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  2. With the horrible ratings and the crap written about him on FTVLive i find that it’s very plausible that he’s being forced out.
  3. His last day is May 31, capping a 40-year run managing stations across the country. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/234168/kcbs-kcal-gm-steve-mauldin-to-retire/
  4. Taking a look for the notice of sale on WISH right now. On break during 10PM news right now.
  5. It must have been a major attack on TWC's systems, they didn't/couldn't use "The Lab" til Friday and I noticed they were in Studio 9 Today. On-air graphics such as radar loops, storm information, alerts, watches and warnings wouldn't work, L3's, sidebar and "Local on the 8's" graphics and information didn't/couldn't load. I'm glad they stuck it out and used a tiny studio with 1 camera and limited working mic's to keep people safe during severe storms across the south, it would have been very easy to not broadcast while they figured things out. TWC deserves a lot of credit for working thru the issues. It was obviously very coordinated as TWC was preparing for special coverage with upcoming storms. Hopefully, the FBI finds those responsible and prosecutes them to the fullest extent of the law.
  6. KDVR/KFCT FOX31 just read the Tribune board members, and info about Nexstar, during a commercial break of bob's burgers about 7:34PM. I havn't seen anything yet on KWGN.
  7. 99% of sets with brick were ordered with the directive to "make it look like a downtown loft apartment". The other 1% are sports sets that are supposed to look like a baseball stadium. Looking around online, Denver does seem to have a lot of downtown loft apartments with red brick that looks like the fake red brick that's on the set. Coors Field is also a red brick structure, and has trussing similar to that on the set. Very similar paint job too... You can somewhat mess up brick on a set when you ignore particular type of regional brick, like Milwaukee's cream city brick. That said, WITI's WakeUp set uses fake red brick and constantly gets the highest ratings in the market for AM news. I guess nobody really cares about the fake brick on their set. Huh!
  8. I love these tracks but can't find them. Does anyone know names and companies of the music tracks below? The time tracks are heard is listed under each link. Thanks! https://vimeo.com/331488681 (0:30, Tegna uses FirstCom btw) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2n9NKuscRIk (0:01) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3nM5ttJtU08 (0:01)
  9. Yes. That's why I said that to me, it looks good, but I've never been to Denver so I can't judge the set from that standpoint.
  10. And you don't live Denver to make any judgement on what works well here. Ok? Ok.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Interesting technical glitch at the beginning there, looks like someone switched on the luma key a little too early!
  13. WTAE-TV 4 Action News, 1985 Full 11pm newscast with Paul Long and Don Cannon. Nice cut of Hello News at the close, followed by two bumpers.
  14. Yeah - this set's perfectly fine. The criticism is baseless and childish.
  15. Really? It escaped NBC's tape erasure policy? How many eps are known to be missing?
  16. Ever wanted to see what WPTA was like in 1993? Now you can!
  17. Not only has "Big Kev" been shown the door at Wendy, but Wendy is already talking during Hot Topics in the past week by referring to herself as "single", and to her immediate family as "me and my son". So even though the divorce surely isn't final yet, in her mind and on her show, Wendy has moved on. She's even getting contacted for dates and outings already, including by DJ Boof--her show's DJ.
  18. ...which is still being re-run on Retro TV. Currently it is the only past soap getting re-run. I can't believe that almost all the episodes were saved.
  19. I have a feeling this could be WRBL's future package... Not only are they a CBS 3 as well, Auburn University is right near by.....
  20. Oh that reminds me of our old Admiral 19inch Color TV that needed about 3 minutes for the tubes to warm up, and come to life. Ohhh....The Glow....
  21. That's the time when the website's live stream starts working. Five minutes before the next news broadcast. It's on all the Tegna sites.
  22. So what's up with this 10:55pm stuff on KFMB's TegnaSite? Did CBS give up some minutes in return for Les's departure?
  23. https://youtu.be/ujRFrRh2sc0 https://youtu.be/9eNWdXeFFRc
  24. Good news everyone!* I just got myself a capture card, and now I'll be able to share with you all some of the rare goodies from my growing tape collection, starting off with this recording of the ABC News Weekend Report from August 23, 1987, taped off KVUE in Austin and complete with sign-off! https://www.facebook.com/groups/tvidents/permalink/1242947899196159/ *With apologies to Futurama.
  25. I saw a promo the set will debut this Wednesday.
  26. More like hundreds of thousands.
  27. Nexstar isn't coming in and changing anything to that studio. Tribune/KDVR just shelled tens of thousands of dollars to BDI to build it from the ground up. It'll be around for years. You really think Nexstar will come in, scrap it, and spend tens of thousands of more dollars to make them look like everyone else?
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