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  2. What a f4cking idiot. How do these anchors still not realize that they shouldn’t say things like this when they’re mic’d whether they think they’re live or not?
  3. AaronQ

    Out & About

    70 years ago today, WBTV 3 went on the air becoming the first television station in the Carolinas. Right now their special celebrating those years is on.
  4. Maybe restart the KCWY/ KGWC TV deal in Wyoming. KGWC TV has no newscast. I am surprised there are not more TV duopolies in the TOP 4. Maybe KELO and NEXTSTAR will acquire KTTW in the future. Time will tell.
  5. Add U.S. Sen. Rounds to the pool of politicians in support of getting this deal done.
  6. Yet she won't get fired, given who her employer is and also that it's Phoenix. She's untouchable at KSAZ because her actions aren't enough to hurt her or the station's brand.
  7. In the past, WNBC has also used the CNBC studio in Englewood Cliffs when there were issues in midtown impacting 30 Rock. It was a weekend, so that was not an option. It may result in WNBC wishing to upgrade a backup studio at WNJU (which ironically are in the old CNBC/America's Talking/MSNBC studios in Fort Lee). Having that facility in NJ would give them an advantage over the other stations. In reality, all the networks/stations impacted will probably be reassessing their contingency plans going forward. Would CNBC have to keep an area on weekends active in case MSNBC or WNBC has to relocate? What would CBS and ABC do? And Fox has abandoned the Secaucus studio which is nt longer an option. I noticed that WCBS was using a studio with really bad acoustics. You could hear the anchor's sighs and it was echoing. All had lighting issues. However, in the end, they all got the news and information out.
  8. It depends which News 12 you're watching. The Long Island one is only on Optimum because they're the only cable provider in Nassau and Suffolk and frequently used the "only on Optimum, never on FiOS" tagline, the other regions are available on multiple cable providers so they stick to a combo of "As local as local news gets" and "only on cable".
  9. 2003 was a very different era, it was pre-HD and not like today where the studios, cameras and control room are much more advanced. Kate Snow was in a tiny booth to do the NBC Nightly News updates for other timezones, while MSNBC was broadcasting from a dimly lit newsroom. When I checked Fox News Channel, who's across the street from 30 Rock, they were doing their broadcast from Los Angeles. Meanwhile on WABC Wheel of Fortune was airing with a bunch of technical issues, the bottom quarter was on the top of the screen and the top 3/4's were at the bottom of the screen. That's not from WNJU's main studio. They were doing their own 11pm newscast at the same time from their main studio.
  10. Yes, sorry. I copied and pasted from the article.
  11. https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/fox10s-kari-lake-calls-new-times-20-year-old-dopes-11327644 KSAZ's Kari Lake is at it again...dropping F-bombs on FB live directed toward her management and a Phoenix paper.
  12. New look debuts at 4:00pm central. . I promise this time.
  13. So I take it just like The Simpsons streaming, KOTH will be Disney+ exclusive when the service launches? Or will it stay on Hulu?
  14. WPIX New York, WCIU Chicago, WPHL Philadelphia, KDAF Dallas, and WLVI Boston have been reported as carrying the show. So I guess O&Os in those cities will not carry it.
  15. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/norah-odonnell-previews-cbs-evening-news-debut-apollo-11-retrospective/ I'm pleased to read of plans to double down on investigative reporting. That's a hallmark of journalism and something CBS stands apart in.
  16. A lot of Judge Jerry's affiliates will be former Jerry Springer affiliates. Judge Jerry will be a lot more dignified and calmer than the show it's replacing, if this reel is any indication. Springer himself actually has a law degree.
  17. With the DOJ okaying the KDLT TV/ GRAY TV sale, It's now in the hands of the FCC.
  18. Noticed that Pix 11 picked up a new freelance reporter: Alicia Nieves. She's been with the station since April. Previously from CBS3 Philadelphia- General Assignment reporter.
  19. Interest That's interesting. I always thought conflict talkers were too trashy for NBC O&Os, but whatever brings in the ratings I guess... has anyone seen clip for this new show ? Is it pretty much The Jerry Springer Show with a courtroom? Or will this be a more dignified program?
  20. Overnight, BBC News debuted new graphics using the network’s new custom font, Reith. It first appeared on air during the 9am (GMT) newscast on the BBC’s domestic news network. Local news has also received an upgrade, while the BBC’s morning show will debut its version of the graphics Tuesday morning.
  21. They are dropping like flies at Fox 5.. However, good luck to Baruch. Now that's 2 from GDW/NY.
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