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  2. It appears that as of Friday (8/23), WKBN has switched to the Nexstar CBS Weather GFX...
  3. She's done after 23 years. Norma Holland has left 13WHAM (and better yet, the Sinclair demigods) for a job with a local online marketing company. She announced that she was leaving on Tuesday and I didn't see that here on the forums. https://13wham.com/news/local/after-23-years-norma-holland-departs-13wham-abc-for-new-beginnings
  4. I looked earlier through Section 3.09 earlier, couldn't find it. It may have been removed so that no one could find out exactly how long Sinclair has to keep the Fox Sports name or it's in there I may have overlooked it. EDIT: I found an article from WKYC as provided here https://www.wkyc.com/article/entertainment/television/sinclair-broadcast-group-purchases-fox-regional-sports-networks-including-sportstime-ohio-fox-sports-ohio/95-9a377f0e-ed08-4b50-a2b0-a96cd1221a3d here's what part of that article says
  5. Then look for and quote the exact text that says so.
  6. Never mind. I was going to keep this going, but it's pointless.
  7. It has to be in one of the sections where it talks about the licensing then but it's in there somewhere unless it got redacted at some point
  8. There is absolutely nothing in either of those clauses that talks about a requirement to retain the Fox Sports name, nor a duration of three years.
  9. Oh Myron my old pal... What about the bathrooms? So many times a station rebuilds the set, and the kitchen ...but completely IGNORE those bathrooms. In this time of complex station buys and trades you would think the folks at WJW would at least update those baths. It's about squeezing every little dollar out of station value. Welcome back BTW...I missed you and the toons. Hope all is well.
  10. Section 3.09(a) it might be Section 3.09(b) but all I can tell you is that it's in Section 3.09 that I quoted from earlier
  11. Ok, we apparently talking in circles here. Let me take one more attempt to clarify. What specific part or parts of section 3.09 caused you to conclude that they "will have to use the Fox Sports name" for three years?
  12. You’d think for kitchen purposes, they’d do that in Studio B (the New Day set). But it must make more sense logistically.
  13. Section 3.09, link is in the post above Spring Rubber's post
  14. No, I mean I don’t get how you came to the conclusion you did from the section you quoted. What in that section suggests that they “will have to use the Fox Sports name” for three years?
  15. The link that @broadcastfan9751 posted above
  16. I hope they don't hold onto the brand for much longer. It doesn't feel right having another media company using the Fox name as their public brand.
  17. With some of the ex-Raycom stations now having to deal with downgrades that are the Gray graphics packages, I do hope they don't damage WBTV, since it was one of Raycom's best flagship stations.

  18. Yesterday
  19. I've read the section you quoted about three times, and I don't know where you got that from.
  20. Interesting. I've noticed the Time and Temp is more bigger on KNTV’s bug Especially the 6 and 9 is different and you can see the difference with the time and temp and the weather graphics since they still haven’t updated the font yet.
  21. Ah. that's it. There definitely had to have been some sort of rights issue behind the change.
  22. I don't know if this answers your question or not but this is from Section 3.09. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but, it looks as if that Sinclair will have to use the Fox Sports name on the RSNs for at least 3 years
  23. I have to wonder what the timetable will be on the transition, what might change with the names of the networks, and if they'll tie programming, content, and/or on-air appearance into the Cubs Marquee network that Sinclair will also be operating.
  24. That would be "WXXX, Butt-Eff Nowhere's CW" mostly getting the lawyer and for-profit college moola. Maury still pulls in ratings and NBC likely gets a shared cut of the Maury ad money.
  25. Here is the purchase agreement from Sinclair's SEC filing. The licensing agreement was redacted from the filing.
  26. Wow, I didn't realize she was that far along. They just announced that Lourdes Duarte is going on maternity leave after today. She's due in about a week/week and a half or so. They actually did a whole montage about Lourdes's career at WGN, narrated by Ben Bradley. Few anchors in TV are lucky enough to get that special of a maternity farewell!
  27. Yes, the ad dollars coming from these questionable for-profit colleges that places many graduates more in debt and causes more financial and economic strain for our country? Yes, this is America, land of on-air paternity tests!
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