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  1. 7 points
    Agreed with this; if there's one good thing about the social era and Media General merger, it's that both combined to finally stop the long regional domain names that sounded cute on-air, but are a nightmare to use as an online handle compared to four call letters and make a shared story in another market look like it was created by a fake website or one of those awful people who goes out to accident scenes and calls their gruesome 'uploaded before the next of kin was notified' pictures 'local news'.
  2. 7 points
    I look forward to the brand synergy and programming opportunities that are available to ViacomCBS now: NCIS: Jersey Shore NCIS: Vanuatu CSI: Nashville Big Country Brother Survivor: New York You Can't Do That on 60 Minutes 48 Hours on Nick Bluegrass Bloods Okay, I'll stop now...
  3. 6 points
    One more hour and they'll be able to wish Arizona a Good Afternoon at the end.
  4. 6 points
    Ugh.... Kill the Arial/Helvetica already....
  5. 6 points
    It's moving to the afternoon slot vacated by 'Millionaire' and company. Same thing for WABC and WTVD.
  6. 6 points
    Nope. They’re moving downtown within the next 4 years or so. That’s when a new studio and set will happen.
  7. 5 points
    I think the combination pool / ice rink is a nice added touch to the set. Those Disney folks sure know forward thinking set design. Beats the hell out of that CBS News Roomba.
  8. 5 points
    Just depends on the monitor/tv manufacture. Some default to blue...some to green and some to black when signal is not present. Funny monitor story... In the mid to late 1990's CNN Atlanta was slowly replacing the original CRT monitors in the newsrooms, edit bays and control rooms. As engineers and contractors replaced the sets, many of the old ones ended up stacked in corners, hallways and break rooms. As you can guess...some of those monitors "walked away" and found new homes as video game monitors, extra tv's for kids rooms or grandmas house... It was not unusal to find some low paid CNN VJ or production type watching an old Sony monitor...with "CNN" burned into the CRT in the lower right corner of the screen. (For you youngsters...CNN was not as graphic intense back then....but the yellow/orange CNN bug was always there, so the image would "burn in" the screen after being always on screen year after year.)
  9. 5 points
    I think that logo works a bit better with that set of Nexstar graphics vs. the standard CBS package. We've started to see some really awkward logos resolve in with that look. On the set side, especially given what looks like a pretty compact area to work with, that's probably the best job I've seen Nexstar do with a set.
  10. 5 points
    The weekend anchors are back downstairs for the 11. And it looks like they've replaced the video wall behind them (no longer see the lines).
  11. 5 points
    If you want to know how any SEC or FCC fine against Sinclair is going to go down, just realize that today the SEC fined Facebook $100 million, which sounds like a lot until you realize that 3 months ago Facebook had $11 billion dollars cash on hand and reported $15 billion in revenue. Sinclair, if fined, will get the equivalent of a speeding ticket for the average person. It stings but it doesn't bankrupt you.
  12. 4 points
    Here's what they had before: So, even without a sink - this is an improvement.
  13. 4 points
    Here is the sneak peek of the new set at WJW. Built by BDI and same set up as WGN. Also getting the Tribune Fox graphics. Thanks tjt24 for the heads up on the video.
  14. 4 points
    I haven't popped in on these threads in awhile, so I'm just seeing about the new GM. I wonder if this had anything to do with the way they covered the police shootings the other day. Their coverage was really good - they seemed to be more on top of developments than some of the other stations (particularly PVI, who was awful IMO), they had some great live shots, and they just pretty much nailed it IMO. If this is a sign of things to come with the new leadership it's highly encouraging for the station, I think.
  15. 4 points
    The set was fabricated locally - by the same company who did WGN’s set:
  16. 4 points
    Hopefully it doesn’t become a trend. The expansion to 4:30 a decade ago is already ridiculous enough.
  17. 4 points
    For having enough money to throw around scooping up stations, you'd think they'd spend a decent amount on a decent graphics package.... this is such a downgrade from a decent package that they had through Raycom....
  18. 4 points
    You asked, because you didn't know, were given answers that you could've looked up on your own, and then still assumed something nobody confirmed. C'mon, man.
  19. 4 points
    I mean, all that space on WUPA, WPCH and WATL and this is how Kelly gets treated? And in Atlanta. Just embarrassing.
  20. 4 points
    I cant wait for CBSNDetroi...uh..right they dont have a news department ....never mind
  21. 4 points
    The single most valuable component of Viacom is Paramount -- the studio, not the channel. Most of those channels are on borrowed time, and everyone knows it. If the whole merger turns out to be a "Save MTV" scheme, something is definitely wrong. Mike
  22. 4 points
    That's memorable, that's Me. MeTV.
  23. 4 points
    DAMN!!! The FCC just greenlighted the WTHR, WBNS-TV, & WBNS Radio, deals (7/29). That was uber-quick!
  24. 4 points
    Can we lock this please?
  25. 4 points
    It might not be things the viewer ever sees. “Technical upgrades” could include replacing or updating cameras, robotics, lighting grid or lighting panel, etc.. Any of those can be time consuming to remove, install and test. Setting aside a weekend to do it is not unusual, since it displaces a minimum number of shows and people.
  26. 4 points
    More like, "Give us a successful media property and we'll figure out how to destroy it."
  27. 4 points
    The Lighthouse's flagship outlet celebrated a milestone this week. WCPO celebrated its 70th anniversary. And throughout their newscasts this past week, they've replaced its main bug for its old 60s "9" logo for this occasion.
  28. 4 points
    I grew up and worked in that building as a teenage copyboy in 1977-1980. Studio B was the news studio and A was for Noontime, public affairs, Hoolihan and Big Chuck, etc... Studio A is a very nice studio. In my opinion that place is planned out nicer than WKYC which I am also very familiar with. They have enough room to do something very cool in there. Can't wait to see what we'll see.
  29. 4 points
    I want to ride "Anchor Roomba"...
  30. 4 points
    Absolutely this. We're midway through 2019. They can't even announce they are now in HD, because it would be embarrassing. I know there's a lot of people that don't want to hear it but, let's face it, Hearst is cheap and this is a prime example of how cheap they are.
  31. 4 points
    I've toyed around with this logo myself. It's cool, but yeah I can see it having sizing issues (I put it in a circle to show a potential social media avatar) and co-branding it with ABC would be a bit of a nightmare.
  32. 3 points
    Someone still has a lot of My50 promotional merchandise they want to get rid of...though honestly there's nothing PLUS about that station's lineup to begin with that would make the other branding work.
  33. 3 points
    Probably best summed up as "economy of scale." You're also seeing it in radio, albeit in a per cluster basis as opposed to overall station count... Cumulus bailing out of New York, LA and Washington DC, and Radio One bailing out of Detroit, two groups that had no clout with their meager clusters in those major markets. Regardless of how committed to broadcasting the Wolfe family was/is, Dispatch had the same problem that Midwest had and other small chains had. Ultimately they cannot compete on the large scale with superchains like Sinclair, Tegna, Scripps and Nexstar. And honestly, the fact that WSVN and WHDH print money at a shocking rate is the only reason why Ed Ansin hasn't cashed in. If he only had WBNS and WTHR, he definitely would have sold out.
  34. 3 points
    I have one question. Where's the proof? Not calling you a liar but I have yet to see any press releases or any promos stating that the show is airing on Channel 4.
  35. 3 points
    I’ve never been to the Hampton Roads, but I remember reading two years ago about Crystal Harper and her battle with cancer. I must say how proud I am of her for surviving, and her departure is sad because I feel she really captured the hearts of the Hampton Roads. Good Luck with her future endeavors.
  36. 3 points
    Viacom means nothing and it's a manufactured name that sounds like a computer maker or a cable company. I would have gone with CBS Paramount, myself.
  37. 3 points
    No, I got more! The CBS version of the Digi-Bowl with Tony Romo The Price Is Right: Spongebob Week Lip Sync Battle: Post Super-Bowl Special Let's Make a Deal : Loud House Week
  38. 3 points
    And as soon as IT comes in, there's going to be the inevitable "No, you can't update this, you're gonna break this that and the other"...followed by the email chains with bosses CC'd when IT updates it anyway. (Good times.)
  39. 3 points
    It's official. With Paramount's films returning to Showtime, this was bound to happen.
  40. 3 points
    I don't think the graphics are bad, but I could take or leave the music. At least Tegna graphics aren't a ripoff of another groups graphics, like what WBBH currently has. As far as the radio side goes, I think the stations Tegna has will make a lot of money for the group as a whole. If they can get the right digital marketing strategy going there could be a lot of money on the table.
  41. 3 points
    The package just seems so small-market it's not funny. At least Limerick was a decent package even if it was mutilated by some stations. I pray that stations like WBTV or WVUE get something with some pizzazz like what WOIO got.
  42. 3 points
    Now they'll probably go all-in with the CBS package. It's already halfway there.
  43. 3 points
    It appears that CBS & AT&T has reach a new deal, ending the three-week blackout on DirecTV, DirecTV Now and U-Verse.
  44. 3 points
    I said no such thing about dropping the entire 6pm newscast, only the 6:30pm half hour. Take a look at WLS’s schedule.
  45. 3 points
    Eyewitness News at 6 pm is one of the highest rated newscasts in Texas. I don't see them removing it over a relatively new 3 pm newscast.
  46. 3 points
    Throw a couple circle 7's on the blue, and boom- #nostalgia. ...But I digress.
  47. 3 points
    Hey this is starting to seem like a list thread, please discuss the titles rather than just listing random ones.
  48. 3 points
    According to the Politico Playbook PM NBC is moving all of their 350 employees based at 4001 Nebraska Avenue to their Capitol Hill Bureau, which suffered a fire earlier this year. They plan on taking over five floors, building new studios and a floor to ceiling glass studio on the first floor for Meet The Press. The deadline Super Tuesday, March 3 2020. I was wondering why it’s taken them a while to rebuild the main and insert studios after the fire and we now know the reason. I’ve also noticed other employees moving out of their offices in other parts of the building. Heres the full post from Politico: This will further allow them to renovate (or rebuild) the Nebraska Avenue building for WRC and WZDC which is already cramped for studio space. If you recall WZDC’s spot is in former prop closet.
  49. 3 points
    You all better sit down for this one, I just found the full 1 minute version of WFLA/WXFL's The Spirit of Tampa Bay song! And on a tape of mine too! And @Info Junkie, since this is such a huge find, I give you full permission to upload this onto your channel.
  50. 3 points
    KETV's logo is KMGH's done right. They - with the help of corporate mandates - seem to use it much more gracefully than KMGH has theirs.
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