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  2. What did you not like about Reena?
  3. What do you mean by that? Is there some kind of beef you have with Giant Octopus, or do you have any kind of beef with KTBS in general? Or are you just not a fan of these graphics at all? So far, I don't see anything wrong with them....
  4. Today
  5. Welp... can't say I didn't see this coming... https://www.newsbreak.com/oklahoma/oklahoma-city/news/0PW5GhWH/oklahoma-station-tweets-misleading-headline-about-wearing-masks
  6. They're using another Giant Octopus syndicated look: https://www.giantoctopus.com/copy-of-bold-news-syndicated-syndic. HOW ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS???!?
  7. jase

    CBS Evening News

    Not a huge loss for CBSN. She wasn’t particularly good imo.
  8. In a first for WABC and ABC News, the ABC7NY studio was used this morning for a Good Morning America segment. Due to social distancing, Sam Champion anchored GMA's "Pop News" from the ABC7NY set.
  9. KTBS ditched their Giant Octopus graphics on Friday (July 3). Along with their new package, the station has switched from 360's "Breakthrough" to Stephen Arnold's "Guardian". It also ditched the rounded, gold background behind the call letters, although it still appears in the "Mega 3 Storm Team" logo. (Weather graphics have not been changed. carrying over the look from their previous package.)
  10. CBSN and CBS Weekend News Saturday anchor Reena Ninan has quietly left CBS as of June 2020 (per FTVLive, her Twitter bio, and her LinkedIn). "Quietly" because I don't recall seeing any news made of it and her appearances had been dialed way down, of course, due to COVID's (and CBS's) slaughtering of CBSN in general and we won't really know if she bounced or if she was cut. CBS Weekend News will probably be anchored from DC/LA for the long-haul if they're willing to have designated talent leave. Lana Zak had been brought on as a CBSN anchor earlier this year in January, so it seems she (could?) be likely successor for all of Reena's roles.
  11. Ever since TEGNA moved in on Twin Rivers Dr it been a mad rush of people to leave the former Wolfe facilities. I heard the GM is a piece of work!
  12. I was giving you my assessment on the matter. We all have our own opinions about CBS. Do i watch CBS everyday? NO! Have I actually watched CTM & CBS Evening News, yes, but not everyday. I rarely watch GMA or Today as well, and when I do it every blue moon. If anything I do watch is cable news and NBC & ABC evening shows. Now, I don't know what you watch or have watched. Nor am I disrespecting your take on anything. I was just conversing with you on the topic alone. I hope there isn't a problem, if there's let it be known or whatever it's.
  13. Not surprised that The Good Dish isn't coming until 2021-22 fall season as that didn't get any interest this year like Drew Barrymore & Nick Cannon got although I think both had a tough time for time slots in afternoon in mid to small size TV markets. I was kinda surprised that Mel Robbins still had new EP's as I thought with COVID that her EP's would've ended in late May as I saw last week that she had new shows even know they were taped before everything shutdown.
  14. Dave Savini anchoring tonight
  15. Scott Light just left. Was it his decision? Sounds like he wasn't chosen to be Jerry's permanent replacement.
  16. BobW

    Out & About

    Veteran reporter Glenn McEntyre is the latest to depart 10TV news(WBNS).
  17. Through my newspaper research, it appears WTSP became "NewsCenter 10" on September 5, 1989, so that's when "The Hour" likely debuted. WTSP updated their logo in May 1989, hence the confusion.
  18. Yesterday
  19. It is June 1989 and WTSP has not switched to The Hour just yet...
  20. I wonder what Leagcy broadcasting would have done with KTWO,KLWY, KFNB TV, and Gray TV with KGWC TV and KCWY TV. Would these stations have improved under the two ownership groups if given approval by the FCC/DOJ.
  21. The View is a leader among its category (daytime talk show) and is a staple of ABC’s early daytime lineup so I don’t think they’d mess with moving it around. An expanded GMA has been a top priority for the network in an attempt to grab more advertising dollars for the most watched morning program. I think that will remain a priority for them as a cheap alternative that guarantees a nice ROI over converting their primetime game shows into daily airings.
  22. Maybe....I supposed that would work given that most syndicated talk shows are relegated to FOX/CW/MNT stations, but unless some GM wanted to expand morning news...that's a possibility.....
  23. This!! They could easily run Press Your Luck and Pyramid or Card Sharks as half hour versions. All Press Your Luck has to do is cut the Bonus Round. Pyramid or Card Sharks can become single runs. Actually the best idea for ABC would be to launch a game show block to counter The Price is Right at 11am and move The View to 1pm or swap it with General Hospital and have The View counter The Talk. I'm sure The View gets crushed at 11am by TPIR. Really the only show that ever really came close to countering TPIR was when NBC ran Wheel of Fortune against it in the 80s.
  24. Their morning show set is better than the news set. -- Matt
  25. Their experience with The Online Network suggests that's not happening. OWN and BET have successfully boosted the profile of soap formats in primetime with much better production values (relatively speaking for the format), but the big issue is there has to be a consistent five-day audience for a return of soaps. Streaming has yet to even bother with any type of daytime strip half-hour format (and even the 'short-shot' 10 minute news/night in TV & late night shows haven't sold well to a broad audience), so it's going to be at least a decade before it's even a reality.
  26. With Disney now having majority ownership of Hulu, I wonder if soaps can find new life on streaming, even with a half-hour format. They can have it premiere on ABC then have the episodes available on streaming.
  27. I'd take AMC & OLTL back with good writers in the 1/2 hour format at 1:00. Due to financial reasons many have addressed, thats unlikely.
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