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New Profile Posts

  1. TVLover8528
    I’m in the Susquehanna Valley right now. WHTM, WGAL, WHP, and WPTM haven’t changed.
  2. TVLover8528
    I need some WUAB in my life
  3. news89
    Complete Coverage You can Count on.
  4. danman425
    danman425 AlNYTVRadio
    Hi Allan! I came across your YouTube channel, but was unable to message you. I was wondering if you had any airchecks of New Rock 101.9 WRXP/WEMP? This would be a big help. Thanks!
    1. AlNYTVRadio
      Hi Dan! I do have some airchecks of New Rock 101.9. PS did you try sending a message on YT and it didn't send?
      Oct 25, 2017
    2. danman425
      That's great to hear! I attempted to send you a message on YouTube, but it seems that feature is not available on your account. I've been searching for some New Rock 101.9 airchecks for a while while now. Would you be able to email them to me? Thanks! danman425@gmail.com
      Oct 29, 2017
    3. danman425
      Hey Allan, I managed to send you a message on Youtube. We can correspond there if it's easier for you!
      Nov 3, 2017
  5. news89
    There is only one JZ
  6. televisionguy16
    1. Osman
      Oct 24, 2017
  7. televisionguy16
    televisionguy16 Williams1402
    Ik im late but Welcome to the board.
    1. Williams1402
      Thanks though. Also thank you for following me.
      Oct 19, 2017
  8. news89
    Live Local it's Newswire.
  9. Osman
    Osman oklahomanewsman
    Sup new here
    1. oklahomanewsman
      Hey Osman welcome to TVNewsTalk nice to meet you
      Oct 12, 2017
  10. hmaxhanson
    I believe Trumps entire reason for being president was to achieve great TV ratings.
  11. SoFloTVClassics
    SoFloTVClassics compubit
    Hiya. Mind if we chat?
  12. Always Worth Your Time
    Always Worth Your Time
    The news...starts now.
  13. Osman
    Osman Williams1402
    Have you heard the 1978 Aircheck by 1010 WINS.
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    2. Osman
      I actually liked the 1993 Sounder I am guessing the guy who uploaded this sounder had HD Radio back in the 2000s and recorded this aircheck
      Oct 12, 2017
    3. Williams1402
      It sounded like he recorded it off a digital radio service, even though 1010 WINS is more local.
      Oct 12, 2017
      Osman likes this.
    4. Osman
      Most likely
      Oct 12, 2017
  14. Osman
    Osman Williams1402
    Ayy 1010 WINS fan I hate the new Sounder tho
    1. Williams1402
      I like of how it’s traditional with New York’s local news. I loved hearing the 1010 Wins theme ever since I was little.
      Oct 5, 2017
      Osman likes this.
    2. Osman
      Same I was pissed they rearranged it this year
      Oct 6, 2017
  15. Osman
    From NYC Only 24 Hour News Channel this is New York 1 News All Day
  16. NEOMatrix
    Since I moved to Akron, I've decided to revamp myself and no longer am I YTownNewsGuy. I am now NEOMatrix.
  17. WFTV Channel 9
    WFTV Channel 9
    Got me a YT copyright strike. :(
  18. news89
    From Today's Newscenter8.
  19. MXSans2
    Making fictional networks.
  20. news89
    Complete Coverage start NOW!