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  2. NBC2 Says there is some minor roof damage on the main building that houses ABC7 (wzvn), but both stations seem to have come out of it okay. WINK Though, yikes!!!! Sun Broadcasting's WARO-FM is still off air. And does anyone know about WXCW TV ???
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  4. The board is back running it seems
  5. Good news I just talked to someone with Griffin Media here at the Tulsa State Fair and the move for 9 isn’t delayed they will start moving office people (sales and outdoor media) in 2-3 weeks and the news broadcasts in November.
  6. Judging from WINK's archived live stream on Facebook, the video you posted does appear to end the moment WINK lost the ability to broadcast. The WINK article on the recovery says that they are at their transmitter in Babcock Ranch. https://www.winknews.com/2022/09/28/wink-news-off-air-due-to-hurricane-ian/
  7. WABC she’s still be there if it weren’t for bad competence of Camille Edwards and upper management.
  8. It’s funny many of y’all were saying oh this is gonna put a dent in the ratings or perhaps dethrone WXIA from its #3 spot. Now you see the unveiling everything hits rock bottom. But I remain optimistic do I believe I’ll dethrone 2 or 5 no. But it has a great chance on dethroning 11 Alive. And Tenga trash. Also ANF the call letters haven’t been change yet maybe they’ll have a secondary WANF 46 on non news programming once the call letters change goes through.
  9. Here's Lori's goodbye on The 6 O'clock News https://www.instagram.com/reel/CjJjKcxAmVh/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY%3D
  10. Wondering if we are seeing parts of the future KXAN set in tonight’s gubernatorial debate? This is quite an elaborate setup to only use on an occasional basis. For those not in Texas, it’s being held at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley campus. I guess we shall see …
  11. Hothaus won. Death to the Gray graphics hub!
  12. Yesterday
  13. I really thought they would've at least kept some reference to CBS 46 outside of newscasts. ANF gives off a NY 1 type 24/7 cable network vibe. I suppose it works being that the station barely has a daytime lineup outside of news. Even though the importance of channel dials are going down with the Internet, will layman viewers know this is channel 46? This feels like a case of if it ain't broke don't fix it as the CBS 46 branding in recent years was perfectly fine. Hopefully it all works out. Let's see how we go from here.
  14. Please see my above comment.
  15. I really wish someone would, but I have a hard time seeing anyone doing it any time soon. The networks aren't going to bother with a second full production when they can insert segments into the east coast-produced shows. Out of the big station groups, Nexstar is the only one that has enough non-big-3 affiliates to make it work but I think they're too busy trying to push NewsNation to try anything else.
  16. To be fair, the station’s fate isn’t entirely in their own hands. How well ANF does will be influenced by how much the competition slips up (especially WSB/Apollo). That said, given that the station has been remarkably stable as of late, I’m optimistic that this goes beyond a name/set change. IMHO, they don’t have to end up in first place (or even second) to consider this a success. They simply have to be competitive. Gray’s short-term goals were to make investments into the station, hire solid journalists, and maintain stability. So far, it looks like they’ve done that. Even in the worst-case scenario, they are at least putting out a better and more accessible product today than they ever have before.
  17. Wasn't KYW a NBC station back then? It was the old Group W stations that carried the Eyewitness News moniker. Once Westinghouse bought CBS, all their NBC stations switched affiliations.
  18. Eh. Lets see the ratings in a year. I dont doubt the new investment and money being spent is nice. But how many times has a station (including this one) gotten excited and said “its a new day!” “This time its gonna work”! Stations have time and time again rebranded, promising to focus on news that “matters” etc and it flops.
  19. I agree. I’ve never liked stations that use their “news brand” as an overall station brand (looking at you WFTS) I'm also not really sold on the name “Atlanta news first” - to me it seems too much like their failed clear news branding from 20 years ago.
  20. Callsign change will go in effect on Monday (10/3). Glad to see a rare Friday launch. But not all that thrilled that the new brand is its overall brand. My pet peeve has always been stations using "News" in their brand during non-news time periods. Using the calls WANF would've been appropriate.
  21. Seems like they are keeping the same base design for their new graphics.
  22. Looks like they covered up the studio view from the newsroom with this.
  23. Simple setup in their secondary studio. They salvaged the 3x3 wall and the old stand up desk that was supposed to be used for the 10pm start up for CW. the sports set is the old monitor wall from the first generation set debut in 06 you can see the set in action from their archived newscasts. https://www.cbs8.com/watch
  24. Well, I guess it’s October somewhere. Here’s the intro. Note that the WGCL calls are still there for now. IMG_5668.MP4
  25. Just seen an ad for the Big Bang Theory, they will be known as Atlanta News First even outside of News Welcome to ANF!
  26. It's launching today. I'm thinking noon launch.
  27. Anchor Brooks Baptiste said on a livestream we are in the final hours of CBS 46 before they become ANF, noon to be exact, also there was this from the livestream, the new (only recolored) L3's?
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