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NBC 10 Thread

Discussion in 'Philadelphia News' started by WCAUTVNBC10, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. emmi_18

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    Jul 20, 2008
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    It currently is a possibility now that Tammie is Chief Meteorologist. If the management thought that it was time to reduce Glenn's working hours and he wanted it as well, I don't blame them. Besides the fact that Glenn was Chief Met for almost 15 years and a good 5-6 of those years, he was doing 4-6 PM Newscasts, 10 PM on WPHL, their 11 PM Newscast, and throw in a year or two of the 7 PM News on NBC 10's sub channel.

    Plus, Bill Henley has been doing the weather for their morning news since the mid-90s. I can imagine it must have been an easy job for him back then with morning news being only 30 minutes to an hour at most. From there, it expanded to 2 by the early 2000s, and eventually 10 getting into the 4 AM start time. It must not always be easy doing a 3 hour newscast that starts at 4 AM, and sometimes be asked to sub in for the 11 AM news. That is why brining back Brittany Shipp makes sense. Plus, who knows, it might be another succession plan in the works as well.

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