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  1. Chicago's Very Own
    Chicago's Very Own
    I feel like my birthday came around way too quickly compared to last year!
  2. okcnewsman
    I'm back after a week of being in the TVNT jail
  3. YourWeirdAmigo
    WISHing for CBS to go back to 8
  4. okcnewsman
    1 confirmed fatality reported from the tornado that hit south of Elk City earlier today
  5. okcnewsman
    okcnewsman JCB4TV
    Hey JCB4TV could you see KFOR-KAUT get new music when they move into the new building or will they wait until they get "Scripp-tified" or "Raycom-ized"?
  6. okcnewsman
    Significant damage in South Elk City
  7. okcnewsman
    Hope everyone stays safe in these large violent tornadoes today
  8. MinoritiesInBroadcasting
    We’re a non-profit formed in 1992, to provide training opportunities to college graduates in TV/radio news reporting.
  9. MinoritiesInBroadcasting
    We're a non-profit organization formed in 1992, to provide training opportunities to college graduates in TV/radio news reporting.
  10. East Texas Born and Proud
    East Texas Born and Proud
    How do I start on conversation on this website?
  11. news89
    The old number 9.
  12. Goonie
    Goonie ABC 7 Denver
    I am not sure who you are, but you posted that we were friends, and that I'd said some stuff about my place of business that I absolutely didn't -- please remove those postings and any references that we are friends since that's not true. It could be harmful to my employment. Also, cease any further posts insinuating that we know each other or I will take further action.
    1. ABC 7 Denver
      ABC 7 Denver
      Ok ok. Done. Sorry! No harm intended.
      May 16, 2017
  13. YourWeirdAmigo
    Surfing the web
  14. televisionguy16
    televisionguy16 okcnewsman
    Welcome to the board, man!
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    2. okcnewsman
      May 9, 2017
  15. Spectrum27
    Alright, everybody- gather up your riot gear, we move on Hunt Valley this weekend.
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    2. televisionguy16
      All ready to go!
      May 8, 2017
  16. KevCor
    Somewhere attempting to sell ESPN to Netflix for $20 and four sticks of Trident Layers™
  17. 8Viewer
    Disgusted by Tegna's 'overhaul' of WTSP!!
  18. TVLover8528
    Been looking at threads in tvnt since 2015
  19. Ian Gallagher
    Ian Gallagher
    Status: Goooooooood
  20. mardek1995
    mardek1995 Myron Falwell