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    Last Updated: Sept. 6th, 2015 is an open community for those interested in television news. In order to ensure quality, informative discussion and interaction, we have established the following Community Guidelines. As a reminder, all content and actions on TVNewsTalk are governed by the Terms of Service (printed below).

    What TVNewsTalk is for:
    TVNewsTalk enables people from around the world to engage in discussion about Television News and related topics with other like-minded individuals. We want the forum to be as open as possible and provide a place that everyone will enjoy.

    What TVNewsTalk is not for:
    Trolling and Abuse:

    Any content that is harassing, unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, vulgar, hateful, or distasteful is prohibited. Blatant trolling of other members will result in action being taken against your account.

    Any form of commercial advertising or solicitation is forbidden anywhere on TVNewsTalk, including Private Messages.

    Copyright Infringement:
    Any materials promoting the infringement of copyright is expressly forbidden anywhere on the site. This includes requests and offers for news music packages and station graphic files.

    Posting Etiquette:
    No Lists:

    Threads that are simply a list of items (i.e. “Your Favorite Stations” or “Favorite Anchors”) are not allowed and will be deleted or locked on sight. This rule is retroactive and will be applied to any bumped threads.

    Stay On Topic:
    Try to stick to the topic on hand. Slight deviations are allowed here and there, but posting about WYYY’s anchor lineup shuffle in a thread about WXXX’s new graphics is frowned upon. Use your best judgement and feel free to create a new thread (It’s much easier to merge two threads than it is to split two or three conversations out of one!)

    Make it Your Own:
    Don’t just drop a link somewhere or copy and paste an article from another source and hit the Submit button. Write a paragraph or two explaining the article or what you think about the subject. Never copy and paste an article without a link to the source.

    Let it Rest:
    Please ensure that the thread you are replying to has been active recently. There is rarely a good reason to bump a thread that hasn’t been posted in for two years. Continuously dredging up old threads for no real reason will result in a loss of posting privileges.

    Think, then Post:
    Please refrain from replying to a thread multiple times in a row. If you want to add something to a previous post, use the "Edit" feature to modify your post. Use the multi-quote tool to reply to several other users at once.

    Don’t post other member’s personal information without their consent, even if they have posted it online elsewhere.

    Additional Rules:
    Individual forums may have their own special rules. Please check for any “Sticky” or “Announcement” links at the top of the page.

    The staff of TVNewsTalk will issue warnings via the forum’s built-in warning system for content found to be violating these guidelines. Each infraction is worth a certain number of points and if you go over a set number of points, your activity on the site will be restricted. TVNewsTalk Staff also have the ability to bypass the warning system and limit activity immediately when necessary.

    This document is not an exhaustive list of rules and regulations, and TVNewsTalk staff is expected to uphold "the spirit of the law" over the "letter of the law".

    Terms of Service - Updated September 6, 2015

    By using and it's Services, you are agreeing to these terms. If you do not agree to the terms, you must cease use of and it's Services immediately.

    1. General Terms:
    • All Users must be at least 13 years of age. Users found to be below 13 years of age will have their account terminated.
    • Content submitted to ("TVNT") and it's Services remains property of the original poster. When you upload or otherwise submit content to TVNT and it's services, you are granting TVNT a license to display, host, use, store, modify, create derivative works, communicate, publish, publicly display, promote, and distribute said content.
    • TVNT can not vouch for or warrant the accuracy or completeness of any Content uploaded to our Services.
    • Content shall remain within a reasonable definition of "work safe" at all times. Uploading Content that is defamatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of an individual's privacy, or otherwise violates any law, is strictly prohibited.
    • Users shall not submit content that is solicits or links to material enabling software piracy, including warez, cracks, keygens, and copyright circumvention. This includes posts requesting news music and/or production/library/stock music. Users who are discovered to be soliciting for such materials through private message will be suspended and will have their private message privileges revoked permanently.

    2. Bans:
    Bans may last from anywhere between a few hours to indefinitely. Users who feel they were wrongly banned may appeal by contacting support [at]

    3. Privacy Policy:
    The privacy of our users is important to us. TVNT will not share or distribute any personally identifiable information (i.e. e-mail addresses) of our users for any circumstances other than to comply with demands of law enforcement, protect our legal rights, property, and interests, and to investigate illegal activities or situations involving potential risk to the physical safety of our users.

    4. Terms of Service Revisions and Modifications: reserves the right to modify this Terms of Service, in whole or in part, at any time, without prior notice, for any reason. Continued usage of the site after modification of site policies constitutes your acceptance and agreement with any and all changes.
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