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  2. A new music package is coming from Stephen Arnold
  3. Is there going to be new music, too, or is Inergy here to stay?
  4. Not happening because WFLX is inside WPTV's building. When WPTV took over WFLX's newscasts from WPEC in 2012, WFLX moved into WPTV's building and every team, including sales (in a separate area of the building), are at WPTV's building. WFLX used to be in Riviera Beach but vacated it and is now at the Baynan. So, unless Gray Television wants to invest into a new building and resources and talent and a studio, you can say FORGET it.
  5. Honestly, I almost hope WFLX goes in-house...that would give the Palm Beach market one more competitor (and competition is always good). If WPTV decided to stop producing WFLX newscasts, they can use that set for WSFL newscasts (assuming Gray doesn't own the set pieces). They would just need to update the duratrans--pretty much. Even the anchor desk could be used--as is. Going that route would certainly keep costs to a minimum for the launch. In that scenario, I see it as a win-win.
  6. Not quite, at least according to the Doctors' website: Atlanta (WUPA): WUPA @ 8:00a Baltimore (WJZ): WMAR @ 9:00a Boston (WBZ/WSBK): WHDH @ 1:00p (2:30a repeat) Chicago (WBBM): WCIU-DT2 @ 1:00a Dallas (KTVT/KTXA): KTXA @ 10:00a Denver (KCNC): KCDO @ 1:00a Detroit (WWJ/WKBD): WXYZ @ 10:00a Los Angeles (KCBS/KCAL): KCOP @ 3:00p Miami (WFOR/WBFS): WBFS @ 8:00a Minneapolis (WCCO): WUCW @ 1:30a New York (WCBS/WLNY): WLNY @ 8:00a Philadelphia (KYW/WPSG): WPSG @ 9:00a Pittsburgh (KDKA/WPCW): Not airing here apparently Sacramento (KOVR/KMAX): KMAX @ 1:00p San Francisco (KPIX/KBCW): KRON @ 11:00a (3:00a repeat) Seattle (KSTW): KOMO @ 1:00a Tampa (WTOG): WTTA @ 10:00a None of the CBS O&Os are carrying it, while 6 CW O&Os, including five in duopoly markets with the sixth being CW-only Atlanta, are airing it (with three competing against CBS This Morning). Strangely, WXYZ is carrying the show in Detroit as a lead-in to The View, while a third-string independent station in the Denver market (KCDO) is carrying it there. It's not even on the air in Pittsburgh, apparently. Suffice it to say, I don't see The Doctors lasting past 2020, but the timeslots are nothing to write home about either. Timeslots do matter since Kelly Clarkson is doing well as an NBC-distributed property (it was even advertised on at least Week 1 of Football Night in America!). Certainly a much larger distributor like CBS would do the same for Drew Barrymore, who had become a star child actress when Kelly Clarkson was in diapers. Then again, whether or not it airs on a CBS property is moot since Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! have been on ABC O&Os for most of their runs and ET was actually on WABC in New York and KNBC in LA in the 80s. But since it's apparent the CBS O&Os will be carrying Drew Barrymore, something will have to give. If not Dr. Phil, the courtroom shows could move over to the junior CW stations, or at least drop their second airings to accommodate her talk show.
  7. It would be interesting to see WFLX going in-house. Not sure how big the WFLX facilities is and whether it could house a news department (studio and newsroom space). It'd remain to be seen whether Gray wishes to build a news department from scratch, assuming the arrangement with WPTV is to end, and if WPTV is tapped to produce WSFL newscasts. Hopefully we learn more soon.
  8. What are the ratings like for WFLX newscasts? Do you think Gray Television would want to end their arrangement with Scripps?
  9. November 1997, KSDK promotes its new look and set, graphics by Hothaus:
  10. Since this appears to be a cash grab for political ad revenue, this is probably the best and cheapest way to do it. This could very well be Scripps' entry into remotely-produced newscasts. I wouldn't be shocked if the WPTV and WFLX deal is up at the end of the year. They could just reassign staff to the new WSFL newscast and call it a day.
  11. From the few video clips I sampled on YouTube, they could use the room where they tape Inside South Florida (albeit they would need to add an actual anchor desk and at least a couple of decent sized monitors). The windowed backdrop might actually be a nice change from the other sets the Miami stations use. I'm assuming they still have the control room from their "The Morning Show" days. But yeah, it's hard to envision a scenario without WPTV being heavily involved on that timeline.
  12. Broadcasting & Cable says WSFL will start news in the spring. With a timeline that aggressive, they’re absolutely going to be relying on WPTV. Anchor the show from West Palm, throwing to a handful of reports from MMJs based in Miami. Mix in statewide content from the various Scripps Florida properties and you’ve got a (pre-recorded?) hour at 10 to get them started. Build from there with the eventual goal of being fully based in Miami and offering shows in the morning and possibly the late afternoon/early evening, as well. https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/scripps-to-add-local-news-to-station-in-miami-market
  13. The West Palm Beach TV market also includes several counties to the north. While West Palm Beach could work in being in Miami's DMA, it wouldn't make logistical sense north of there. But I like the idea of a tri-county newscast. I do think Scripps could just simulcast "The Now South Florida" from WPTV, with localized weather inserts for WSFL. Using that scenario, they could get news on WSFL by the end of 2019, if they wanted. Then launch WSFL newscasts in other time slots in 2020 or whenever.
  14. I live in Broward and we kinda do but wish we had something more in focus to Broward. That is why the sun sentinel is still around
  15. Because it’s in the West Palm Beach DMA.
  16. What about a tri-county newscast? After all we're a tri-county region. I've always wondered why Palm Beach county is not in the Miami DMA.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Dave Aizer left the station a few months back right before the sale of Trib/Nexstar, Scripps.
  19. I certainly would be interested to see what that kind of newscast would look like. But I speculate that Scripps would want a broader focus than that...so they are an equal competitor to the other stations.
  20. Does anybody in Broward really care about what's going on in Miami-Dade? Broward County alone has a population of almost 2 million people. Sounds to me like a Broward-focused news operation might be worth trying, like some stations in other large DMA's do.
  21. I wouldn't be surprised if Scripps considers moving WSFL closer to Miami-Dade...or southern Broward like where WPLG and WTVJ are located. They will want to be able to deploy news crews to breaking news events happening in Miami. Being totally based in Ft. Lauderdale or even West Palm Beach might put them at an advantage for news in Broward, but at a big disadvantage for news in Miami-Dade or Monroe Counties. But we should know soon what they do if they actually go ahead with a 2020 launch.
  22. It seems like around the time he was last seen on WKRG. Could have very well have been Mel Showers' last newscast as a main anchor and may have been working without a contract just to see Mel off during the book.... It was a week or two later that Alan announced he had left WKRG after failing to reach a new contract and that they were very "far apart" in negotiations. Alan has been saying on his weather Facebook page that he WILL be back on a Mobile television station very soon....and with Chris Dunn leaving WPMI opens up a slot since Allen Strum (WEAR) and Jason Smith (WALA) seem to be staying put....
  23. Is Alan Sealls' non-compete up?
  24. Mobile, Alabama and it's likely for the new chief meteorologist.
  25. I just mapped it out, 46 miles between the WPTV studios and the WSFL studios. That's not a huge distance and it's a CW station. I doubt it gets enough viewership to justify its own news department. I don't see why they can't do a Broward-focused newscast relying heavily on WPTV. They don't really have to cover Miami-Dade, do they? Put another way, if Sinclair can do the Toledo nightly news cast from South Bend, why can't WSFL do it from West Palm Beach?
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