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New Profile Posts

  1. TheMassMediaGeek
    I really like Eat News’ KBEX-TV! It’s very funny!
  2. code96
    code96 Weeters
    Kiss my ass and get a life
  3. TheMassMediaGeek
  4. TheMassMediaGeek
    Happy anniversary to WPMT
  5. TheMassMediaGeek
    It is getting very close to WPMT’s 65th Anniversary!!!!!
  6. 8Viewer
    TEGNA is an abortion
  7. news89
    Follow me on Twitter. News89YT
  8. news89
    Live From Television Hill it's WJZ.
  9. Phil Konstantin
    Phil Konstantin
    My photos/videos can be seen at http://travelswithphil.com. Now, I'm looking for an outlet to do a weekly/monthly show on my travels.
  10. Phil Konstantin
    Phil Konstantin
    I retired from the chopper on April 2, 2016. For the next 18 months, I traveled around the country shooting pictures and videos.
  11. John Driscoll
    John Driscoll
    relaunching stations
  12. David Salter JR
    David Salter JR TheRob
    Hey rob, was that a level 1 cut-in fox did a few moments ago regarding the breaking news about Robert Flynn?
    1. TheRob
      Friday's cut-in was a level 2. Level-1 cut-ins are rare.
      Dec 4, 2017
      David Salter JR likes this.
    2. David Salter JR
      David Salter JR
      Did WDAF cut away from local news to run it? WTTG did but that may have been due to them being an O&O
      Dec 5, 2017
  13. news89
    From Today's News89.
  14. TheMassMediaGeek
  15. RCA TK47
    RCA TK47
    Orthicon Tube Tester
  16. TheMassMediaGeek
    I’m in the Susquehanna Valley right now. WHTM, WGAL, WHP, and WPTM haven’t changed.
  17. TheMassMediaGeek
    I need some WUAB in my life
  18. news89
    Complete Coverage You can Count on.
  19. danman425
    danman425 AlNYTVRadio
    Hi Allan! I came across your YouTube channel, but was unable to message you. I was wondering if you had any airchecks of New Rock 101.9 WRXP/WEMP? This would be a big help. Thanks!
    1. AlNYTVRadio
      Hi Dan! I do have some airchecks of New Rock 101.9. PS did you try sending a message on YT and it didn't send?
      Oct 25, 2017
    2. danman425
      That's great to hear! I attempted to send you a message on YouTube, but it seems that feature is not available on your account. I've been searching for some New Rock 101.9 airchecks for a while while now. Would you be able to email them to me? Thanks! danman425@gmail.com
      Oct 29, 2017
    3. danman425
      Hey Allan, I managed to send you a message on Youtube. We can correspond there if it's easier for you!
      Nov 3, 2017
  20. news89
    There is only one JZ