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  2. That video screen has been inoperable more than it has been operational (over the years) that there's no point in having it on.
  3. What I dislike most about most TV stations' approach to design is their unwillingness to be different and to take risks. If something is not consultant-approved these days, it's essentially off-limits as far as most stations are concerned -- and this shows on the air. That's why I really like what TEGNA is doing. And, yes, 3D graphics *can* also be elegant, but I surely haven't seen too many examples of that recently.
  4. I don't necessarily believe there is one right "look" for TV news - it all just depends on the message the brand is trying to convey. There can definitely be sophistication in 3D - and 2D can look super tacky (see: TEGNA.) It comes down to process, development, and execution. Franceinfo isn't completely my cup of tea, but I don't necessarily think it's a bad design.
  5. Try telling that to WTOV in Steubenville, who continued using it until late 1987!
  6. This is how good TV news graphics can be when a TV station is not afraid to embrace the 21st century -- when it gets rid of rock-inspired theme music, glossy computer game graphics, logos that are better suited to sports team than TV stations, and other detritus -- and embrace grown-up sophistication instead:
  7. And that in itself is a weird clone of the WEWS/WPTV Circle 5.
  8. I don’t know if someone has brought this up in recent days, but WBBM’s old streetside studio has been stripped but I don’t understand why they have there video board turned of if they don’t even have a tenant.
  9. He didn't retire. He was forced to take a buyout. He mentioned on air that he wasn't retiring, but that he was leaving CFRN/CTV Edmonton. This Edmonton Journal article also mentions it. I am getting the sense from his interviews that he really didn't want to leave yet. It really sucks he didn't leave on his own terms, but he had a lovely send off on air. Cool to see clips from the Eyewitness News era. I am also wondering if CTV will also target other long-serving anchors like Ken Shaw (CFTO Toronto), Mutsumi Takahashi (CFCF Montreal), Steve Murphy (ATV Maritimes), or Gord Leclerc (CKY Winnipeg) in order to cut their budgets. BTW, over at Global Edmonton, Gord Steinke has been anchoring the evening news for about 27 years. He's the last of the old-school news anchors still left in Edmonton.
  10. John Cardenas flipped between WBNS and WTHR quite often, and served as VP of News for Dispatch until 2013 and Tom Griesdorn’s retirement.
  11. Does anybody know how this works? Do they use digital impressions to sell TV ads or is there some sort of TV specific "impressions" measurement?
  12. She was in the 10TV studio. She is a beautiful woman, btw. The current GM was the former GM at WTHR, IIRC. Also, Chris Bradley did some work and/or training at WTHR, off air I think.
  13. Is she actually there at the studio or working from Indy? I always thought this was a lost opportunity for Dispatch. They should have done more sharing back and forth between the stations, if for no other reason than to just keep things interesting. I didn't get to see her on WBNS, but I like her personality. It's odd seeing a middle aged woman on TV who isn't rail thin, though. https://players.brightcove.net/5359769197001/default_default/index.html?videoId=6086325980001
  14. They have Kelly Greene from WTHR filling in this evening on weather. This is the first WTHR personality I've seen on WBNS.
  15. Well congratulations to the incomparable Diana Williams! 29 years at one station...and the number 1 station in the number 1 Market is unheard of! I’m wishing her a great and relaxing retirement! She definitely deserves it! SN: When did they change the monitor wall behind the anchor desk?
  16. And here is the weekend KVUE news from 1989 - with Robert Hadlock!
  17. Makes me wonder when that KOVR/KDNL River City theme actually debuted... Maybe that fall?
  18. A rare look at KOVR just a month into the switch to CBS, they were still using their last ABC era logo and Non-Stop Music's NewsWatch!
  19. A bunch of KVUE from August 1989:
  20. WTSP 11:00 news clip from January 2001. Pretty interesting as this was when Tampa was hosting the Super Bowl. WTSP was badly in need of an overhaul at this point. In April, they debuted a new set and graphics. There was a promo from early 2001 I wish I could find where they highlighted the upgrades.
  21. WTSP "NewsCenter 10" update 1991:
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  23. Looking at this guide, it airs from 10am-1pm (two hour delay) after the news.
  24. Million-dollar question is how does KWGN run One Magnificent Morning on Saturdays.
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