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  2. I don't understand why WNBC can't just name someone to anchor with Adam at 11am and 5pm 7 days a week. Also, why are they rotating David and Natalie at 7pm? David is anchoring 7pm, Monday-Tuesday and Natalie, Wednesday -Friday. This also makes no sense. The original press release made it sound like both were anchoring together.
  3. Speaking of the 1999 set, I found an article which mentions that it debuted in April of that year. That should explain why the station continued using the 1997 graphics package for the first few months with the then-new set before finally switching over to Hearst-Argyle's mandated graphics package (camera 2.0) and using "Image News". https://www.newspapers.com/clip/6698893/wapt-to-unveil-new-set-today/ Does anyone have a clue as to when WAPT first started using camera 2.0? Was it late 1999 or early 2000?
  4. Audrey Asistio, one of the many afternoon-evening-weekday-weeknight-sometimes-weekend anchors (and also their main Olympics anchor) at NBC Boston, is going home to the Bay Area and will be joining sister station KNTV. [Source]
  5. Trying to find logic in the station's mercurial scheduling of anchors is impossible. Remember when Adam would show up to do the 11 on Saturdays only when there was an original SNL? That made a bunch of sense!
  6. It only seems a couple of days a week. Today (Friday) Adam is alone as Gilma cohosted the 4.
  7. The WKRC morning team has been pretty transparent with viewers about what's going on... https://fb.watch/8OT0jMmk0e/
  8. They were able to air Good Day OK and the 11:00 a.m. newscast today (Friday), with the L-bar ticker appearing mostly as normal but still with no L3s in the main frame. It appears, though, that KOKH is using a third-party media player (possibly WMP?) not connected to its graphics system to run main/franchise opens and news video. During the 11:00 a.m. newscast, I noticed a playback bar at the bottom of the screen whenever they ran an open or news footage.
  9. Checking KOKH they were able to air the game. They probably couldn't air the station promos they usually do during the halftime show but otherwise they were able to show the game. Speaking of KOKH they're slowly coming back online, the weather graphics and weather computers are working again, Jeff George (their Chief Meteorologist) was able to use the weather wall and it appears the cameras was somewhat back to operational. They even had some graphics up but it looked like it was done off of PowerPoint or something to that effect. I don't know if they were able to do Go
  10. WWAY commercials and news open from November 1995. Similar intro to the one WILX had at the time which was loosely based off of KGO.
  11. KHQA was. They have not been able to air syndies all this week.
  12. Were any Sinclair FOX stations able to show the Broncos-Browns game on TNF? Will they be ready for the World Series?
  13. Seems like the double anchor arrangement is permanent. Yesterday's 5PM news have Adam Kuperstein and Gilma Avalos anchoring too... Gilma is still anchoring the 6PM and 11PM every weekend too.
  14. Does anybody know if KTVO in Kirksville, MO or KHQA in Hannibal, MO were affected? I am outside of their viewing areas & was not able to check.
  15. Michelle Romano who did quite a bit of on air reporting and fill in traffic and later behind the scenes stuff for News 12 Long Island and Westchester announced that she’s left the station and has a career move announcement coming up in the next few days.. I wonder if there’s any chance she’ll go over to PIX?
  16. I see it both ways...Back in the morning show old days, they only had Linda Church do the entire show, but that was also before any expansion (4:30/5-9 or even 8 at the time). As they started expanding, they decided to split duties, which to me makes sense (Lisa Mateo, Rachel Frank, Chris Knowles for a time). FOX5 does have Mike Woods doing the entire broadcast, however their broadcast is also shorter. Back to PIX, I think, in retrospect, Byron's on air hours were 6-11am (with much less hits during 10-11am I believe) and Marisa's were 4:30-9/10ish (I think they stop doing traffic hits at
  17. WPIX sister station KTLA has 2 morning wx people. Henry DiCarlo does 4-7am, Mark Kriski does 7-11am. Granted, KTLA is more established in the morning than WPIX, it goes to show that a 2 wx person model can work in an easy wx market like Los Angeles. Expanding on that, KTLAs AM/early afternoon news block goes from 4am-2pm straight. the 11am-2pm wx duties are handled by someone else too- Kaj Goldberg 3 days per week, as he does weekend PM as well. Weekend AM wx person Kacey Montoya will fill in the other days or back up weather person Kirk Hawkins. Wx segments and maps are usually b
  18. Who said anything about Byron getting in at 5:45am? And who actually thinks the on-air personality is preparing the forecast? Nothing would surprise me when it comes to PIX 11, but most of these stations have weather producers who are putting together the graphics and forecast. As someone else noted, Fox 5’s Mike Woods is on air from 4:30-10:00am. CBS 2’s Elise Finch and ABC 7’s Sam Champion both handle the morning shows from 4:30-7:00, weather hits during the 7-9am national shows, and even stick around for the noon broadcasts. Once again, why exactly does PIX need two
  19. Last week
  20. KPTH in Sioux City has their local and syndie operations back up and running, at least on DT3 CBS (formerly KMEG). KDBC is still having some problems in the news studio, but syndies and commercials are back to normal. Means no more slates for J!/WOF, though.
  21. I am hoping one day CBS will purchase KIRO if COX finally fells apart but I doubt it. I am also hoping NBC picks up KING as well.
  22. According to NewscastStudio, it's taking over the space that was previously the Fox News Deck.
  23. I'm hoping someone at CBS Local was lurking here and listened to my rant. As for CBS Seattle, I do understand keeping that (internally it helps lead a few to KSTW and if KIRO ever ditches CBS they've got an address ready to go).
  24. Moderators - can you please consider renaming this thread to “Gray Graphics” since this thread has long passed the scope of the topic…and ironically, the WOIO graphics aren’t even the standard Gray graphics. (It might be a better idea than being rude to people who post threads with this topic/title, then belittle them and shut down the thread…)
  25. Ah, don't forget the brief period in 2008 (after the lay-offs and Randy Salerno's death) when Don Schwenneker had a cup of coffee as 5pm weatherman. Might've been at the same time Roseanne co-anchored with Rob at that time.
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