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  2. lease Please go to the speculation thread and respond there. Thank you.
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  4. Not that it matters anymore; Sinclair bought Fisher, and Sinclair only cares about TV; hell, they just announced they'd sell off their only radio assets. Hence why this application's been made.
  5. Josh White Design did the on-air & newsgraphics for WJAR NBC10 in the late 90s, before Josh left for WTVJ in 2000 (around the same time they left their Downtown Miami studios (316 N. Miami Ave) for their new Digital studios in Miramar). https://vimeo.com/286541456 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TebhAddP6ZY
  6. The XFL 2.0, considering how successful the broadcasts were last season (personally, I found them fun and exciting), deserves a revival. This... doesn't. I give it a year. Maybe two if the viewers are generous the first time.
  7. It didn't help they were oddly concerned about wanting to keep their 87.7 FrankenFM signal and the FCC kept having to tell them that they couldn't transmit digital with an unlicensed analog subcarrier at 87.9.
  8. The pride of Sheboygan (where I am), where he started at Sheboygan North's WSHS, and a fine broadcaster who has definitely earned his retirement.
  9. The USFL will flop in '22.
  10. That Freedom stayed on 6 in the name of tradition was always a frustrating move as you ended up with a signal that had better coverage of Rutland, Brattleboro, and Poughkeepsie more than much of Albany and Troy. The 720p simulcast on WCWN's .3 only could do so much.
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  12. Imagine if Gray were to lose the ability to build on RF9 in Freeport, IL.
  13. As far as I know, they intend to bring back XFL as well. Duane Johnson bought the rights for practically nothing. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/xfl-owner-dwayne-the-rock-johnson-reveals-when-the-league-will-be-making-its-return/
  14. Gene Mueller, the main host/anchor of the "Wisconsin Morning News" news/information show on Good Karma Broadcasting's WTMJ-AM in Milwaukee, today announced he would be retiring from the radio early next year. Mueller has been a fixture on the radio in Milwaukee. Before joining WTMJ-AM in 2007, he was the co-host of the "Reitman and Mueller" morning show on what was then CHR-formatted 94.5 FM WKTI. He has been on the Milwaukee radio scene continuously since 1981, and has been in the radio industry for 44 years. Longtime Milwaukee radio personality Gene Mueller to retire
  15. Didn't know Mark Elliott passed away until you mentioned it. Damn.
  16. I've heard his voice numerous times but never knew what he looked like. Not what I was picturing. It looks like he retired but went back to VO work not too long. He also did NASCAR on FOX VO'S for a few years. So many legendary VO artists have died these past few years. Ervasti, Mark Elliott, Chris Corley and many others. R.I.P. Dick.
  17. One NPRM. Three R&Os. NPRM: KCWX (5 > 8.) - including amended DTS arrangement. R&O: WRGB (6 > 35) WAOE (COL, Peoria > Oswego) Channel 9 Freeport Looks like Gray would have to apply and bid for the new allotment. On the bottom of the order it stated this:
  18. From 1993, here's Nightline on TV3 New Zealand using the World News Tonight cut from Score's ABC News package:
  19. The open reminds me of the open for 12/13 and 19/20 on France 3.
  20. Neeha Curtis is no longer on WOIO/WUAB after anchoring the morning news on June 14. She took to her FB page to mention she's not at the stations anymore. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=242067121059141&id=100057675656747
  21. There is also a Hello Tulsa promo (with Gari vocals!) at the end. Too bad it's incomplete...
  22. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a similar rollout in Colorado at some point.
  23. NBC has NBC News Now as well as NBCLX for the younger generations.
  24. Not too sure why they haven't made a subchannel for this or put this on Pluto. Not too sure what they gain by parking it on the station's website
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