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  2. The Brits have their own soap operas (last night, Emmerdale), so just think of any news in America and the usual folks calling about The Bachelor or General Hospital being pre-empted. It's a universal issue. Also, to me those British ratings Deadline got thier bee in a bonnet about don't look unusually low; it's a Friday, their lowest-watched night. And yesterday after the death was announced, BBC World News in the US basically became BBC1 for a few hours and simulcast their coverage. Folks on BBC America were guided to BBC World News to watch and they didn't interrupt their
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  4. They were airing infomercials in the 8AM hour on Sundays. This is the temporary set that is being used for their newscasts while the new set is being worked on. But I could eventually see this be reworked into a set for CBSN Philly...
  5. What were they airing up until now? And do we know whereabouts that shot of Jan is from? That backdrop is very reminiscent of the CBSN Local sets...
  6. CBS3 adding the 8am hour back to Eyewitness News This Morning on Sundays.
  7. Another thing to keep in mind too is this: Basically if I'm reading it right and I've been trying to Google this up to do my homework on the part in which is bolded basically Standard General can take Tegna to court for failure to supply the documents if that's what I'm understanding it correctly.
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  9. WNBC anchors mostly stand now and use the full screen for graphics. It actually works out. When Lester Holt is in the studio, he is mostly standing now too. The only show with some sitting is Today in New York which is 3 hours long.
  10. Off-topic but I'd like to think of Steve MacLaughlin as kind and jovial as he comes off as on-screen, so it's nice to see him share some details, though I know you both could be friends. Anyways, going off the trends at KNBC, WBTS, and especially WNBC/WCAU, etc. -- they've all vastly increased the use of standing and huge screens to illustrate their point, with KNBC using AR as well. WTVJ seemed due for a refresh with their multiple desks and chroma key so I'm excited to see the changes. Wondering if KXAS might be next, given they hardly sit at the desk anymore.
  11. If all of the "Tegna-fication" is rooted in these allegations, then they certainly need to be undone. And if this damaged the company's value, then there needs to be a change of ownership. Get new people in there who not only can run the business effectively, as well as re-tooling the product back to it's core audience without patronizing to a particular group. A lot of us here can't stand the Tegna approach to local news, but these comments put a new stain on it that's deeply offensive to what could be their core audience in many places. It works in places where the
  12. And that's a huge difference between it and the CBS scandal. Yes the problems are similar but CBS didn't have the pressure from a Soo Kim-like investor to say/do something about that Tegna has. I think some of the shareholders who voted Tegna last year might be inclined to vote for Standard General this time around.
  13. They been using it for a couple of months now.
  14. This 1980 KTVK open has been reuploaded to YouTube:
  15. While I understand, I can't wait to see how they react when his dear wife THE QUEEN meets her eventual fate. Were they not prepared what was going down, or were they clearly just bitchin'? Off topic a bit but I gotta checkout gogglebox.
  16. Maybe it's because people were tired of hearing about death and everything. I mean, just as His Royal Highness was lying in his deathbed, Northern Ireland was in chaos.
  17. at the same time, it's royal protocol for what happened to hapen.there's a reason there's iplayer
  18. "Lougee mistook Hoffman for a valet, deeply offending Hoffman." So what? Everyone's not a mystic. Maybe he wasn't dressed like an executive or didn't comport himself in a way that was executive like. Maybe he doesn't speak in a way that would convey that to someone. Or when we're dealing with the cashier at Walmart do we have to now assume that we are dealing with the CEO just so that we don't offend anybody?
  19. Back to Australia and 1981, coverage of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan as recorded in Melbourne. ATV-10: GTV-9 (including a snippet of the original "Tar Sequence"!): ABV-2: Channel 0/28 Multicultural Television (now SBS):
  20. The elephant in the room in the Tegna/racism situation is Standard General's ongoing proxy fight. It behooves them to depress Tegna's stock price and make it more vulnerable for acquisition. Fearful stakeholders may be more receptive to Standard's offer as the situation escalates.
  21. Thats interesting to hear. In the last few years they've had a few set up dates including the back monitor wall behind the news desk and in the weather center and when the pandemic started the minor updates to the desk for social distancing. Can't wait to see what it will look like.
  22. Viewers and listeners hated this: https://deadline.com/2021/04/prince-philip-ratings-death-turn-off-british-viewers-1234731536/
  23. interesting, as KRBC (also in the Abilene market) used the theme in the mid 90s... Jim
  24. KMBC-TV, Ch. 9 in Kansas City, MO use to do this as well with both The 10 Commandments & the Sound of Music. They would start the movies at 6PM, instead of 7PM.
  25. A new wall recently went cutting off some areas of the studio and reducing the space that meteorologists have to work in. I asked one of the meteorologists about it. Here's our conversation: I'll let you know as more news becomes available.
  26. Yeah, but they didn't play the national anthem. Any footage on how the news was received in other countries, particularly places sharing the monarch?
  27. Yeah...but as you said...Nexstar's priorities are out of whack.
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