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  1. BehindNYNews
    Archived Twitter Feed...
  2. TVLover8528
    I'm trying to fit in with the rest of the members here on TVNT
  3. MXSans2
  4. news89
    There is only one JZ!
  5. news89
    Today's Newscenter8.
  6. MXSans2
    Making logos, IDs, news opens, campaigns.
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  7. ShepSmithIsGod
    ShepSmithIsGod Big Country News
    You got a Discord my dude?
  8. Eyewitness News-man
    Eyewitness News-man
    WPVI has a new set. Glorious.
  9. news89
    Next on Newscenter8.
  10. Eyewitness News-man
    Eyewitness News-man
    WPVI's getting a new set! Teething with anticipation...
  11. Kenneth Kissel
    Kenneth Kissel
    The Bbabybear02 Wonder From Pittsburgh PA (Started in Hampton Roads VA) and has Involved with the TV and Radio business for 15 years.
  12. Myron Falwell
    Myron Falwell
    As the old saying goes, "The universe is made up of protons, neutrons, electrons and morons."
  13. okcnewsman
    I'm going to take a break from the site for a few days as I will be out of town on vacation for a few days see you on Wednesday, June 1st
  14. Chicago's Very Own
    Chicago's Very Own
    I feel like my birthday came around way too quickly compared to last year!
  15. okcnewsman
    I'm back after a week of being in the TVNT jail
  16. okcnewsman
    1 confirmed fatality reported from the tornado that hit south of Elk City earlier today
  17. okcnewsman
    okcnewsman JCB4TV
    Hey JCB4TV could you see KFOR-KAUT get new music when they move into the new building or will they wait until they get "Scripp-tified" or "Raycom-ized"?
  18. okcnewsman
    Significant damage in South Elk City
  19. okcnewsman
    Hope everyone stays safe in these large violent tornadoes today
  20. MinoritiesInBroadcasting
    We’re a non-profit formed in 1992, to provide training opportunities to college graduates in TV/radio news reporting.