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  2. Pete (WMAQ) broke in a few minutes ago & said he will again when necessary. Likely won't see Mike (WFLD) or anyone else for awhile because I believe they all live in the burbs.
  3. Gray is purchasing another LP again. This time in Laredo (KXNU-LD) for $40K. Wouldn't be surprised if they place the ABC stream (currently on KGNS 8.2) on this stick.
  4. A bit of a rarity tonight, as the southern edge of the Chicago viewing area is under a tornado warning. Despite it coming at a weird time of day, Cheryl Scott and Larry Mowry have been on the air since about 12:20am. WGN went on with Mike Hamernik a long while later, and Mary Kay Kleist did a quick update at 1 on CBS2. NBC5 and FOX32 have not broken in.
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  6. New member of the Eyewitness News team. Get that baby a Circle 7 microphone!
  7. They certainly were able to last longer without looking horribly dated. Both KXLY and WISC's newsroom sets held up well despite their nearly two-decade ages.
  8. Now that Monica Malpass has suddenly left WPVI tonight after 31 years, in honor... my favorite blooper between Rick and Monica (they spent 29 years anchoring together. Morning and then 5pm):
  9. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! YOU GOTTA BE F***ING KIDDING ME! Not in my wildest dreams did I see Monica leave WPVI this sudden. I thought she would leave in another 4-5 years from now but not now! I'm really shocked.
  10. The station is about to have a new face soon. Not sure if she's going to be a full replacement of Christina Salvo's Weekend AM slot or fill one of the weekday slots (11am for example). Still surprised they haven't filled an in-studio traffic anchor since Alysha del Valle left for Channel 4.
  11. Saw something interesting on WKBW's feed (on SiMeTV)... They are promoting CourtTV and tagging the promo directing viewers to watch it on Channel 4.2 (which is Nexstar-owned WIVB) Are there any other markets where the Scripps station is directing viewers to a competing station that has the subchannel on it? At least they're being discrete about it...
  12. Bill Beutel got a promotion in 1975 for AM America. it failed, he came back to WABC, had a career for another 31 years. I wouldn't call going up and falling back a bad thing.
  13. People, relax. It’s just my opinion. Fail may have been to a strong of a word probably best reserved for Josh Elliott but this is a clear career 360° in a lesser position than before.
  14. I think it’s amazing and great that they got Sam back but I wonder how Jeff and Amy feel about being passed over for promotions. Jeff, especially, who has been on weekends and filling in on weekdays for 12 years.
  15. I'm speechless. I wish Monica all the best wherever she goes next, and the happiest of times with her family. But right now I will miss her on-air and everything that made her an icon in Philly TV news.  Again, I'm speechless.
  16. Nexstar is bringing a new look to Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley! Tonight is the last night on the existing set that has been in place since 2012.
  17. Whoa. Wow. Shocked is all I can say.
  18. Good for Sam, it’s a nice homecoming...but I feel like I remember his GMA departure being slightly less amicable than some are leading on. Either way, it’s amazing to me how quickly that “dream team” fell apart and both of the departing members who thought they were the key to success have floundered, while GMA has maintained its status for the most part.
  19. See that's what I'm thinking. She'll eventually pop up somewhere else, so this is probably not the last we've heard of Monica Malpass.
  20. Susan Roesgen (I always misspell her last name) came to WABC from KFMB Channel 8 in San Diego in 1990. She was not pleased with her time there. She replaced Kaity Tong. However, there was supposedly internal strife between Roesgen and Beutel and she was gone on August 1. She has since worked at National Geographic, CNN and now is working in New Orleans for WGNO (Channel 26). Also:
  21. Tin foil hat theory: She ends up at FOX 29 after while. Lucy Noland just announced her departure at the end of June...just saying.
  22. Where does Clarkson go in KC.
  23. Sad to see Monica go. Could’ve seen her and Rick taking over the 11pm once Jim retires. Wishing her the best in the next chapter of her career. I’m thinking Sarah will add the 5pm to her responsibilities, and either Christie Ileto or Jeanette Reyes will get Sarah’s spot on the weekend evenings.
  24. It sure took long enough to make the obvious choice.
  25. ^^that article states that she isn’t necessarily retiring.
  26. I believe WSB will be picking up Tamron Hall for 3PM. Kelly Clarkson could go to WAGA or be picked up by WPCH, WATL, or WUPA, if WAGA passes on Clarkson. WSB may keep RTM at 10AM, much like WXIA keeps DBL at 2PM.
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