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  2. WTMJ "News Force 4" promo (An apparently short lived designation for their ENG teams) from 1980 WTMJ News Open from the same era as the above promo: And last but not least, a complete WTMJ 10pm newscast, with commercials... from 1968! Includes a few minutes of The Tonight Show at the end.
  3. Should be this [https://tvnewscheck.com/article/256055/sinclair-names-headline-service-the-national-desk/], which has been in the works for some time now, but more quietly than say, Nexstar's News Nation.
  4. That would be a terrible mistake if Nexstar rolled out restrictions to the remainder of its stations. And besides, it makes zero sense for them to do for local stations. They broadcast OTA, so why they would require people to sign-in via a TV provider has me confused as to the logic of it.
  5. I see that to watch livestreams of WBRE/WYOU newscasts now, you have to login with a participating TV provider. So far, the only participating providers are four small local operations. Is Nexstar testing out restricting local station livestreams to pay TV subscribers or something? https://www.pahomepage.com/live-stream/
  6. I don't lurk in here because I try to think about Sinclair as little as possible, but I stumbled upon this job posting for a news producer for a national morning newscast. It's based in Arlington, VA (presumably WJLA) and was posted this week. I didn't see any other postings that you would associate with an upstart national project, such as an EP, anchors, reporters, and whatever else, and there aren't any postings on the SBG careers site either. Anyone have any idea what's up with this? https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2243725166
  7. In Northern MN this week and have watched more than my fair share of WDIO- Weather graphics, yes, KOIN knockoff, News opens/graphics have more of a WISH-TV feel to them. Honestly thought the old graphics (Scripps early 2010's knockoffs) were better, but hey, they're still #1 so what do I know?
  8. Not sure if this should go here or the Graphics Knockoff thread... Hubbard's WDIO in Duluth has a very close resemblance to the KOIN graphics.... Slight tweaks but definitely the motions are there.... Weather graphics are definitely the KOIN variety
  9. Yesterday
  10. We got some clips 1985 KCBS news open https://youtu.be/xaQCBkFvBZQ 1995 WXYZ news open (jump to 47:18) https://youtu.be/iAXmi-Jbv1g 1992 WUSA news open https://youtu.be/ouvmEUkBfaA 1986 KCBS news open (jump to 44:03) https://youtu.be/Mi3JPWZmuV0
  11. Yeah, I agree. I only knew that she was leaving because she responded to someone on a livestream saying they were excited to see her in DC. I think that Sarah would probably replace her, but everyone thought she would replace Monica, so you never know.
  12. The folks that run the "keepmystation.com" webpage should at least know that WGN is NOT a "My Network" affiliate.....
  13. Maybe... They seem to have known for a bit he was leaving because they had been referring to Priya as a political reporter as well for at least the last month and a half. I was thinking, I guess this election cycle is worthy of two political reporters, but turns out she was the replacement.
  14. here is the website to the old gray graphics. https://sites.google.com/site/graygraphichub/home
  15. Yep. I highly doubt that CW saw that Tribune-Nexstar deal coming. Either way, it's gonna be an interesting relationship as the affiliation deal rolls on IMO
  16. The only reason WISH ended up with CW in the first place was because Tribune had too much on their plate at the time when they stole CBS from WISH and LIN/Media General. Now that Nexstar took over WISH and they ended up being spun off to DuJuan McCoy when Nexstar traded up to WTTV/WXIN, it's basically a news-intensive independent station. The gravy train may never come and the best option may be to opt for must-carry status to get themselves back on satellite.
  17. Cheap Charlie is running wild again. Hopefully, more and more people get off of that wild ride I do wonder if CW is pondering trying to get out of the affiliation deal. Disputes like these affect ratings and Indy is a relatively big market and is not worth keeping the CW affiliation if the owner is having a go with all of the TV providers bar cable
  18. Someone correct me but I really think they did not make her departure a big "to-do" or provided any substantial lead-up to her departure. If I remember correctly, Sarah had already been anchoring the 4 on...Monday? I just feel like if you were a casual viewer, you probably wouldn't have even known Jeannette was going to be leaving (unless it was openly acknowledged, which it seems we weren't aware of....which we should have if they really made it like a thing). Jeannette also didn't post anything about her final goodbyes and as you mentioned, Sharrie tweeted and IGed her goodbyes but it seems
  19. A big showdown is brewing between DISH and Nexstar. Both sides are already in full PR campaign mode. Here's the DISH press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nexstar-media-group-threatens-largest-local-station-blackout-in-tv-history-according-to-dish-301181053.html
  20. WISH is also not available on YouTubeTV or Hulu Live. It seems that the cable companies are the only ones carrying DuJuan McCoy's stations. It seems the smaller owners are just as bad than the mega-ones with the blackouts, but they have to deal with the mega-companies since they have little to no clout to negotiate on a larger scale.
  21. I don't know whether to post this here or in the international thread, but here's a short intro from KCBS as seen from South Korean broadcaster KBS from 1987.
  22. A month afterwards (10/9/1995) WTKR reverted to its “News Channel 3” branding and completely shed its tabloid look, including a new set and an outdoor weather spot.
  23. KUSA is reporting this morning that in Denver this dispute is only affecting KUSA/NBC programing for now. I havn't seen the crawl on KTVD at all & the KTVD website doesn't have the "Attention AT&T/DirecTV customers" banner on there website.
  24. I love how you just write stuff like that without anything to back it up. According to the lawsuit he filed against AT&T, DirecTV stopped paying retransmission fees as soon as Circle City bought the stations. If true, wanting to get the money the previous owner got for the same stations seems like being a good businessman to me, not "a greedy idiot."
  25. And that's the thing that makes me kind of skeptical about this channel, speaking as a half-Mexican. The idea of a news channel that props up ignored minorities sounds nice, but this sort of thing rarely comes off as genuine, as the failure of Fusion can tell you. We're not really looking for a news source that panders to us. We just want news that doesn't BS us with spin and shilling, and corporate America tends to screw that up royally all the time. Still, the fact that they're actively promoting it as non-partisan does give me a little hope.
  26. Some Hampton Roads news clips from September 1995 (as well as January 1997), worth noting is that it features the last days of TV 3 News and the first of NewsChannel 3 over at WTKR:
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