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  2. Most Insightful post of the week. Thanks.
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  4. Especially, with the fact that more and more people are dropping cable/satellite on a daily basis. This is why CBS, and ABC launched 24/7 OTT streams instead of a 24/7 news channel. I know that Nexstar had "Dead Space" with WGN America, but they should have launched NewsNation as an OTT product in this day an age, and sell WGN America to recoup some of their losses but at the same time Nexstar is behind the times when it comes to digital. It wouldn't shock me if the endgame for NewsNation is to become Nexstar's version of NewsCentral.
  5. Here are some promos & ID's I found on a tape that I have announcing PAX-TV's transition to i - Independent Television, from Summer 2005.
  6. You know, I'll commend you for taking a bold stance on this forum about NN, as it is, indeed, as you mentioned, a dicey topic. The sheer mismanagement of it all, and treating it like a pet project to feed Compton's ego is absolutely astounding and the Times article succinctly describes how hypocritical the network has been from the start. Yes, it is fair to say that the CNN/Fox sphere of television is toxic and an echo chamber and they're also just as much, if not more, of an ego-feeding mission for Zucker and Murdoch. But to prescribe to the world that you are better and fairer than others, a
  7. It appears KSEE in Fresno is getting a new set. Sister station KGPE got a new set last year (I think, it was a long year).
  8. I would love to see Lori Stokes take over the 10:00 slot. The 6:00 is her show and a pretty good format with her so keep her at 6 solo and 10 with Steve.
  9. This 1 million times over. It really proves that in 2021, trying to start a cable channel of any genre is just not a wise idea.
  10. I wonder if WXMI Fox17 was hub in Indy when Tribune owned them and once they became a Scripps TV station moved to WRTV. I think it be smart for WZPX to try and get the subs of Doozy & Defy on Charter Spectrum & Comcast even if it's .5 & .6 unless they move them to .2 & .3 move the double Katz networks down. I know Fox17 is adding Doozy & Defy as well you could put one them on the .2 and move Antenna TV kinda surprised their is no double that network since Nexstar owns Antenna TV.
  11. Some extremely rare content from KXLN, courtesy of Gabriela Hill - who was the original weather anchor when their newscasts began in 1990. She later was a reporter for the station and, not long after (like a number of the station's former anchors and reporters) moved up to the network level - spefically the sports division. Weather reel - 1990 or 91. Reporting Reel - 1990 Reporting Reel - 1991 (based on several of the stories) A five part series on Houston doctors traveling to Nicaragua (the date says 1994, but based
  12. Drew did a lengthy Facebook Live at 9pm tonight explaining the changes - Kellie McGlynn will be full-time. He will be available for fill-in and may be working on other weather/science projects. He goes on and on from there. But he did share the return of Kathy Craine later this week to the News at Noon. On-air schedule changes are being made to keep only one person in the weather center at a time for their safety.
  13. The seeds of WGN (America's) decline were planted long ago, and are mostly rooted in the changing times of cable television. The big draw of WGN to begin with was the Cubs/White Sox & Bulls telecasts. Then the sports world got too expensive, and these games began slowly slipping away. Also, WGN itself as a SuperStation was just happenstance, since it was another company that distributed the signal nationally, and SyndEx took some of the local flavor out of it. Flash forward to around 2008 and the privatization of Tribune by Sam Zell, that's when the deliberate des
  14. After watching the first broadcast, which was clean and attractive, but void of any reason to watch, I knew it was destined to fail. And for those saying “give it time”. Time for what??? There is nothing about any of their programs that make it appointment viewing. Faced with a flop, Compton is now desperately trying to chase after the angry trump viewers? their mistake was hiring some bad talent to begin with, but also not finding reporters who could break news, but without bias.
  15. Lauren Casey isn't using the temporary weather studio. She's been doing her forecasts this weekend from their outdoor deck in a winter coat.
  16. I swear the mishandling of Tribune could be it's own documentary. They had no idea what to do with WGN America (when compared to TBS which was a superstation in itself) and the only saving grace they had was that they had an image and namesake stations like WPIX/KTLA/WGN and the like. Ever since Nexstar bought Tribune, it's like Tribune's management has been poisoning the company. To me, Nexstar today feels like what would of happened had Sinclair successfully attempted to acquire Tribune, a total trainwreck that claims to care about locals but only cares about the bottom line.
  17. hour long version of NewsNation...That's what I said! I said it before and I'll say it again. How about an hour-long version of NewsNation? Or, even a half-hour version? Air that version on Nexstar-owned FOX, CW and MNTV affiliates that DON'T HAVE a national nightly newscast. It would be like the days of the Independent Network News. Produced by WPIX New York, and distributed to independent stations without a national newscast, even indies owned by Tribune back then.
  18. Even the New York Times summed up all of the issues facing NewsNation, from the ratings woes, involvement of Bill Shine, and recent staff departures. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/07/business/media/newsnation-cable-news.html
  19. WVLA 1992 commercials with metronews updates. More vintage miami news clips
  20. In theory, NewsNation is a fantastic idea. Given Sinclair's spread across the country, they are positioned to have coverage of many major news events via their local affiliates. 10-12 years ago might have been a boom. Today with the over saturation of news, or "news", it's just another statistic. Instead of a network, Nexstar may have been better off with starting NewsNation as an hour-long "national" newscast on their stations to test the waters. Surely someone had to do their research to know that NewsNation would have been more profitable than WGNA (you'd think?) but testing it
  21. title may not be great, thread might get closed but looking at the number of people who left and the number of controversies that NewsNation is going through. I feel like it's worthy of a thread to discuss in detail the turmoil that's going on at NewsNation. It's amazing how in a few months, NewsNation lost a majority of it's staff and is going far to the right in defiance of it's original mission (which didn't get ratings but they could of tried harder). I'd be surprised if the network didn't shut down at the end of the year, gained a sizable audience and managed to make something
  22. I'm surprised Nexstar hasn't already had WDHN add in weekend newscasts. At the very least, they should simulcast newscasts from WMBB if not do things in-house.
  23. Off topic from the mic but despite her speaking time only being about 10 seconds of that clip, Dari still managed to stumble over every other word.
  24. A compilation of current news opens in Europe's Celtic languages (Breton, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Irish):
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  26. Still no weekend news. But they have added a weekday 5am edition of Wake Up Wiregrass, as well as an hour-long 11am show called WDHN Daytime (since Noon CT is ABC's GMA3 hour).
  27. Has WDHN added weekend news yet? I know for the longest time they had no such news, giving WTVY a monopoly there.
  28. A nice update, but I would prefer the 3 sided rectangle triangle mic flag for the logo to perfectly fit well instead of a condensed FOX5 into a cubed square.
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