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  2. Another weekend shake up, literally too much to list, so find it all here: https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/msnbc-makes-significant-changes-to-weekend-lineup-launches-ensemble-show/542518/ Im still not sure why they can’t begin live programing before 8AM? Would’ve been easy to make the new morning show start at 7. We’re also losing an hour of programming as Ayman will end at 9PM now. Good to see Alex getting 3 hours again, but sad to see Yasmin leaving weekends. The “best of” seems like a cheap filler until they find something permanent for the 4PM hour.
  3. Medhi Hasan's weekend show will end, some other weekend shows will shift to other timeslots, and a new three-hour weekend show - known as The Weekend (phew) -- will debut. All these moves take place on January 13. https://tvline.com/news/mehdi-hasan-show-cancelled-ending-msnbc-weekend-schedule-1235091027/
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  5. They could give the News at noon to Cindy, so her hours would be 9am and 12pm, and Mary and Chris 4:30-8:30 (although that still is long)
  6. From what I have heard, Hearst and Graham run their stations well. Also they don't own as many stations when compared to Gray, Nexstar, or Sinclair, which allows them to invest in the quality of their stations.
  7. I dont hear must criticism for Hearst and Graham.
  8. Don’t forget Scripps, they had also been replacing newscasts with “Scrippscasts”, much like Sinclair does.
  9. Part of a November 1994 interview, on WDAF-TV, Ch. 4 in Kansas City, MO, with Fox chairman & CEO Rupert Murdoch about WDAF-TV's affiliation switch from NBC to Fox which happened almost 2 months earlier.
  10. WFMY News 2 at 11:00 (February 25, 1997) WRTV 6 News Midday (November 6, 1995)
  11. I think it’s been on at least a month. I saw it the one day randomly while waiting for the news at 9am to begin. Honestly, the morning crew works the worst hours. At this point they really need to be excused altogether from the news at noon because their day is too long—I mean, unless they enjoy doing it. They really could just replay the morning news instead of the 7/8am news because it’s all the same information, unless something serious breaks after the morning news is over.
  12. Just checked the guides and yes, it appears WLNY now carries news from 7-9am; as it did in the 'Live from the Couch' days.
  13. I suppose my issue with News Daily is that it's yet another newscast on station lineups that are already saturated with heavy and repetitive local news output. Then again, the syndication options are dry. What could NBC have put there? They've been reduced to airing Dateline on o&o stations.
  14. Especially with Sinclair and Nexstar, the amount of control the top management forces on the lower ranks. While many of the stations they acquired had great ideas from veterans that could have been implemented throughout, instead you have the same management who ended up acquiring these stations, imposing their will, and turning them into mindless drones. The industry is poorer because of it and the great stations they have collectively run into the ground.
  15. Don’t know when it premiered, but WCBS has added an 8am half-hour streaming newscast. It is also simulcast on WLNY and repeats at 8:30am.
  16. It aired at 4pm for a long time on some stations, including WBBM; like Inside Edition they push out editions every half hour with updates if needed up to a certain time.
  17. I didn’t think ET was allowed to air before 6pm similar to Wheel of Fortune.
  18. WWJ updated its news opening this morning. Looks like KCNC
  19. Probably could’ve made like the CBS O&Os and shortened the 9am newscast to a half-hour and put Drew at 9:30.
  20. And that's why it's the perfect thing to watch during work or out in public. Very few talking heads, you can jump in and jump out, the graphics aren't complicated or flashy, and it's a show without MorningSave '82,000% off this Bluey toothbrush trimmer' spots. I'm happy with it, though I wish NBC News Now had control over breaking news rather than having to hand off to the Today or Nightly teams; when they do have to cover it they are much better at it than when the 1A control room and correspondent egos get in the way. GMA3 was fine for awhile, but then the 8am hour team seemed to get more say and once that certain couple got forced out, they were able to get the show they wanted for the most part where it's all about selling and harmless news at noontime.
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  22. It’s not as if improvement in a key demo and improved content retention for your (sometimes rambunctious) affiliates are nothing. Those are wins unto themselves. And there is runway to build. Days is what it is, and you’re not going to be able to do much more with that on the broadcast network side. If they can make it work on the streaming side, more power to them. That’s a bonus.
  23. welp we got a wild change coming in down here in Orlando the 9am news on WKMG is….gone. entirely. no warning or anything. just gone after 6 years. the Drew Barrymore show is now on at 9am for a full hour (the third timeslot move it’s had since WKMG got the rights in June). entertainment tonight now has 2 runs (for the first time since WESH/WKCF split runs in 2013 I think it was) at 3pm and 7:30pm. news 6 takeover remains at 3:30pm. the 1:37am drew barrymore is back to inside edition. only change coming out of Orlando so far. everybody else has settled in to their schedules
  24. I'm surprised. NBC News Daily It's a basic headline run down newscast like Early Today.
  25. Having seen so much criticism across these threads for companies like Sinclair, Tegna and Nexstar, I wanted to pinpoint what you all think are the prime issues with station owners like these. Anything from how they manage their stations and treat their employees, to their news presentation styles. Are there any strengths to their methods? O&O groups included.
  26. It should be noted, though, why it wasn’t clearing Days in pattern and only airing syndies in the early afternoon before NBC News Daily debuted. It’s believed that the show’s storylines involving the coming out of Will Horton (Sami and Lucas’ son) and his subsequent relationship with eventual husband Sonny Kiriakis didn’t sit well with KSL management (citing less-than-progressive attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community among sections of Utah’s Mormon community), prompting them to bust the show to the 1:05 a.m. slot—which it held for the rest of Days’ NBC run—in 2013. (KSL parent Bonneville International is owned by the LDS Church, and some of the church’s beliefs have seeped into the station’s programming decisions during its affiliations with CBS and NBC, contributing to certain network shows being preempted because of content that management deemed objectionable.) This continued after Will and Sonny left the canvas in 2020 (only making short-term return appearances thereafter); although the show had a similar same-sex relationship storyline involving Will’s younger half-sister Allie in the final year of the NBC run (that continued into the first year of the Peacock run, before the actress who played Allie left a few months ago). It is also theorized that KSL wanting to boost ad revenue by having more control over its daytime schedule, and the overnight slot making it easier for Days fans to record episodes without being subjected to breaking news preemptions that would often occur in the afternoon (supposedly reducing viewer complaints) were reasons for the move.
  27. I had noticed that KSL had started clearing it and glad the reason was just because of syndie contracts.
  28. Thing is, season-to-date average viewership (1.15 million) runs pretty close to what Days was pulling in before it was shifted to Peacock, so that metric doesn’t seem to have changed much for NBC News Daily. The only ratings improvement that it has shown over Days is likely in the 25–54 demographic, and in viewer retention from lead-in local programming. Otherwise, NBC remains in third place among the Big Three networks during the afternoon, as it has been since c. the mid-1980s (when the network had four soaps—Days, Another World [which was then beginning its steady decline after showrunner Paul Rauch and head writer Harding Lemay left], Santa Barbara and Search for Tomorrow [which got cancelled for a second time in 1986]—plus game/talk shows in daytime).
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