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Discussion in 'Engineering Dept.' started by rkolsen, Jan 17, 2017.

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    While I was looking for something else I came across a Forbes article on time compression from 2002. The article deals with a lawsuit filed by a former employee who was fired after becoming a whistle blower when he complained about time compression used by CBS stations. According to the lawsuit the official policy was no but yes as long as you don't get caught. The article goes further that CBS owned stations were to buy the machines according to the station group President and that the networks themselves were using the technology. In 2000 KDKA got in hot water when they used time compression machines to squeeze more advertisements into an NFL game, which is in breach of the NFL contract. Advertisers were worried that the 30 seconds of ad time they bought were not on air for the full 30 seconds

    I'm curious how many stations still use this technology despite objections from syndicator sources, content providers and advertisers?
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    I know that GSN has used it frequently since around 2009- you can often tell when they use it because everything suddenly speeds up for a few seconds, then slows down. Like in this episode of Bill Cullen's Blockbusters; it's blatantly obvious that time-compression is in effect. That's one of the good things about Buzzr- they don't do that.
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    Pretty much all of the cable networks have resorted to this for their sitcoms and repeats. It is painfully obvious when a theme song or piece of music is just a tad faster.
    As long as they aren't doing this to the paid time, then it's probably OK....but a let-down in my book to watch things to know they've been butchered for time.
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    Some of the Viacom networks do this most obviously; especially BET, TV Land and MTV2. They just do this instead by spreading their time slots way past their intended runs, making you think those shows are dramas instead. It's truly annoying and a leading example of how greedy for revenue they are these days.
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    I remember episodes of The Simpsons being compressed in the latter 1990's.
    Shortly after, KBEX started time compression along with Syncro-Vox for the
    Clutch Cargo After School Cartoon Show

    We found some old 2 inch Quad archive tape in the KBEX Cartoon Fridge...
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