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  2. *Sigh* I wish they built an updated version of this set instead. Crazy to think how they once were able to use the same studio in different ways for almost all New York-based shows.
  3. Today
  4. I can identify each one except for the one that's left of WWJ and one that's on the left of the CBS eye (below KIRO). The CBS 2 with gold has to be WBBM but I'm unsure of the other CBS 2 with blue.
  5. They ought to do a podcast together; call it Age Of Magerity.
  6. Hello Paul! (JK! Even I know this is Ron)
  7. At the very least, the bug should be bumped up so it's even with the rest of the L3.
  8. Well, to be fair, Sunbeam doesn't have a corporate website, either. Just the WHDH/WLVI and WSVN sites. If anything WSNN's physical space -- its studio and newsroom -- could become a Sarasota bureau for one of the Tampa stations. But that's about it.
  9. That teaser and open felt very tabloid/GMA-ish.
  10. In other fill-in news...TV is a hard thing to give up.
  11. Looks...newspapery. It's very legible though. How does the open look - saw a promo with a big 3D eye rotating, which kind of goes counter to this flat look.
  12. -I really like the L3s, but dislike the font. I also like the bug animation to change between the name and the abbreviation. - The desk still looks great, but I miss the extensions. -The simpler Eye graphic on the screens are great. -The teaser is a mixed bag, but I really like the L3 of it. Overall, I'll get used to parts of it, but I very much like (if not love) the new look of CTM.
  13. I miss the original big desk.
  14. Took me a while to notice but they sort of did a 180. They used to have the green room visible behind the main shot of the anchors but now they've spun around and use the side with the windows overlooking beautiful West 57th Street.
  15. First impressions are that I like the look more than I thought I would! Love the large eye with text just before the eye opener (looks a lot like GMA). Not sure on the supers though. My local affiliate doesn't use the ticker. But the new supers have a line and then room for a ticker with the background still there so it just looks like wasted space.
  16. Yes, it's definitely more than just an anchor change. They are considering it a relaunch of the show. Also noticed that the three anchors, who used to sit triangularly across from each other, are now all sitting together in front of a monitor. Much closer to GMA/Today.
  17. National news at ITN may still PC's but I know most other departments (including regions) made the switch to macs when they moved their email client over to gmail. EDIT: Here's ann article back from 2011: https://www.computerworlduk.com/it-vendors/itv-switches-to-google-and-apple-3293148/ Quick google search brought up these images.
  18. I might be on the losing side of this but the New Day set is too busy for my eyes. Just like GMA, it needs to be toned down a bit. Bit other than that, it’s a nice new take on their old set!
  19. ITV News (produced by ITN) use PCs in the newsrooms. And a quick look around it appears PCs are used in their franchises in the PCRs and the newsdesks. However the newsrooms appear to have a decent portion of Macs.
  20. Wow! This one's awesome. A much needed refresh of the old set -- which I loved. Honestly, I'm glad the newsroom set came first, because while I really like it, these other sets are masterpieces in comparison. CNN has done it visually in my book.
  21. One thing I thought was neat were the logos in I think the news to watch segment. Surprisingly the big O&Os weren’t featured prominently in the “pupil” of the eye - but smaller stations like KOVR and WJZ. However it appeared all the owned stations were represented along with some smaller affiliates it appeared.
  22. Perhaps the abbreviation is there for social media. (#CTM For example.) unfortunately i think this is going to be a little confusing for some.
  23. CTM doesn’t roll off the tongue like GMA.
  24. CBS This Morning is pushing the "CTM" branding. (Not sure it'll ever be quite as recognized as "GMA.") Some of the graphics seem OK but I'm not liking the new lower-thirds... They look like something I'd have created myself ten years ago. Feels like a giant step back in terms of design. Same music. Eye Opener is still there. Despite the very light promos, the format seems to be the same, at least judging from the first few minutes.
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