WJBF tv's Morning Meteorologist gets the Media General boot after 14 years

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    WJBF tv in Augusta, GA did not renew popular morning meterologist Matt Monroe's contract with the station. Matt, Who has been with WJBF for 14 years, Aired his last broadcast this past Friday. Below is video of his impromptu goodbye.


    Viewers smelled a rat right away as there was no mention of Matt's departure (aside from his own), no highlight video, And no word of where he was going to. Channel 6 has been being blasted all over their facebook wall. Matt was replaced will be replaced with Ed Bloodsworth (who will more than likely work for cheaper)

    Matt's Statement as taken from his personal facebook page:

    " Dear Friends,

    Many of you have been asking me questions regarding my departure from WJBF. I will try to answer those questions in an effort to provide some clarification.

    Friday was one of the most difficult days of my life. After more than 14 years on the air, I said goodbye to Good Morning Augusta viewers. Anyone who watched saw how much I struggled just to get through it. I think I had some help from above which allowed me to hold it together. My thanks to Him for giving me the strength. And my thanks to all of those who then took the time to write posts on facebook, leave phone messages, and send emails. I was truly overwhelmed and amazed by the response. Your kind words and well wishes meant more than you will ever know. They were the bright spot in an otherwise very dark day. I never knew that I was so well liked, respected, and appreciated by so many people. Words can not possibly express my sincere gratitude for sharing your thoughts. I will never forget them, and will keep them with me always and forever.

    I am now officially unemployed and looking for work. I have a difficult decision to make. In order to stay in Augusta, I must abandon a career that I love. In order to stay in broadcast meteorology, I must leave a town that I adore. There is no win-win option available. I have traveled to all 50 states, and have been to just about every part of the country. There is no place I'd rather live. I love the people, the climate, and the natural beauty of the landscape. Three years ago, I bought a house, and made this my official home. I stopped looking for opportunities in larger TV markets. My home was here, my friends were here, and I was here for good. I planned on spending the next 25 years at WJBF as your weatherman.

    I have always had a wonderful relationship with WJBF's management team. In 14 years, I have never had cross words with a manager, nor have I ever been written up for an infraction of any kind. My file is spotless, filled only with glowing performance evaluations. That's why I was genuinely shocked when I was told my contract was not being renewed. I still do not fully understand why the decision was made.

    I will be in town for an indefinite amount of time while I try to determine the next phase of my professional career. If you happen to see me out and about, please say hello. I would like that very much.

    Very sincerely yours,
    Matt "

    Kind of a shitty thing for WJBF to do in my opinion, I really enjoyed watching Matt in the mornings.
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    It really is a shame. Matt Monroe was a fantastic meteorologist and one of the nicest guys both on and off air. I can only hope he doesn't have to be unemployed for long. WJBF has been making many mistakes in recent years, their ratings have been dropping into the toilet as far back as 2003.

    J.B. Fuqua (station's first owner/creator) is probably rolling over in his grave right now.

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