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  2. NewsMaster

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    If Nexstar does what they need to do and sells the stations they need to sell, then yes, they should get the OK from the FCC.
  3. Today
  4. Devin

    CBS This Morning

    https://pge.sx/2ExMoZv If Gayle King leave this will be a big blow to CBS This Morning
  5. TexasTVNews

    Out and About

    KAKE News anchor and former CW33 (KDAF) anchor Jim Grimes is moving to West Palm Beach and WPEC to be the new evening anchor. https://www.kansas.com/entertainment/tv/article223217950.html
  6. TheRob

    Out and About

    Happy holidays, try to stay out of jail. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/12/18/cops-arrest-palm-beach-anchor https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/12/18/seattle-meteorologist-is-arrested https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/12/18/arrested-memphis-reporter-heads-to-court
  7. justin2kx

    2018-19 Syndication News

    Roundabout thoughts on recent syndie trades: * You can't take Nicki Minaj that seriously in the case even if it has some merit when her other situation is not that of a moral ground to stand on. https://www.complex.com/music/2018/12/nicki-minaj-responds-to-reports-about-her-new-boyfriend-being-sex-offender * A stunner in the industry. 25 years for a show under one founding station group in such a changing environment is no small feat. Something's gotta give recognizing as such. "New FOX" is changing the game as we see it, don't @ me. * Has anyone have heard any developments with "Steve" talk show? I know NBC stations passed on for Kelly Clarkson's new talk show, but that's different from whether or not it'll return next fall. I could see it being on FOX stations as well. WAGA has the talk show there. * I actually like 'caught in providence'. I've heard someone said it looked as poorly filmed as byron allen's court shows. No, the fauxness of byron's court shows make them "poorly produced". This more felt like it could've been seen on TruTV before it went comedy 24/7. That said, I don't know if it'll return next fall but the selling point of a nice judge with fair justice is there. It's like an antithesis to the typical court genre, mainly Queen Judy. * Face the truth is basically Dr. Phil's rejects, not good enough drama he can manipulate. Yeah I said it. I'll say it wouldn't return, but the same production company also produces 'The Doctors' + 'Daily Mail TV', so make that what you will. Oh wait...
  8. CircleSeven

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    BREAKING: The FCC has greenlighted yesterday (12/17) Nexstar's KFVE acquisition (and the satellites). We shall see if the FCC will allow the KGMB/KHNL combo to go through in the Gray/Raycom deal.
  9. CircleSeven

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    To clarify. I was only taking about the "other" syndie shows that air on KOSA 7.2, not the MyNet primetime shows itself. If Gray is willing to acquire the CW Plus affiliation, while keeping the status quo that's (all of the syndie shows that's airing) on MyNet 7.2, then what is the problem with operating both separate streams (like what they've done in several of their markets)? It's next to impossible to merge if you're obligated to run the full CW Plus lineup with syndie shows, plus the syndies on 7.2. They're already going to confuse the viewers once the CW switch happens, whether its 7.2 or 7.3 or whatever. That deal is still waiting for an FCC greenlight (The FCC greenlighted the deal last week (12/12)). But look at both KNCT & KWTX contours together. That proposed KNCT signal doesn't even serve the sections north & northeast of Waco (it barely serves Waco itself). And it doesn't even touch Bryan/College Station. Maybe Gray might move the antenna/transmitter to where KWTX is (and that's if their deal goes through). But even if they don't move the signal, and it does carry Telemundo (Sinclair would have a baby because the contour serves a good chunk of Austin), they would still have to place the network on a sub of KWTX to serve those northern sections mentioned.
  10. Viper550

    Network Ten Re-launch

    10 Boss was forced to rebrand as 10 Bold due to a trademark issue with a publication now owned by one of its rivals.
  11. 312newswannabe

    The Definitive ABC 7 Thread

    Now that Kendis’ exit is official, I wonder if Terrell will head east? Especially if his filling in was successful.
  12. 24994J

    CBSN Going Local

    We discussed that at length on the WCBS station thread.
  13. Ryan

    CBSN Going Local

    First, I'm not sure where to put this... I read that WCBS New York has a new platform of CBSN New York, will all or the O&O Stations going to have this other than New York?
  14. onthesea

    International Video Thread

    Melbourne TV news reporting on a small tornado in Gippsland, VIC (May 8, 1998) Lindsay Taylor with a Channel Four News summary (May 2, 1998)
  15. onthesea

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    An excerpt of CTV's National News with Dana Lewis filling in for Sandie Rinaldo (May 3, 1998)
  16. C Block

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    Not really a news program, but some PBS nostalgia nonetheless:
  17. tyrannical bastard

    WJTV (and WHLT) new look coming?

    The slow and gradual change continues.... This is now on WJTV's website...
  18. danderson500

    Today Show

    I'll admit-WYFF has done pretty well with Ellen DeGeneres- she's the longest running show on 4 to air at 3pm since Santa Barbara ended in 93. WSPA has had Wendy Williams for a while at 3- and she does better than Guiding Light.
  19. TheRolyPoly

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    It also includes WDIV and if WXYZ had Bill Bonds, WDIV had Mort Crim.
  20. KnoxvilleTVFan

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    And, I notice a longtime WCYB personality in the clip - Paul "PJ" Johnson. He is currently news anchor at WCYB in Bristol, but used to do sports at the station for a long time. When I saw that, I decided to share this one. Thanks for sharing, Info Junkie!!
  21. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    Today Show

    When Ellen first started, she was on from 11am-noon on WRC and was later moved to her current 3pm timeslot when Dr. Phil moved over to WTTG and later WUSA.
  22. mrschimpf

    Today Show

    As long as TPIR, Y&R and The View still exist at that time of day to Hoover up the eyeballs (and Wendy to a smaller extent), those NBC affiliates don't want to be stuck with that timeslot; 10am-noon on an NBC affiliate is a black hole where the worst of syndication goes to die otherwise. The same stations are still dealing with Santa Barbara's cancellation forcing them to fill the 3pm/2pm timeslot 25 years ago and outside a few lucky stations with CBSTD shows or Ellen, have never figured out any way outside of fluff talk or Access Live to have a pulse there.
  23. RGSJenkins

    News 12 Networks

    It used to be one small monitor similar how WCNC's set used to look like before they added more monitors.
  24. plzstandby

    Out and About

    KVLY/KXJB General Manager and VP Jim Wareham has passed, he was 67
  25. Robin Red

    Today Show

    Weekend Today has been non existent since Lester's promotion. The magic is gone, there was a time were weekend Today was a superior product to weekday version. I miss the team of Lester and Campbell. I think it should be cancelled and maybe let the weekend crew do the 4th hour of the Today show.
  26. Robin Red

    NBC Nightly News

    I think he is in the bubble but since they are in the middle of hot political news right now I guess NBC does not think it would be wise to change management right now,
  27. Robin Red

    Today Show

    I guess so but in my opinion she is much better being a correspondent or contributor. She really does not need that gig like other on air hosts do. I think Sheinelle should get it and let her do a test run with Hoda.
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