Looks Like on August 16 Dish Network is not Carrying Stations Owned by Sinclair

Discussion in 'General TV' started by AaronQ, Aug 14, 2012.

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    It's DISH. So i'm not surprised that it's happening. Now this will be interesting in Columbus as nearly half of the OTA stations will disappear off of DISH Network ( WSYX [ABC], WTTE [FOX], WWHO[The CW] ) .... I think we will notice that one! This on top of their issues with AMC Networks among others.
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    Nashville will be affected in the same way as Columbus, since Sinclair owns WZTV (Fox) and WUXP (MyNetworkTV), and operates WNAB (The CW), so Dish customers in that city will only get network programming from NBC, ABC and CBS. Incidentally, this is the second time this year that Dish has gotten into an impasse over retrans that led to a network affiliate removed, since NBC station WFMJ/Youngstown has been off Dish since July 6.

    Funny thing that when I saw the message about the dispute with Dish here on KOKH (Fox) and KOCB (The CW), the message made it seem that Sinclair just simply waved that metaphorical white flag, bluntly saying that they wouldn't reach a deal with Dish (no optimism whatsoever), instead of just saying that there only is a possibility that a deal might not be reached like other station groups do and what Sinclair has done in the past. Oddly, the message regarding the dispute differs depending on whether you see it, when shown on KOKH and KOCB, it mentioned specifically that viewers could still view those stations on our city's two primary pay TV providers, Cox and AT&T U-verse, but the message shown on the station's website (and likely the website's of Sinclair's other stations) is more generic:
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    It's largely a non-issue in St. Louis, too. Most viewers get KDNL through Charter, DirecTV or AT&T. Although the irony is when Mediacom and KDNL were hammering out agreement a few years ago, they were pushing Dish Network to viewers. Looks like Dish decided to metaphorically stab Sinclair in the back for that.
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    UPDATE: Attention Dish Network Subscribers: Sinclair Broadcast Group is pleased to announce that it has reached agreement in principle with Dish Network on a new retransmission consent agreement and has entered into a two week extension of its existing agreement in order to allow the parties to work toward a final agreement. We thank our viewers for their patience and support during these negotiations. (From WLOS.com)

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