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  2. Actually, WRIC changed its logo in 2016 - with a new set and KOIN's now-previous graphics - under Media General ownership.
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  4. Inter Yeah, I noticed no searchlights on the WTVT bug. Most likely to also distance themselves from Disney's 20th Century Fox branding.
  5. noggi

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    I made the current bug which rotated between the "2" and the "Fox 2" but that was under a completely different management regime than is there now (and a very long story...). I think it was a 5 minute loop, 4:30 of the 2 and :30 of the Fox 2. I bet it would be the Fox 2 logo with KTVU calls under it, but that might be a little crowded. I don't think it will animate between the two logos like it does now. Right? This look kinda feels dated at launch but is miles ahead of what they had. Good for them.
  6. Yesterday
  7. What's this? A new flat design that TVNT isn't having a hemorrhage over? Mark the time and date! This is a fresh look based on the provided screen caps. Good work. Arguably what Scripps v3 should have been.
  8. Today at noon eastern they updated graphics & debuted their new studio. It appears bigger, and now they have a glass looking set.
  9. SFTV

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    Curious to see how KTVU will implement the logo in the box since they strictly promote the Laser 2 circle and not FOX. They still use the OSI Good Day theme for their 9am show as well as the OSI Fox theme on it’s title card graphics “Top Stories, Developing News, etc.” however....The new lower thirds are much better and have much more text room.
  10. It's a library track. WTVJ used it in a promo in 2001. If it was a theme from "The Hour" that made it into the Gari production library, I'm not sure, but it's certainly possible. Quoting @KentBrockman from when I brought it up in the Discord server:
  11. WOAI is celebrating 40 years and all of their spots feature a vintage Gari package. Can anyone identify the signature? I know it's not Hello.
  12. Between the two separate deals (first being the Cox-NW TV stations with the Ohio radio & papers; and second being the rest of Radio outlets, CoxReps & Gamut), this was almost a $4B deal. Any deal this big would have a lenghty regulatory process. The deal included foreign ownership, which also required more vetting. Even the DOJ had to briefly get involved (which they would later sign off on). I'm sure this deal would've lasted longer if they didn't amend their deal on October, after the Third Circuit ruling.
  13. I do wonder what the holdup was for FCC approval of the Apollo-Cox-Northwest acquisition? I don't think the long blackout of the Northwest stations on AT&T was the reason for the lengthy approval process so it's got to be something else that maybe perhaps we don't know about
  14. Action News and EWN will continue on for the next generation, Take a look at this WPVI Action News Demo tape that recently leaked out. ..
  15. And most likely KFOR will finally retire one of the last holdovers from the original 444 East Britton Road Building (the Weather graphics) so if anyone is wondering when KFOR will get new weather graphics it'd be more likely than not new weather graphics will come with the new graphics. I assume WREG is going to get the Nexstar CBS package, not entirely sure what KFOR is going to end up with but it's going to be some form of a Nexstar-based graphics package I could see a scenario where KFOR gets the WISH package (I've already seen some hints of that with their MAPS4 Election segments) but given that KFOR is only 3 hours up the road from Nexstar's Headquarters I could also see a scenario where KFOR might actually become one of the graphics hubs for some of the Nexstar stations, just have to wait and see which direction Nexstar takes KFOR with it's graphics package
  16. Gavin

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    I really like it kept the good graphical open with a flat later L3 and OTS it's pretty good likeable better than Scripps. Just the way I saw it they keep the non-flat graphical opens and look but change over everything else. It's an incomplete package or two packages or just one with a different intro card it makes fox look unique.
  17. WNBC now using the same opening teaser graphics as CAU & MAQ. Noticed it within the last month.
  18. That new Fox O&O graphics package doesn't look too bad. Looks nice. I'd imagine remaining Fox O&O's getting updated in the New Year ahead of the Super Bowl. What would also be interesting to see is whether new "Beyond" music package from Stephen Arnold is fully implemented, and the "Fox Affiliate News Theme" from OSI is fully retired. With Fox swapping Charlotte to Nexstar, in exchange for Nexstar swapping Seattle and Milwaukee to Fox, I kind of doubting WJZY would see graphics makeover. KCPQ and WITI, it'd probably late Spring or early Summer when they'd get graphics makeover. We'll see.
  19. Shocked. They look like modern TV stations now!
  20. And all us IT admins say... (Flash and Java applications are and have long been the bane of my existence. This is good news.)
  21. The Orlando Sentinel stated yesterday that CMG president Kim Guthrie wrote a memo to the staff that the Apollo deal is expected to close next Tuesday (12/17).
  22. I am hearing that WREG is next up with a launch on Thursday. KFOR will follow in January. These launches involve replacing TONS, Opus, Flight, and any other technology created under Tribune. Bit Central, ENPS, and Ross Xpression seem to be what the former Tribune stations will be turning over to. Nexstar has templates for their graphics packages already built for Xpression, so it seems likely most former Tribune stations will pick a Nexstar package for times sake. I believe they are moving quick because flash will be removed from all web browsers in December of 2020, and OPUS is a flash based program.
  23. I remember someone awhile back saying the O&O's wanted to distance themselves from the News Channel, but these new graphics more closely align them again. They even look like something the FNC/FBN graphics dept. would produce.
  24. Here's a quick wrap-up of the website rollout. Everybody has the new design, except the Chicago properties. Done.
  25. Not bad overall... The weather graphics still drive me batty with all the damn italic fonts....
  26. RNN is a useless slot on the Altice cable line up. All they show are informercials. And although the signal is in HD, most of what they "broadcast" is not. I guess the mark ups from what people buy and the share the French family gets in addition to the paid time justifies the cost of broadcasting.
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