WUSA Anchor JC Hayward embroiled in charter school scandal.

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    The District of Columbia is suing a number of executives at a DC Charter School for steering $3 million dollars to themselves and companies they controlled. Among the people named in the suit is anchor JC Hayward. Hayward, who has been considered one of the "legends" in the DC local news media had been with WUSA for 40-something years, is said to have signed off on these questionable contracts in her role as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Options Public Charter School. The suit does not appear to allege that she enriched herself monetarily, but to have helped these people scam this school. Hayward denies wrongdoing, but pending the investigation she has been suspended from WUSA, where she also held the title of "Vice President for Media Outreach". (Essentially, she's been fired unless she can exonerate herself). JC Hayward was, I believe, the longest tenured person who still worked at WUSA today. (It'd be either her or Bruce Johnson.) She had been there for 40-something years, and has won many Emmy awards, most notably for her reports on the various crises in Africa. (This was way, way back when local TV stations in large markets could actually send their own reporters to other continents.) Today, of course, major anchors stick around at home chairing local boards. In the best-case scenario I can imagine for her, it will just be revealed that she was just a figurehead for this company just to provide a local celebrity, for which she and the station can claim public outreach. However, if it turns out as bad as the lawsuit alleges, this will be an ignoble end to her celebrated career.

    Link to the complaint (via Washington Post)
    Story in the Washington City Paper
    Story by WUSA 9 (noting her suspension).

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