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  1. Today
  2. Bye-bye to Enforcer at 11 PM...
  3. The bug on the seven day forecast says "7 Tonight"
  4. I'm surprised they didn't mention the MeTV outlet KLBB-LD...... Maybe we'll see it on the paperwork? Gray seems to love MeTV like Hearst does.
  5. No. Usually just Monday through Friday. But in cases of big news that carries through the weekend, he does appear do host a show on weekends.
  6. I hope this ain't WHIO Tonight.......
  7. Looks like WHIO is in the process of switching to new graphics, they’re current package has been used since the spring of 2013 and WBBM used it back in 2008 when they switched to HD.
  8. This is an interesting move... at least he's staying local!
  9. Well it doesnt look like theyve hired a new team. Looks like they just reassigned the dead weight.
  10. They need it all. New team, new reporters, new weather and sports anchors as well as a new set and theme. So RIP News With a Twist, it's been nice knowing you. And say hello to the NEW ABC26 News.
  11. No it used to be then SJL bought it from Hearst.
  12. WLBZ would most likely have to petition to move to UHF, they were on RF25 during the transition.
  13. I thought KITV was owned by Hearst?
  14. All of the V + U markets have the V as a sub of the U, too. From there, the most concerning station has to be WLBZ, one of just two low-Vs and the only one without a co-owned U.
  15. Tegna Stations Currently on VHF: KPNX, RF12, petitioning to move to RF18 KTHV, RF12 KXTV, RF10 KFMB, RF8 KUSA, RF9, owns KTVD, RF31 WUSA, RF9 WJXX, RF10 WTLV, RF13 WTSP, RF10 WXIA, RF10, owns WATL, RF25 WMAZ, RF13 KTVB, RF7 WTHR, RF13 WOI, RF5, owns KCWI, RF23 WHAS, RF11 WLBZ, RF2 WZZM, RF13 KARE, RF11, petitioning to move to RF31 WTOL, RF11 KGW, RF8, petitioning to move to RF26 WBIR, RF10 KBMT, RF12 KIII, RF8 WFAA, RF8, petitioning to purchase KMPX, RF30 KHOU, RF11, owns KTBU, RF33 KWES, RF9 KCEN, RF9 WVEC, RF13
  16. I don't like oval logos, it feels like there's so much dead space. I like how KDKA is stylized. Had they used a box instead of oval, or even just a line to separate the frequencies, I think it would have looked great.
  17. I've see this in other threads that there appears to be spectrum hunting going on as station begins the transition to ATSC 3.0. Upon review of Lubbock, I can that in order to win approval, Gray will advise that they'll abandon RF11, which Raycom had to repair in 2015 after a plane crash, and move to RF23 with the Diginet's spread out between all the spectrums involved.
  18. KDKA Radio announced today that starting on 11/2 (their 100th anniversary), they will begin simulcasting on 100.1 FM Pittsburgh. Apparently from what I've heard on social media, the FM station won't be KDKA-FM, but instead a low-power translator. (Edit: 100.1FM is W261AX) They've also ditched their Group W logo in favor...something else. https://www.radio.com/kdkaradio/news/local/kdka-radio-has-a-new-home-100-1-fm
  19. Something tells me that might be part of this. There aren't eight voices, so I wonder if KLCW is going to become the next KCBD-TV.
  20. Maybe with Ramar selling KJTV TV to Sagamorehill, and KLCW TV being sold to Gray TV, might be the right time to sell. With the FCC going to the Supreme Court to ease media ownership rules. This could be a blessing for all the parties involved .
  21. WFXG has separated themselves. They are owned by Lockwood and operate themselves entirely in-house, they even expanded newscasts recently.
  22. CONFIRMED: WKRN getting new graphics Monday, October 26 at 4pm.
  23. Yesterday
  24. I wouldn't be surprised that Kenny Albert goes to NBC full time for NHL coverage, yet the 2020-21 season is NBC's last on the current deal and may be contingent on a renewal.
  25. Although Lubbock is a small market, this will potentially give Gray UHF spectrum.
  26. A lot of it I think is going to depend upon the election as well because by the time we get through with all of the approval process we may have a much different FCC and trust me, if the Dems get back control there will be scrutiny on this deal for sure especially knowing how strict the Dems were about sharing agreements (that's how Hearst couldn't continue operating WJCL and WTGS together when they bought 22 during the Wheeler era. To be honest, I think Gray and SagamoreHill picked the wrong time to even be thinking about doing anything not named News Share Agreement.
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