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  2. From what I recall, they already do that. All their newscasts are produced in Little Rock and they only have a few local reporters. If they decide to keep it, I could see them changing the music and graphics to fit the News Net template. Two examples, but all of them look and sound virtually the same.
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  4. A 1982 CBS News report on the national news explosion of the early '80s:
  5. Given how they've been running their Alaska and Wyoming stations, I wouldn't be surprised if they dropped NewsNet to save a few bucks and use the old INN "News Hub" to do their own hubbed newscasts.
  6. Pretty much, especially in places like Meridian and Jonesboro where WTOK and KAIT have ruled the ratings since the beginning of time.
  7. I think this is equivalent to the situation they have in Denver, where their networks got booted thanks to Scripps, Nexstar and Tegna, so they bought KREG to make sure their networks had a place in the market, while keeping MeTV on KCNC. Hearst (and ViacomCBS) is a big Weigel advocate and outside the ShopLC, Estrella, Cozi and True Crime Network deals sprinkled throughout the chain, isn't going into the subchannel business themselves and are happy to take the DRTV split. Likely this is more about getting H&I, Start and Movies! a constant home in the market, since outside Hearst
  8. Dan Skeldon has become one of my favorite people on 69 News. He handled over an hour of tornado warnings yesterday with ease and kept calm, yet kind of excited in a way, with clear explanations of what we're seeing on the radar and also what a warning means vs. a watch. Also, and maybe this is a weird way to judge people, but I know he did the weather in South Jersey for so long, but he's learned the geography of the Lehigh Valley really well in naming various locations on maps even when they're not labeled. I think I like him better than I ever did Ed Hanna!
  9. Not so much underserved, but run by a single uber-dominant station that no one would even consider competing against.
  10. Longtime WMBB anchor Jerry Brown has retired after 16 years at WMBB in Panama City. Prior to that, he was a longtime anchor at WDEF in Chattanooga along with stints in Macon, Tallahassee, Wichita Falls, and Wilimington, NC. https://www.mypanhandle.com/news/anchor-jerry-brown-retires-from-wmbb/ I''ve noticed that Tom Lewis has been putting himself on the air. Prior to his stint as News Director at WMBB, he spent 13 years at WJHG as their primary anchor, and even doubled as the News Director for about 5 years (from 2005-2010). He also was a lo
  11. Bump time. The fines have been upheld by the FCC, with one exception. Mercury Broadcasting's fine was dropped to $30,000 due to their "inability to pay". https://www.fcc.gov/document/fcc-fines-18-tv-stations-refusing-negotiate-good-faith
  12. A small M&A. Weigel gets another LP. They're acquiring Marshalltown, IA KDAO-CD from MTN Broadcasting for $195K. Two things come to mind. One, their signal only serves the immediate Marshalltown area which is northeast of Des Moines. So I wouldn't be surprised if Weigel moves it closer to the capital city, should this deal be completed. Another thing is that Weigel is getting another LP, in the same city where the Hearst station (KCCI) carries their crown jewel MeTV. They also bought an unbuilt LP-permit (in one of the HC2 deals) near Orlando, w
  13. Seeing as how they ran their Alaska and Wyoming stations (into the ground), this could be bad news. Then again, most of Waypoint's stations are basic means of bringing network affiliations (and "local" news) into under-served markets.
  14. Well, if it's based on past history, the graphics hub could be short-lived, especially if it's only servicing a fraction of Gray's stations post-merger. Nexstar wasted no time by shutting down Media General's MGFX hub in Richmond, hiring graphics artists at all of the affected stations. Plus, MGFX primarily serviced the legacy MG stations, and maybe one or two from Young. And there was Linear Drift for the LIN stations.... I think the hub's origins lie in the draconian cuts that Meredith made last year at their stations. A sale was only a matter of time.
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  16. https://fox2now.com/news/missouri/longtime-fox-2-anchor-sandy-miller-retiring-after-25-years-in-television/
  17. Really do like this graphics package. Too bad it will be going away along with the Meredith name.
  18. Wonder who did the WIS 1991 theme? Seems like way more than production music. Gives me Peters Communications vibes.
  19. KSHB didn’t change everything to the new branding: its YouTube channel is still using the 41 Action News branding and the five-uploads-a-day headlines clips are still being titled “41 Action News Latest Headlines”.
  20. That said, KRTN-LD and KUPT-LD don’t necessarily fit in to NBCU’s portfolio since it’d be difficult to integrate them as repeaters of KASA, since it has enough repeater coverage already. KRTN-TV and (the full-power) KUPT likely would be converted into KASA satellites (or a standard satellite in KUPT’s case, since it already simulcasts KASA on a sub), though KRTN-LD (a MeTV affiliate) and KUPT-LD (a Movies! affiliate) seem like they could be candidates for being spun-off to Weigel.
  21. And in case anyone asks, the chances of NBCU pulling a WBTS on KASA and swiping their affiliation from KOB to start an NBC New Mexico are very small to zero. So get it out of your heads now!
  22. From TVNewsCheck this AM, Ramar Communications is selling Telemundo affiliate KASA, its satellite stations and its LP translators to NBCUniversal. From this paperwork, they're selling the stations for $12.5M.
  23. WREX TV will be sold to ALLLEN Broadcasting will they have a CBS subchannel with WIFR TV
  24. So two days after the DOJ told them to divest the overlaps, the FCC has greenlighted the Quincy acquisition. Here's WSJV's grant paper.
  25. This may be a Regional Emmys thread, but let’s not forget about the big guns: As usual, PBS leads the News and Documentary Emmys with 52 nods followed by CNN (41) and CBS (30); HBO and Netflix got 13 apiece — the former narrowly reclaimed their lead in terms of Primetime nods — while newcomer Disney+ received only one (Prime Video, Hulu, and Apple TV+: zero). In Spot or Breaking News on the regional side: WKYC, WPLG, WTVF (two), KMGH, KFOR, and WCCO; Investigative Report: WBBM, KNXV, KXAS, WXIA, and WVUE. As in last year, it’ll be a two-night affair with the News awards
  26. That was the short lived theme for Action News, within 3 or 4 days after numerous phone calls and complaints, the original 1972 theme and the close used since late 1975 was reinstated. Channel 6s viewers are resistant to change, a year or so later they tried to use the close from 6abc this has been action news and have the reporters closings mention im ----- 6abc action news within days after viewer complaints, they changed back to saying channel 6. Imagine what the reaction would be if channel 6 abc decided to change their station logo used since 1967(at first to den
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