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  2. What does that have to do with him agreeing to our points. It’s his opinion although we just have to wait and see.
  3. Maybe but according to something I heard on the newscast I think they’re doing something in-house
  4. Today
  5. Someone will have to check the ratings in Charlotte but from the sounds of things, apparently they have.
  6. Right after the Braves-Mets game ended I saw a promo on WJZY for their 10:00 news, about a “Moving Mayhem” feature they are doing on Monday and it said it was “Charlotte’s most watched 10:00 news.” Whaaaaaaaat? So it has passed WCCB AND WAXN at 10?
  7. I've seen Dan a few times on GMA Weekend and think he does a great job there. I'm more of a fan of the calm style delivery of news, but I'm guessing more people prefer the more urgent, "shouting" delivery of the news. At least Muir only does it for the opening headlines.
  8. Probably just a recycle from Hothaus.
  9. IMHO, it's not bad. I like it. Minimalist and classy. Genuine and warm. It fits both of them well.
  10. They’ll also be getting a new modern graphics package. It’ll be cool to see.
  11. WPSG is doing the exact same thing. At least it has a pretty good time slot of 11pm, right after the KYW news. WWOR seems to be running the single run schedule at least, despite the awkward placement I also check the Syracuse area and WSTQ is airing the double run weeknight at 12:30am and 1:00am. It’s in a placement where it isn’t airing with other sitcoms, instead sandwiched between an Informercial and Impractical Jokers. Would’ve made more sense on WNYS (or well, WSYT-DT3 now) since they air Big Bang and Modern Family.
  12. WMYA is airing a single run Schitts weeknights at 12:35am. Then another run Saturday mornings at 4:30am starting October 3 but that’s as far as the grid goes. Including the Saturday morning airing it’s odd numbered episodes only. That’s according to zap2it. If you view by grid format it shows the current day plus the next two weeks. Anyways I don’t know why they don’t use the single run schedule.
  13. Yesterday
  14. An interesting way to air the show, however, I don’t really don’t get why they can just air it on WNYW at like 12:00 or 12:30am. But I guess they really need to air a third rerun of Extra. Or get rid of those pointless Family Feud reruns at 11pm that are the same ones that air at 7pm. Speaking of WWOR, I saw Caught In Providence got replaced with a repeat of one of two Divorce Court episodes. I didn’t see it on any other areas the week of September 28th, so perhaps the week of September 21st will be the last week the show airs in syndication.
  15. At least KUBE actually airs programming. Unlike the other stations in the group, which run roughly a 20+ hour Revenue Frontiers.......
  16. KIAH is Nexstar, KUBE is RNN.
  17. No. It is not different. Nexstar doesn't spend more than $20K on a graphics package. Even a good quality one costs no less than $80K.
  18. I suspect that this may be the last of the layoffs. I suspect the Q3 finances will in all likelihood spell bad news for Meredith and probably furthering the calls to split the TV and Publishing businesses up.
  19. Back to the layoffs, are there any more forthcoming? I think the Q3 finances in early November will be a tell-tale.
  20. You're right. At a more reasonable time, 4pm.
  21. I think that would depend on the structure of the company the question becomes what does the taxes look like for the TV division with and without the publishing assets being there? If the taxes are a bigger liability with TV and print together then sure I can see TV going piecemeal, however if its an issue for the TV division by itself then the only logical sense I could see making is splitting from Publishing and then they (Meredith's TV unit) doesn't bother with selling that division.
  22. They had that set for 12 years? It held up really well.
  23. The last few minutes of a weekend WBKO newscast from December 1986, watch to the end for a close using a good cut of the WEVU/KWWL 80s theme:
  24. Just came across this video when going down a '90s WVIT rabbit hole on YouTube. Was going to post it here but I see I don't have to. I was shocked to see this totally random newscast today. The townhouse fire at the end of the clip was in the complex my family lived in at the time, we were two townhouses down from the one that caught fire. And that's my dad who Tom Monahan asked if the neighbor was a smoker. I remember that from when it aired back then, but I definitely wasn't expecting to see that clip on YouTube almost 23 years later. Pretty cool.
  25. According to my Nexstar sources they are almost done with KRONS set and they’ll likely get the WISH graphics
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