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  3. According to this video, they are doing "a little reconstruction." Apparently, Ted forgot about the month or so they were in Studio B when the current Studio A set went in.
  4. No. Because it's easier to base opinions on wild rumor and speculation than actually do research and think. How dare you! Why waste my time with anything congruous to forethought? /s
  5. Really ?! Do you read anything ever?!
  6. Uh, yeah. Shep is gay, so... Plus, that he was escorted out was debunked.
  7. Did Shepard Smith did some shit we don't know about? Like sexually harassing and abusing women, like Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly did? That could explain why Smith was escorted out of the building after he ended his show. He left FOX News pretty abruptly.
  8. I would imagine WDAM will be switching soon....could they be getting the WLOX look? They simulcast WLOX (ABC)'s 4pm show on their ABC subchannel.
  9. He won. https://www.nola.com/news/article_634f8746-eac7-11e9-b8e9-434e80f09c48.html Seems ironic that he's now involved in politics, especially when he had to distance himself from the "other" Scott Walker who was governor of Wisconsin at the time.
  10. Not to mention Wallace hosting The O'Reilly Factor a few times, too.
  11. Losing people like Shep does also undermine the opinion side....Roger Ailes was genius enough that he knew he needed at least some legitimate journalists like Shep and Chris Wallace in order to justify calling the whole operation a news department.
  12. With all of the news breaking out over the last week about sexual harassment allegations at NBC News/MSNBC, especially with Ronan Farrow's book on the subject coming out this week, I thought I would make a general thread on the subject, in the same vein as the Fox News thread. Discuss here.
  13. You guys tease them for a new, but "dated" look, but I guarantee you station employees are ecstatic to have gotten something brand new at all.
  14. ...Because we all know (us deep insiders) that Fox has been considering shutting down it's news division because of public outrage and declining profits... Get Real
  15. WMUR "No One Knows New Hampshire Like We Do" Promo Campaign (1997) WMUR NewsNine 6PM Open (11/15/89) WMUR 6PM Open (9/7/97) Not local news but here's a segment (and news open) of ABC's Nightline about the F4 tornado that hit Huntsville, Alabama from 11/15/89
  16. This is assuming Fox will still have a "news" division.
  17. I am certain WDBD in Jackson was updated before WXIX. It’s hard to see FOX40’s newscasts since they aren’t streamed anymore. They probably switched when WLBT switched several weeks ago. WDBD’s looks like the WLOX package.
  18. I think he anchored weekend mornings at cbs3. After he left Nicole Brewer took over.
  19. In theory, it could be him (or anyone else). We may be getting ahead of ourselves. All of this came out of the blue, so I wouldn’t expect any major moves/decisions anytime soon.
  20. Jon Scott, though, has often been the backup anchor for special reports and special presentations on Big FOX.
  21. I would guess that Chris Wallace would handle FOX broadcast (given he’s a familiar face with Fox News Sunday) with Bret and Martha (or Shannon) for FNC. Honestly, it’s too early to say what will happen.
  22. By the way, the "KXLA" anchor in the above clip was played by real-life anchor Stan Bohrman. Here's an interesting KPIX feature about Bohrman from a year ago:
  23. Former WDSU anchor Scott Walker is projected to win the Jefferson Parish Council At-Large Seat, Division B.
  24. Where has it been reported that Fox "apparently" fined Smith?
  25. Last week
  26. Very possible. They did replace their ancient robotic cameras within the past year, and from what I've seen, when the current set went in they just recycled the lighting fixtures already in their inventory to light it. I wouldn't be surprised if it is a set refresh though. November sweeps start in a few weeks, and starting now would put them well on track to debut any changes before that starts and leave room for any issues should they arise. They did have trouble with their lighting system earlier this year, though it kind of looks like someone just bumped the master fader on accident and didn't notice.
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