KNBC changing it's Weekday/Weekend morning meteorologist line-up

Discussion in 'Los Angeles News' started by JoseRM303, Sep 19, 2013.

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    Read that KNBC is changing it's Weekday & Weekend meteorologist line-up. Elita Loresca who currently does the weather for the weekday editions of "Today in LA" is being demoted to the weekend editions of "Today in LA" Replacing Elita is Crystal Egger who most recently worked at The Weather Channel.

    Details here:

    IMO Crystal should've been placed on the weekend newscasts, and Elita should've been kept on the weekday newscasts. I can understand if Elita was actually leaving the station and Crystal replacing her. However Elita is being demoted while Crystal can just come in and work a weekday shift disgusting.
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    I would leave. This is the 7th personnel change that KNBC did. Next month you will hear him replacing Colleen with Alycia.

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