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Found 10 results

  1. CircleSeven

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Nexstar has officially announced this morning that it will acquire Tribune Media at a deal valued at $6.4B. Nexstar will acquire the outstanding shares of Tribune for $46.30 a share, valued at $6.4B. The $6.4B amount includes the assumption of Tribune's outstanding debt. Tribune shareholders could received an additional $0.30 a share, per month, if the deal doesn't close by August 31, 2019. The deal is subject to approval from Tribune shareholders. And aside from Nexstar spinning off divested stations to get the greenlight from regulators, Nexstar also said that it might also spin-off other assets "which it deems to be non-core".
  2. tyrannical bastard

    WJTV (and WHLT) new look coming?

    I smell a relaunch coming to WJTV (and WHLT)..... This logo is being used on their twitter, and i've seen the square version on their Facebook, and on their set monitors.. Here's their Facebook header... I can occasionally get WHLT OTA (which is basically a repeater of WJTV's newscasts with Hattiesburg ads), and they are still on the CBS/Scripps-esque package still used by WNCT. The question is, will they get the KOLR/CBS look, or something different (hopefully not the mess WSPA has)... We shall see...
  3. Oh boy..... http://www.baltimoresun.com/business/bs-bz-sinclair-anti-trust-lawsuit-20180801-story.html I don't know why it was filed in Illinois, but Sinclair and Nexstar are (or were) owners whose stations carried their ads (most likely WPMI and WKRG) The other groups seem out of place, but they all own (or will soon own) stations in nearby New Orleans...
  4. tyrannical bastard

    ANOTHER new set for WKRG?

    Watching their 10pm show, and the anchor is clearly on a different set, with a duratrans featuring their current look, and a stone column on the right. It looks like they've re-tooled their interview set they use for sponsored segments. Their last upgrade was a little over 4 years ago, under prior ownership and news management. Given the market, it's a short lifespan for that set....WPMI and WALA's sets are over 6 years old and WEAR's set is almost a decade old (when they went HD in 2008 with their standard-issue Devlin set) The set was a little jarring at first, but it's grown on me over the years, since it was very out of left field given how Media General was upgrading their sets at the time. Here's hoping Nexstar doesn't cheap out, but some of their recent efforts are not bad....
  5. MidwestTV

    KSNT upgrading studio

    KSNT (Nexstar NBC) is finally getting a new studio after years and years of hand-me-downs. Their now old set was a hand-me-down from KSHB sometime after KSHB went HD in 2008. I kind of grew up watching KSNT so I'm a bit aware of its history. They did numerous refreshes to it through the years, but the basic structure was still there (the weather center remained virtually unchanged). To give you an idea of how old it was, KSNT's studio seemingly wasn't large enough for the full thing, so they had to (video from 2010). They went HD in 2012 and for the short-lived "Kansas First News" brand after they became a triopoly. Still little done to the weather center. Finally, sometime in late 2014 or early 2015 , this time replacing the main backdrop with large printed graphics and added a large 3x3 monitor array where the old stand up used to be. I'm excited to see what they get. Anything will be an improvement and worlds better than what WIBW currently has.
  6. tyrannical bastard

    Spectrum Auction Results

    The list is out....Who is moving, and who is going away for good.... There are some shockers, but they will likely be around on someone else's channel... http://www.tvnewscheck.com/mobile/index/article/id/103237 So far, it looks like FOX is getting out of the duopoly business for the most part, and Nexstar AND Tribune is cashing in in some unlikely places.... As for KRON....Well, you'll just have to see for yourself! Lots of TBN, religious and public broadcasters cashing in too...
  7. scrabbleship

    Who exactly owns NewsON at this point?

    With Nexstar taking what stations they had (KLAS plus some, but not all, ex-Media General) off of NewsON, I wonder which groups are calling the shots at this point. As originally constructed, the groups that initially partnered to make it were ABC, Cox, Hearst, Media General, and Raycom. Between initial announcement and launch, Hubbard joined in. Under this setup, one would think that Nexstar inherited a stake in NewsON when they bought Media General and that if they retained it they would be wasting a prime opportunity to grow streaming rather than regress. I wonder if Nexstar shedded their share at some point, probably to Sinclair or even ex-MG suitor Meredith given their bullish use of the platform to date. Just some open wondering given recent events.
  8. TennTV1983

    WKRN New Set

    WKRN in Nashville will be getting a brand new set in the coming weeks. It was announced today during all of their newscasts, which are currently being done in the newsroom. Knowing how Nexstar works, the new set will probably be an in-house job done by local contractors (though I'll be surprised if they use an actual set builder like was the case with KLAS).
  9. TennTV1983

    KETK/KFXK New Studio & Newsroom

    As someone had pointed out in the Nexstar thread, KETK and KFXK received new graphics as of June 1st. However, that wasn't the only change made as they also debuted a new studio and newsroom as well. KETK video: http://www.easttexasmatters.com/video?videoId=729393136 KFXK video w/ news open: http://www.easttexasmatters.com/video?videoId=730128356
  10. CircleSeven

    KCAU New Set.

    KCAU debuted its brand new set, in their brand new facility today. It has vacated its old facility in downtown Sioux City. Here's last night's sign-off from the old place. [MEDIA=twitter]834634182156496896[/MEDIA] And here's a panoramic view of its new news studio. It's your typical Nexstar set. The big difference is that desk, which is a carbon copy of what sister-station in Vegas received. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10158457333255314 And here's a news report featuring the new graphics (same as WFXR, WZDX, etc.) and logo. Unlike the other two Citadel Iowa stations that ended up using the "Local" branding, KCAU is just using its calls. [MEDIA=twitter]834972216739696640[/MEDIA]

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