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  1. channel2
    channel2 myronfalwell
    Where's your avatar from?
  2. Eyewitness News-man
    Eyewitness News-man
    Tomorrow...The end of pretty much a very mediocre year.
  3. nobody
    i'm just a nobody
  4. Eyewitness News-man
    Eyewitness News-man
    Happy Christmas week!
  5. LTSC1980
    There's a new day dawning
  6. news89
    There is only one JZ.
  7. ColDayNews
    ColDayNews Weeters
    Hey man, hate to bother you. Can you delete my last thread? Thanks.
  8. AarHan3
  9. Eyewitness News-man
    Eyewitness News-man
    Merry Christmas month!!!
  10. WAVY 10 Fan
    WAVY 10 Fan
    Celebrating 10 years on this site
  11. ChesapeakeTV
    Something new is coming here next week. It's a new day and a new look here at ChesapeakeTV. You might say it's just...peachy.
  12. Phil Ciccone
    Phil Ciccone YTownNewsGuy
    Hey man I'm currently working on a book about History of Youngstown Broadcasting Television and Radio. If you want to look for any history of WKBN check out The Business and Media Archives. They got tons and tons of stuff from KBN and a few from WFMJ and WYTV. They got old equipments thousand and thousands of old WKBN pictures and every news stories of WKBN from 1955(1953-1955 are missing)-2000.
  13. Eyewitness News-man
    Eyewitness News-man
    Happy Halloween Month!!
  14. 8Viewer
    8Viewer ColumbusNewsFan
  15. Eyewitness News-man
    Eyewitness News-man
    News 5 Cleveland?? More like News WHY 5 Cleveland! ehh? ...eeehh??
  16. 8Viewer
    8Viewer jerseyfla
    Hi, I'd never noticed you apparently live in Dayton. I live in Columbus and have been here since 2003, but I grew up in Pinellas County (Seminole).
  17. Eyewitness News-man
    Eyewitness News-man
    Happy Labor Day!!
  18. IndyNewsOpens
    IndyNewsOpens HoosierNewsie
    Another Indiana newsie person, I'm guessing from your username. Where abouts are you? I'm in Carmel, north of Indianapolis.
    1. HoosierNewsie
      Yes! I'm near Terre Haute.
      Aug 23, 2016
  19. jsn1992
    Podcast Consultant
  20. Pavelsauce
    That sure was some delicious popcorn.