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    • They could also use CBSLocal (also by Arnold) since ‘DEF is CBS...
    • I can see why the Disney brand has to stay clean, I just can't see why 20th Century Fox is any different than DreamWorks and whatever other brand names they have ownership of.  If I were Disney, I would want to keep my product separate from the more visible Fox network. Especially since I own ABC.   Like I said, you don't go to the movie theater to watch a movie just because it was mady by Sony. You make that decision on a movie by movie basis based on what the movie is about, the reviews and who the stars are. I don't see it working in the long run.
    • Let's not go too off topic here, but to quote today's Variety article about Alan Horn and his expanded purview...  
    • Scott is not alone in the decision making based on what he said in his opening post: https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/11/8/ftvlive-special-edition-best-tv-stations-to-work-for   The list looks good to me, I can see a couple of us seem unnerved by KMGH being on the list, granted they haven't for the longest time been the big favorite among those who watch Denver TV, but I have to say I have been looking at them more over the last few months and I think they have started to change for the better, they have become less of a sensory assault and more involved in the community and bringing out what's good.  I am usually between them and KCNC when checking websites, Twitter, and TV.  The only thing I can see being an issue, doesn't KMGH still have a six month no-compete clause or was that abolished?   I will admit though, when Scott said he was going up high for his number 7 choice, I had a feeling it was a Denver station and was expecting it would probably be KCNC since he never says anything bad about them.  Of course then again, I do think KCNC is a harder station to get a job at since they have a certain degree of character they want to maintain and want to rely mostly on their experienced reporters.  Also they favor employing people who grew up in Colorado , which isn't a bad thing as long as it doesn't take priority over qualification.
    • Via WPXI in Pittsburgh, an hour block of CNN Headline News from November 22, 1986:    
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