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  2. This is unsurprising to me, because at some point Disney would drop the Fox name on the companies the former now owns - mostly to distinguish them from New Fox. At least literally everything else is staying - that's a smart move and a great thing. Imma guess... 20th (Century) Television?
  3. DC News: News 4- WRC Sports Anchor: Sherree Burruss has left the station and now working with CBSHQ in CT & NYC. She joins the reins of Dianna Rossini another DC sports anchor favorite to leave WRC and head for the national spotlight. Article Source: Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/01/10/sports-anchor-sherree-burruss-goes-national-after-wonderful-three-years-nbc-washington/
  4. Any idea if they plan to at least have the anchors in the cities? I mean, it wouldn't be difficult to put a Televator and a PTZ in front of a monitor and fibre it back to the stations. That's what CBC and Citytv do up here (and one CTV2 station).
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  6. Follow up. Disney is beginning to phase out the "Fox" name in some of the 21CF assets. The film studio will go as 20th Century Studios & Searchlight Pictures. They're also in a process of renaming the TV arm as well. But the opening fanfare will stay the same.....
  7. SFTV

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    KPIX only produces minute weather forecasts on KSTW
  8. Heck, they could make it without other groups.
  9. I guess the CW O&O in Seattle (KSTW) is not mentioned on those plans, but then again, neither is WFOR's sister station, MyNetworkTV affiliate WBFS or KTVT's independent sister station KTXA.
  10. In regard to Tampa, what was so hard about getting WTSP to handle the news production? And then in Detroit, why not just rebuild everything again? I already know what people are going to say about that, and imo, it's no excuse. They should have just stuck with it. I sort of understand Atlanta given that WGCL already has WPCH to do news for but then again, WWBT has news on both WRLH and WUPV and even here in my market, KTAL does KMSS AND KSHV. I like the initiative but at the very least, have the respective CBS affiliates in that market (aside from Detroit) be involved in some way, even if you're just relying on them for certain things. I guess this is just how the cookie crumbled though.
  11. The B&C article states that KTVT will only produce the Detroit show (WKBD). The other two, WCBS will produce the Atlanta show (WUPA); and WFOR is going to produce the Tampa show (WTOG).
  12. TheRob

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    Here's our answer on the CBS O&O MMJ hiring spree: KTVT in nDallas is going to produce newscasts for Detroit, Atlanta and Tampa (presumably to sell political ads, not for outstanding content). https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/three-cbs-owned-cw-stations-add-nightly-news
  13. We're talking two different companies though, since Soo Kim has no connection to the current "Standard Media".
  14. in the early 90s, WWL published a magazine called Good News
  15. coverage plans for the senate impeachment trial: NBC: live coverage will be fronted by Lester Holt with Chuck Todd co-hosting from DC CBS: Norah O'Donnell will anchor from DC ABC: George Stepahnopolus anchors from New York with various guests joining him FOX: coverage will be anchored by Bill Hemmer. Broadcasting and Cable is reporting that FOX broadcast coverage is optional to affiliates. Martha Mccallum and Bret Bair will co-anchor on FNC.
  16. Well, at least since 2008. I believe this was the first one, mainly ment for the 2008 Election.
  17. Meridian and Hattiesburg are the outliers, the closest Tegna station is WWL in New Orleans. Going back to Tegna, pencils have erasers, so if Standard's people get some seats on the board, maybe the "Tegna Experiment" will come to a screeching halt before more stations succumb to it.
  18. A new logo is indeed expected to launch with the new set. However, it does not appear they will be using Channel 36 in their brand. The new identity is a refreshed look of their current mark which emphasizes their call letters. The new version has the peacock moved to the front and letters are stacked on top of each other. I've seen two uses of this new logo and both were executed in a flat one-color manner.
  19. Under Standard, under Tegna, or either? Under the latter case I can Tegna being a great help in Jonesboro (Memphis/Little Rock), Jackson (Memphis, reestablishing WATN/WLMT's links to that market), and especially Lafayette (Indianapolis).
  20. PTI is debuting a new set on Monday, which I imagine will also be Scott Van Pelt's SportsCenter set when his show moves to D.C. in the summer. There is now a LED wall behind Tony and Mike, and the on-screen rundown will have a slight change to better utilize the 16:9 format. ESPN's PR blog Front Row has pics of the new set, which definitely has a more SportsCenter-esque vibe to it than the current set.
  21. (he was only joking) ^^^^Enlarged for clarity KGW hasn't had a newscast at 7pm since at least the mid 2000s, if not much earlier. It's been a local, live entertainment show, that yes, did change hosts and names a couple years ago. But the show is definitely not portrayed as news. (It's obviously not news if you've actually seen it.)
  22. The WEYI/WSMH (NBC 25/FOX 66) duopoly in the Flint/Saginaw market is adding a 5 PM newscast beginning on Monday 1/20 on NBC 25.
  23. Getting closer... WXYZ debuted a new investigative promo to go with their new logo I posted last week... here are a couple images. They did use a variant of the ghosted circle 7 as a background. This logo ghosted behind almost anything actually looks pretty sweet. I still can’t stand all the lower case for their slogan... it looks unprofessional...
  24. Lauren does Fridays, and isn't in promos, so I'd imagine she'd join Jarrett for the Friday edition, or he'd handle it, solo.
  25. Meet WAGA's new weeknight anchor Courtney Bryant (replacing Cynne Simpson; they've been going back and forth between Portia Bruner and Marissa Mitchell alongside Russ Spencer for months)
  26. And the ones that do live stream, I can’t even watch their recent newscasts on demand!
  27. There is no slowing down with WGN announcements in the new year... https://www.robertfeder.com/2020/01/16/wgn-launch-half-hour-sports-show-1030-weeknights/ So does this mean that Dan Roan will work Monday-Friday instead of Sunday-Thursday like he's been doing for the past several decades? Will Instant replay be officially handed over to Lauren Magiera?
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