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Discussion in 'International News' started by AceHawk447, May 19, 2016.

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    Earlier this week (Tuesday 17/05), Euronews officially launched its new-look channel and website at the Cannes Festival. From what I've seen thus far on air and online, it is a solid upgrade.

    Euronews websites, current and beta:

    Story from TVBEurope:

    As it happened, straight from Euronews...including "No Comment" video:
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    I want to like it, and maybe I'll grow with it in time, but I'm not feeling this new look. The graphics are way too big, the ticker is pointless, and it's not the direction I would have taken. I preferred the personality and minimalism of the previous Euronews looks since 2008. At least it's still a really great place for international news.

    The previous lower thirds used from late 2013 until this week:

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