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  2. Pat mentioned that Gus is off this weekend.
  3. Pat was back in studio this weekend. She mentioned Gus at the end of the newscast, but he wasn’t on screen. I’m guessing he was on from home.
  4. Yeah, because television is SOOOO comparable to newspapers. Hey, if people are willing to pay for Spotify, Apple TV+, HBOMax, CBS All Access, Disney+, Amazon Prime, etc, why aren't they willing to pay for visual news content in the same way? Especially, if they can get the content JUST catered to them (microtargeting). It's the big newspapers that are being gutted and haven't converted well because A. Owners are treating them like slush funds (like these big station groups do to their stations) and B.They are using technology to promote an old model of journalism, not evolving it (which they could digitally). Small community papers have been growing for that very reason! I have quite a few local papers that I love, but it's just not the same video storytelling. Reading a story about Iran isn't the same a seeing the visuals and hearing the content. You get more nuance. Why do you think NPR is so damn successful? That kind of storytelling you can read, but it doesn't have the same power. If the cost to produce a fictional show during a pandemic isn't more expensive than the revenue returns from a CBS NewsNight program.
  5. A friend of Allison's said something about how Allison was pushed out, for younger talent, and how management prefers Holly Morris, and Erin (Don't know the last name), etc. It was a lot in the post. I'm sure there will be more insight on it in the coming days.
  6. Just wanna make myself clear, they wouldn't be giving up an hour of primetime shows, they would be placing a 30 min newscast as soon as the 3 hour primetime ends, so either 10 or 11 depending on the market since primetime begins at 7 or 8 depending on where you live. They would still get plenty of advertising money. Also 10:30 / 11:30 would work too.
  7. Why is WKRN switching graphics packages?
  8. That looks very similar to what WKRN might be getting color-scheme wise. October 1.
  9. I don't think CBS affiliates would go for an already floundering network newscast @ 10pm leading into their local news @ 10:30 or 11. I hope you all remember the 10pm "Jay Leno Show" debacle years ago. If full on production of primetime gets to be a problem, give the affiliates the 10pm slot for local news and run the revamped "CBS News Tonight @ 10:30" (or whatever they want to call it & anchored by someone besides Norah) and then the "Late Show w/Colbert" at 11. That also gives Colbert a jump start on Fallon & Kimmel. Overall, it's gonna be a tough sell for Viacom/CBS to give up an hour of primetime $$$$$$ @ 10 for this kind of experiment.
  10. As mentioned on the Discord, WFLA is set to get these graphics soon, exactly what date is not yet known. I can confirm WKRN will also be getting these graphics, a blue/red variant, by October 1 and possibly new music as well.
  11. Honestly, if the pandemic keeps delaying production of prime time shows, I expect someone somewhere's going to try a regular proper newscast in a 9 or 10PM slot.
  12. I couldn't agree more, the CBS News devision needs a complete reinvention. I know the idea of moving the Evening News isn't a popular one but I really think CBS should move it to 10pm for every timezone (11pm for some stations), rebrand it as the CBS National News or keep it as the Evening News branding if you want, but mainly follow the BBC format of serious stories and a strong world focus. The main thing I would incorporate from the BBC is the rotating anchor format and I would have the broadcast originate live for all timezones, New York or D.C. would handle the Eastern and Central timezones and Los Angeles would cover the Mountain and Pacific timezones, I know that would add an extra cost but it would make sense with it being on later and being live so the stories are current. Late local news would be on immediately after at 10:30 (or 11:30), and the affiliates would get an extra half hour at 5:30 / 6:30 or whenever they air the evening news which would make up for the late news being on later. I don't know what they'd do on the weekends especially on nights with sports but they could figure something out, something like a 15 min broadcast on weekends would work since sports normally goes longer than expected delaying local news. In terms of Norah, I really liked her on CTM but have absolutely hate her on the evening news, it seems so forced and manufactured. The "breaking news" for everything is out of control. I grew up watching Katie and later Scott, on his last night I was holding in tears as he said goodbye, he ignited my passion for journalism and CBS hasn't been the same since he was forced out, Jeff grew on me and stared to find his groove when they got rid of him. In true CBS fashion Norah will be gone within 2 years from now and they'll be stuck again. Its kinda sad how they are the most watched network but in dead last place when it comes to news, they need to find a way to keep those viewers for network newscasts and that's why I really think the success of their primetime line up could be a great lead in and give CBS success at 10pm / 11pm. I know many of you don't like the idea and will bring up ad revenue, local stations, ownership groups and all kinds of other stuff but seriously, its worth a shot, they don't have much to lose at this point. The affiliates would get over it, adapt and benefit from an extra 30 min in the evening and could benefit from a strong lead in to late local news (yes I know they already have one from primetime). Local stations could even keep a news at 10pm / 11pm just on a sub channel or streaming online / CBSN local if they really wanted to keep that broadcast. We can respectfully talk about this if anyone wishes to as long as we don't bash the idea or me.
  13. I see what you mean but a subscription model would not work at all. Just ask the newspaper and magazine companies and their dwindling subscription audience. People are not going to pay a monthly fee when they have the opportunity to find the information free elsewhere. Sponsorships and ads are revenue areas that will always be featured in the tv news industry to keep programs afloat.
  14. VIA FACEBOOK. Here’s a test weather graphic that was posted on Facebook, I don’t think this is the final since the typeface Isn’t changed yet.
  15. NHL on Fox on Sinclair on NBCSN. Don’t remember them showing any non-NBC RSN feeds before this year but they’ve done it a lot this week.
  16. Here's ANOTHER WRAL promo with the VTS Place to Be/CBS We've Got the Touch combo mix promo. Indeed, a kick ass combo for WRAL. Taking elements from the CBS 1985-86 promo, and incorporating them into VTS The Place to Be package. LOVE IT! As you saw, WRAL wasn't the only station with a promo, which had a kick-ass combo mix of a news theme package (The Place to Be by VTS) with a network promo theme (CBS's 3rd and final season fo We've Got the Touch). Take a look at the promo for the Dallas NBC O&O station KXAS. It too had a combo mix of (a) Wall to Wall News by Stephen Arnold with (b) NBC's 1984-85 campaign Let's All Be There.
  17. Right at the beginning of this video, here's a cool mix of the CBS '85 "We've Got The Touch" campaign theme w/VTS' "The Place To Be" campaign for then-new CBS affiliate WRAL in Raleigh (now NBC):
  18. I expect them to get out of the business of broadcasting, providing more customized content and move to a subscription model. Saying that people watch TV news for 'human connection' is what's wrong with the platform. I want information, not to connect with other people. I also don't want to be used as a tool to sell ads, because all that's doing is exacerbating the sensationalism and appealing to the broad base, not doing real journalism regardless of it's broad base appeal. Screw that.
  19. Yesterday
  20. I don't see this as a Titanic situation. What exactly do you expect them to do? Local television has been evolving with the times and I think many stations are being very strategic with their futures. People continue to watch local tv news basely for the human connection, they connect to the story because of the reporters and anchors. They can interact with talent on Instagram and on Twitter to get a more personal connection. Local stations are the connective tissue to many communities in terms of mass communication. All of these shenanigans do add up to what the 'tv-news experience' is all about. If it's mainly just for context, the audience will just simply go to Google for the news or ask Alexa what's the weather outside. Even with all the fluff that we all criticize about ABC News and NBC News, their audience still remains loyal. These free apps are actually useful for those have a Roku or have decided to ditch a monthly cable subscription, which is a huge group of people. It's all about harnessing technology to their benefit, The Titanic situation rests mainly on cable and satellite companies these days, they dug their own graves.
  21. Hahahaha! That's not embracing technology. That's using technology to keep the old tools working even as they fail. I won't walk you through how this is a totally trash idea, like rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic. Instead, I'm just going to do what I'm going to do to change it and watch the ship go down.
  22. I agree on World News Tonight. It follows the typical ABC format of overdramatizing the news, and adding breaking to every story. (In all fairness CBS, NBC CNN and MSNBC abuse breaking news as well). Just like Good Morning America, they've found a format that maintains a leading audience at the cost of the product. Nightly News is decent but the on-screen graphics packaging is too flashy and ornate. They switch between images and b-roll at an ADD like pace. I like CBS News' style (especially CTM's) of focusing on an still image for a few moments before transitioning while not overdoing it with the graphics. Nora is passable at best. She's better in the mornings. Lester and David are alright, the problem is just NBC and ABC News overall. I honestly don't know where CBS can go from here. Who does the network have that can fill that role? They perhaps need to snatch a famous face from another network, and --- as I've suggested before--- follow an international hard news format to differentiate itself from NN and WNT. 60 Minutes and Sunday Morning are the best things on CBS right now. I wish CBS This Morning would reach first or second place in the ratings so that the other networks might try to copycat with more intellectual story choices in the AM.
  23. Scott Jones is reporting Erin Davisson is retiring from WFRV after 32 yrs. She'll be replaced by Michele McCormack. Also Joyce Evans is leaving FOX 29 after 24 yrs at the end of the month. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/8/7/just-about-a-wrap https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/8/7/signing-off-in-philly
  24. What did the post say about Allison @CLT-DCA-ORF-PTI? It’s not avail now.
  25. WUFT called. They want their logo back!
  26. I know this is all happening g suddenly, but my goodness that logo needs to change, and it needs to change fast.
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