the market, I don’t find her, or any of the selfie stars Tegna is running through there, relatable. I prefer news to be about the story, not about the person telling it.
  9. 6 points
    Here is the FULL Pittsburgh Ratings For May 2019.
  10. 5 points
    My gosh, that WRAL site is really good... http://history.capitolbroadcasting.com/media-assets/news-people-action-news-people-image-promo-from-1978/?from=533 WRAL's "News People" promo A December 1978 newscast with a teletype sound open: http://history.capitolbroadcasting.com/media-assets/wral-action-news-5-newscast-dec-12-1978/?from=225 http://history.capitolbroadcasting.com/media-assets/bloopers-with-bobbie-battista-and-charlie-gaddy-circa-1979/?from=225 This blooper reel has the ticker bed once used by WBMG... http://history.capitolbroadcasting.com/media-assets/premiere-of-the-hour-long-action-news-5-newscast-at-6pm/?from=225 First hour-long 6pm Action News 5 (1982) http://history.capitolbroadcasting.com/media-assets/action-news-5-promo-image-promo-1982/?from=533 From the same year, an image promo "Get the action live on Action News 5" http://history.capitolbroadcasting.com/media-assets/action-news-5-600-pm-newscast-january-7-1985/?from=225 Can't say I've seen this particular theme mix before (January 1985) http://history.capitolbroadcasting.com/media-assets/sky-5-the-place-to-be-promo/?from=533 Mid-80s chopper promo using VTS The Place to Be http://history.capitolbroadcasting.com/media-assets/we-mean-a-lot-to-each-other-image-promo/?from=533 "We Mean a Lot to Each Other" song, produced for WRAL by VTS and sung by Lee Greenwood and Roberta Flack. Unlike a lot of VTS work, this was recorded in LA. http://history.capitolbroadcasting.com/media-assets/wral-news-coverage-of-switch-to-cbs/?from=225 Charlie Gaddy explains the CBS affiliation switch to viewers http://history.capitolbroadcasting.com/media-assets/wraz-50-goes-on-the-air/?from=225 A news story ahead of the launch of WRAZ in 1995
  11. 5 points
    Bingo. I don't want to hear the B.S. that "people can get it on their phones." The moment they adopt that attitude, they're contributing to their own demise. If the weatherperson was off, someone would fill in. If they couldn't get someone to fill in, the anchors would read a basic forecast. In the basic requirements of large market morning news (especially market #1), traffic is almost as important.
  12. 5 points
    You are confusing his career trajectory with Josh Elliot, his former GMA colleague/best friend (and Liz Cho’s husband). Sam was offered to be the face of The Weather Channel, a show built around him, appearances on NBC platforms, etc. It was a dream job. ABC couldn’t compete with that offer, gave him a very positive on-air send off, allowed him to promote his new job on ABC air, and sent out glowing press about him and his move to The Weather Channel. Josh, on the other hand, played hardball, was not allowed to give an on air goodbye, had a short send off tucked into a broadcast he wasn’t present for, and the network put out in the press that he was playing hardball and refusing their generous package. He then ended up on a limited role with NBC Sports, then on CBSN, and now hosting one off specials for random cable networks. This is about Sam having the money and flexibility to do what he wants in his life.
  13. 5 points
    This is turning into a list thread. We don't need to identify every station in the graphic. Figuring out who's logo it is isn't that hard to find out.
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    Most of a KNXT/Los Angeles newscast from 1983:
  16. 4 points
    You're missing Eat's point. When 9/11 happened, nobody really bothered to even wait until they had special breaking news graphics cued up until they went on air. WPIX cut to a live picture with lower thirds and a VO. WNBC didn't even have a lower third at first, they just cut to a live picture with a VO. WABC actually went on-air so fast that they used the wrong cart ("This has been an ABC7 Eyewitness News special report.") WNYW was on the air when it happened. They just went to their reporter a few blocks away. The only station that managed to cue up a "breaking news" animation was WCBS. The point is 9/11 happened so fast that they didn't have time to sensationalize it. Nobody covered their screens in "BREAKING NEWS!!!" graphics and animations because the pictures spoke for themselves. I doubt anyone rushed this to air quite like they did on 9/11 (though they did rush into plenty of tweeting and speculation with little fact behind them immediately after it happened.) This helicopter crash happened in poor weather, giving you plenty of reasoning to think it could have been an accident, and it was sensationalized like this could be a new 9/11, even after the facts started coming out, and despite the fact that nobody had anything decent to show of the actual accident, except blocky street-level video fed off bonded cellular backpacks trying their best to push out a signal over the congested cell phone networks. 9/11 was covered like it was because it was news. This was covered like it was because the stations could sensationalize it like it was another 9/11, until they couldn't, and even then, they kept going.
  17. 4 points
    Ah yes....the middle finger incident. I remember it well. I'd give anything to see the Dave Kaylor Hobo story! That and his dentures incident during a political convention in 2000. Back to Columbus picking up market rejects.....the short tenure of Pete Scovill at WSYX/WTTE can be summed up in one of his stories. Tossing to Scott Taylor, who works (is live) at Riverside Hospital about the crash landing of a Beechcraft Banana (Bonanza) at Don Knotts (Scott) airport. Ok...back to the TEGNAfication of their newest stations...including WBNS.
  18. 4 points
    Bet Sinclair wish they thought of it first.
  19. 4 points
    This is starting to smell like a list thread. If anyone NEEDS to know every affiliate she's going to air on, those people can go to the show's website. https://www.tamronhallshow.com/
  20. 4 points
    My God, that's everything I've ever wanted.
  21. 4 points
    Unfortunately in television you don’t get time to “prove yourself.” It’s very easy to lose viewers, and very hard to win them back. Zirinsky probably felt he didn’t belong at EN in the first place.
  22. 4 points
    20 grand a month and no bathroom wowwww
  23. 4 points
    That's unfortunate. I feel like they actually improved the previous generation O&O package with all their little in-house fixes. Hopefully they do something about the awful lower third in this generation of the O&O package.
  24. 4 points
    ESPN/ABC has adjusted their NBA graphics during the Finals for several years, and this year is no exception, adopting yet another black and metallic gold color scheme. This year, though, it closely matches the look of official apparel and merchandise. I love it.
  25. 4 points
    R. Kelly is being accused of a very serious crime. Just because he's in the entertainment business, doesn't mean news organizations should turn a blind eye. I'm not saying you 'sensationalize' the story, but it's one that needs to be covered. Same with the Smollett case.
  26. 4 points
    I see he's taking the Lester Holt approach until CBS finds a suitable replacemwnt.
  27. 4 points
    Sam is pushing 60 and unless Ginger intends on leaving GMA in the next few years (which I don’t see happening) I highly doubt Sam will be going back to GMA permanently before he retires.
  28. 4 points
    Uh, that's pretty harsh. Sure, he could have stayed at GMA. Can you blame the guy for taking a risk and going to TWC to host his own show? A lot of people on TV in positions analogous to his takes such risks, fail, and fall into oblivion. Sam's going to be the weather anchor on the number one local station in the nation. No, his path didn't follow the cookie cutter ladder of TV meteorologists , but he's maintained his popularity (and now a salary). And he's more successful than almost any other TV meteorologist, even so.
  29. 4 points
    I would be down for an update from the Terrorism Alert Desk after the postgame show, just for kicks.
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  31. 3 points
    You're repeating your circular logic and trying to distract by going way off topic. Your argument is that the station should not have bothered to break in for the first hour because... it was no longer breaking news AFTER an hour? That makes zero sense. And then you somehow use your very faulty memory of 9/11 to justify whatever point it is you're struggling to make. Many called the first WTC plane crash breaking news or a special report from the start. Your posts are usually bizarre but the ones in this thread really take the cake.
  32. 3 points
    Toronto Raptors Championship Parade: Monday, June 17th TSN starts its special coverage at 9am ET and yes TSN, CTV AND CTV News Channel will air live coverage starting at 10am ET in a NATIONWIDE live simulcast. Enjoy Toronto. You guys have long deserved it.
  33. 3 points
    GMA is FINALLY doing something they haven’t done in nearly a decade, and something that the morning shows used to do quite a bit - taking the show on the road. This summer they’ll broadcast “pop-up” shows from cities selected by viewers. They kicked off today with a pretty good show in Philadelphia. This is the first time I can recall GMA doing this with an entire set constructed to travel like Today has done before.
  34. 3 points
    Sorry, Eat. A helicopter crashing on top of a New York building IS news in New York. Also, it's strange justifying Fox 5's apparently taking an hour to come on the air by saying... it's no longer breaking news an hour later? I'm not sure what the purpose of your word association ranting was but it veered way off topic.
  35. 3 points
    Likely the same reason Cox wasn't gobbling up stations: too much fat within the company sucking up the money. At this point, Hearst is bait for another Apollo to come along and enter TV with.
  36. 3 points
    It appears WDJT is in the process of switching to the 2nd generation O&O look.
  37. 3 points
    I don't think the market exclusivity thing is the issue here. WIFR in Rockford uses Enforcer, and they overlap in DeKalb and McHenry counties, and WREX started using The Tower in 2009, while WMAQ was still using it. I have a feeling that Stephen Arnold's packages simply cost less to lease. I'm sure that's why more small-market stations tend to use SAM.
  38. 3 points
    Hey, here's an old ABC 7 News, This Morning talent bump from '99! Took years to find this but there ya go!
  39. 3 points
    The staffing just doesn’t work out sometimes. The right amount of people were off at the wrong time. It happens. Sometimes we make mountains out of molehills here, especially when it comes to substitute anchor situations.
  40. 3 points
    I heard some time ago that they can't get Enforcer due to market overlap/exclusivity with WBBM (Kenosha County is in both Milwaukee and Chicago viewing areas, and for a long time cable subscribers there got both Milwaukee and Chicago locals.) CBS Local would be the next best option, but I don't think it fits WDJT's image.
  41. 3 points
    That is SOP for when there are tornado warnings. Nothing unusual about it at all.
  42. 3 points
    Kate Bolduan and At This Hour finally moved into their new studio a few weeks after temporarily moving into the newsroom. As was the arrangement at Columbus Circle, the show shares the studio with New Day and Cuomo Prime Time. I'm a fan of all the new studios (except for the newsroom) but I wonder if they're "too New York" with all the skyline images. I think New Yorkers tend to think the world revolves around them and I'm just not sure the rest of the country is dying to see Manhattan buildings in national broadcast graphics all the time.
  43. 3 points
    Remember, we've rediscovered in the last few weeks that 60 Minutes operates almost entirely separately from the main news division, so he's probably not crossing paths with a lot of those people on a day-to-day basis.
  44. 3 points
    Do you actually have any ratings?
  45. 3 points
    Just checked the current broadcast schedule of WBTV via TitanTV; Steve Harvey's show is the only syndicated show the station has! So, once they go forward with this new local show in the fall, I believe WBTV would be the first station in the nation (that I know of) to have all locally produced programming in addition to network (in their case, CBS), with no syndicated product at all. A trendsetting move, perhaps????
  46. 3 points
    The termination of FuzzyMemories YT channel is unfortunate, but not surprising. Some of the recent stuff they had uploaded had tons of flagable/copyright heavy content (such as the full episodes of Happy Days, Soundstage, etc.). I'm curious as to what they'll do from here, whether it be them going to court to have the channel return (like their fight with Tribune 10 years ago to upload WGN-TV clips), or just starting over with a new one. This will definitely breathe new life into their main website however, which hasn't seen much updates since around 2017. Now for a little oddity that a found on a tape, an entire 30+ minute downtime sequence for KYW-TV from September 1987. yes, they were only off the air for a half hour, and yes, they still did formal sign-off and sign-on messages!
  47. 3 points
    WOW. But i'm super excited to see him back! A class-act veteran is making a return back home! I grew up watching Sam on Channel 7 and quite frankly he's the reason why i have such a fascination with the weather and why I almost even went to school for Broadcast Meteorology. Sam really has come full circle especially with WABC starting in the number one market in the country as a 25 year old and working hard to get the experience he needed and soaring all the way to the top at The Weather Channel with his own show AMHQ, and also working at from time to time at GMA, and even ABC World News Tonight, as a weather reporter for one of the highest rated news programs in the country, he really deserves it, its kinda uncanny Sam didn't even cross our minds. I know some of us may think its a "fall in the ranks", but it really is absolutely not at all. Not in the very least. So I really disagree with you rkolsen on that statement. It really just means that WABC hires the best in the business. He started there, so it makes sense he ends there. Sam is a pioneer of sorts really with his style of delivery. A lot of stations took on his style. We all know Sam very well and what he's done in the past and we know what he's capable of. Can't wait to see how he interacts with the team in the mornings! Yay welcome back Sam!
  48. 3 points
    I think they did that to show people they are focusing on news from everywhere - not just the major cities.
  49. 3 points
    Anderson Cooper is using his new studio tonight. Once again, it looks familiar as it uses similar graphics for the background as the previous studio (which was very small -- at least the part used on air), but also very different and modern. Interestingly, the broadcast opened with some soft music playing as Anderson began. I don't believe 360 has used any sort of theme music in years. No open. No bumpers. Nothing. (I'll update this post with more screenshots throughout the hour.) CNN really likes those floor monitors.
  50. 3 points
    Alisyn Camerota and John Berman debuting New Day's new studio. As mentioned earlier, this one looks familiar but is still very different. I'm guessing this one will be shared with Cuomo Prime Time and possibly At This Hour. I was underwhelmed by their newsroom set so I'm impressed that they managed to pull off the other studios nicely.
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