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  2. Both airings getting axed but it will be on KMCI at 6 and 6:30 am and 4pm. Can’t believe KHSB doesn’t have a 9pm newscast on KCMI. Right This Minute doesn’t move the needle, I get that and it’s no big loss. But they add a 3pm but not a 9pm? And it’s an indie so they could even do 7 or 8 pm.
  3. I have a strong feeling one of the Wgcl employees that tested positive for Covid 19 is Rick Folbaum, he hasn't been on TV in quite some time.
  4. We all need to remember that objectivity is largely a postwar modern era invention. Journalism Spent most of its first 200 or so years as a partisan exercise and many of the “reporters“ were beholden directly to one or the other side. Heck some newspapers were at one time nearly party Appendages. We are going back to that slowly but surely for whatever it’s worth.
  5. Somehow I'd never seen that. I doubt the '85 date, but yes, that's it. Matches with the fact that WOKR began using Hello x Great News cuts in 1987 too.
  6. Anyone also notice Michael Bolton at the beginning?
  7. AaronQ

    Out & About

    With some heavy heart to announce that CBS News journalist Maria Mercader passed away Sunday due to COVID-19. Our thoughts are with her family and her colleagues at CBS News during this difficult time. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/remembering-maria-mercader-cbs-news-journalist-for-three-decades/
  8. It's a new one for all of us. When I showed it to @ChesapeakeTV she pointed out that the notes for "We'll take our time, we'll take you there" sound a lot like this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJy909h6_YY
  9. I wish Jeff Glor was still the CBSEN anchor. They didn't give him enough chance. He was a class act of a news anchor...rarely seen these days...
  10. Many of the local CBC newscasts are done through control rooms at the Toronto Broadcast Centre, with studio cameras, packaged stories and VOs, and Dejeros/ENG truck feeds coming in from the remote studios/newsrooms. That's a lot of video coming from one place. In addition, there were probably too many people who called in sick or were quarantined that there wasn't enough people to backfill the vacant roles, and many of these newscasts are in last place in their respective markets. Every major network in Canada has centralized local news production to varying degrees, but not to the extent that CBC has.
  11. I’m encouraged to see that I’m not the only one noticing this. While there is a lot of bias in journalism today, Norah may be one of the most blatant examples on broadcast television. It made slightly more sense on a conversational program like CTM but she hasn’t dialed it down much as anchor of EN either. She’s just all wrong for this role.
  12. Unfortunately, this is becoming true for many journalists, even some local news anchors retweeting, replying to, and liking Trump-critical tweets. At the same time, there are some anchors liking and replying to Trump-supporting tweets.
  13. I wonder if the sale includes the Uni affiliation, or will they just move it to WSTE.
  14. That WLAC open is awesome. Makes me sad to think how much cool local TV goodness has been lost to the ages.
  15. jase

    CBS Evening News

    I tried to give her a chance, but her open disdain for Trump and his administration turned me off. Her lack of objectivity is shocking when compared to Lester and David. SIDE NOTE: Just to be completely clear...I am not a supporter of Trump (never have been/never will be). I just wish more journalists would abide by certain tenets of journalism, especially during these times.
  16. I figured as much. You gotta do whatever to pay the bills. A lot of past and current Chicago media people have done tv, movies, etc... I was caught off guard a bit seeing Rafer in a non-media type of role. For what it's worth, he was okay.
  17. Regardless, the discussion of COVID 19 and legal rights is not really what should be talking about, Hopefully Bill feels better and we'll see him back at the desk soon.
  18. I suppose that might be a question for a court. In extraordinary circumstances courts have been very lenient on that sort of thing especially in a public welfare situation. It’s pretty easy to argue that is where we are now. That’s the same reason Freedom of speech and assembly don’t apply in these quarantines. Knowing 100% of exactly who has it would make stopping the spread pretty easy.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Tom Skilling actually had a part in the 2005 film The Weather Man, which was filmed in Chicago.
  21. It looks like btm0815ma just hit the jackpot when it comes to rare stuff. You can watch the CBS Evening News broadcast from 6-24-1974 which includes at 29:11 a news open for WLAC-TV from that date. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEoHP54SNZU
  22. Can't force someone to take a test without a court order, would be a violation of rights.
  23. In theory if it finds a positive it isn’t a waste of a test. The problem is we don’t have enough tests. Ideally we would be going door to door across the country testing mandatorily.
  24. that’s not how the criteria for testing works and would’ve been a waste of a test.
  25. He acted a ton of times, before jumping to the news biz. This Daily Herald piece from February, explains his reasoning of the name.
  26. An edition of CNN's WorldView from 1998 -- the day before the news channel's long-running lower-thirds and yellow bug were retired:
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