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  2. Here's the audio of the oral arguments from yesterday (1/19).
  3. I'm close to Bobeth's situation with WGCL, I wish I could speak more on the issue but knowing the fact of I KNOW Scott Jones lurks this form he'll just take what I posted and repost it for his website as if it's his own personal report. Long story short we'll hear (See) Bobeth Yates freelancing very soon.
  4. Very early WTSP "10 News" promo from January 1992 after the rebrand from "NewsCenter 10". Also, there are several promos that do not appear to have Gari's "Great News" and might be "On Your Side" by 615.
  5. It looks like Andrea Morehead, former WTHR reporter, is suing the station and Tegna for failing to provide ADA accomodations for her breast cancer, as well as retaliation and harassment. Lawsuit document found here.
  6. WILX 10, Lansing, Michigan's NBC affiliate, debuted a new local show in October titled "Studio 10". This resulted in three talk syndies moving earlier, and two game show feeds getting bumped to late night. This was their afternoon lineup before... 12:00 PM - Daytime Jeopardy! 12:30 PM - 25 Words or Less (only run) 1:00 PM - Days of Our Lives 2:00 PM - Dr. Oz 3:00 PM - Rachael Ray 4:00 PM - Kelly Clarkson And after... 12:00 PM - Dr. Oz 1:00 PM - Days of Our Lives 2:00 PM - Rachael Ray 3:00 PM - Kelly Clarkson 4:00 PM - St
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  8. This is way overdue 6 ex-Raycom stations are left now
  9. Looks like WFIE is getting ready to switch based on this new promo on their Vimeo page...plus another newscast...
  10. Maury used to cover a wide array of topics, but the show in recent seasons was nothing but DNA and lie detectors. They doubled down on DNA this season because of COVID. Maury is also in his early 80s. I figure he must be tired of this.
  11. I saw a brand new episode of his show last week. My reaction was basically “holy [expletive], he’s still doing this?!?”
  12. No man when am I gonna hear the perfect rendition of Your Not The Father Again!!!
  13. Wow. Well, it was a great run. Maury certainly had an audience (including me) for his form of entertainment throughout his show's run, and his years on air and success ranks well among the greats. I wish him very well.
  14. Wheel's prime access run doesn't actually apply to the weekend run; stations mostly just air it there anyway for the same of consistency. A small number of stations air it outside prime access, or a bit before. I know there are at least a couple NBC's in the Pacific Time Zone (one of them being KSBW) that airs Wheel at 6:30 on Saturdays instead of 7:30. Entertainment Tonight also mostly airs in prime access (though it's not mandatory like it is for Wheel), but it offers a second feed for stations to air in late night or in daytime the next day or on a sister station, which is just
  15. I saw that, but there's no update on FOX 46's side of things which it's pretty odd.
  16. He certainly had a good run.
  17. Maury is hanging it up after the 2021-22 season.
  18. They haven't. It does air on the "city channel" on Stirr which I think is why they launched those channels. Because outside of The National Desk, there are no local news programs on those channels.
  19. WFLD's morning show, 2006, pre-Good Day Chicago.
  20. Nothing on FOX 46's website
  21. We got 2 A 1987 WFMY newscast https://youtu.be/PDk3o4my4Bc And a 1994 WCAU news open (jump to 13:10) https://youtu.be/3KckNywaal0
  22. WMAQ, Saturday morning news, 2006, featuring baby Ginger Zee, soon after her arrival in Chicago.
  23. Sinclair is "sort of" bringing news to it's remaining stations via Stirr... https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/stirr-adds-six-new-stirr-city-channels-for-local-coverage/?source=home Even St. Louis got it's own. Have KDNL and WTWC picked up The National Desk, to air as a "morning newscast" before GMA or Today?
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