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  2. It's not unusual for these Christian outfits to retain the legacy calls. In fact, Salem makes a point of doing so.
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  4. Are WBBH/WXZN TV owned by the same company. Is the new antenna under Repack rules.
  5. Congratulations to CBSN Denver. Weird that it's a Wednesday launch. Probably, for the Democratic primary in neighboring Nevada.. CBS O&O's left to launch CBSN: Pittsburgh (I believe either today or early next week), Baltimore, DFW, Chicago and Sacramento.
  6. ... I will add to this it's not just only TINY (Today in New York).. WABC and WPIX also advertise their 6AM hours also to gain extra audiences.
  7. The whole signing off issue for such a long time seems odd to me at these two stations. I was just reading about what’s going on here in Baltimore. The date for phase 9 will pass by the time they can get a helicopter to lift the three TV antennas up. So in the meantime the three Baltimore stations will be using auxiliary transmitters (that they just bought) and antennas to meet the deadline. The transmitters are brand news as are the auxiliary antennas but they are mounted below the candelabra base, so there will be a slight reduction of power. Then the weekend at the end of May WJZ and WBAL will have to leave there buildings as it’s unsafe for them to be there as three antennas will be removed and three will be installed. But I digress.
  8. Is that a true story? That’s interesting to hear because it was such a minute detail that for whatever reason sticks out as a distinct point of difference between two of my favorite anchormen’s tenure on the show compared to David Muir.
  9. Ed Brandon stepped away for rehab due to a cocaine addiction.
  10. And, ironically, they both hated the pointless wandering away from the desk to stand up somewhere for 30 seconds only to return to the desk right after that. I believe Diane’s tenure ended the WNT standing shots.
  11. And WTTV/CBS4 too... so that make 3 of 5 Indianapolis stations with the same web layout.
  12. From KTRK circa 1989 - a spot introducing Joe Diaz as the primary weather forecaster for the station during Ed Brandon's time away from the station.
  13. I just thought about this several weeks ago, I’m not sure when the last time I saw Muir standing in the studio. As you mentioned Peter and Charles used to open their show and present the Closer Look segment while standing.
  14. Bulk of the audience for all local morning news is 6-7; 4-6 is just understood to be rolling overnight news and traffic/weather where you can't catch an audience on a schedule easily compared to 6am.
  15. WXIN now has the Nexstar site, making WXIN and WISH with the same layout.
  16. Does anyone have any idea why the Today in New York promos only advertise the 6:00 AM hour? Does management not realize the show is on 4-7?
  17. As currently constructed, WNT doesn't need much to go to air. Muir hasn't appeared standing up in that studio for the better part of a decade, and wears jeans most nights. Jennings & Gibson moved around the studio more than David. Like local newscasters around the country, a modern, spacious studio might force him to put on nice pants.
  18. WNT doesn’t really need the large Times Square space. It is a one person show with an occasional in studio reporter. Doesn’t make sense to take on the additional expense of having WNT there (although Disney owns the space, the rental money comes out of ABC News’ budget). With TV3 unavailable, and only a small temporary set available, it makes sense for GMA Weekend to move there since it needs space for 3+ anchors. Same for This Week, which needs space for multiple guests and the round table.
  19. Yuss. Brilliant idea. That set was brilliant. Replace fourth floor WNT with ABC News Live -- and the fifth floor be for WNN & ATM -- and you've got a plan.
  20. The whole entire KTUL News 8 1985 theme!!!! You won't hear bits of it, like you do on SouthernMedia NMSA Cue to the 4:02 mark to hear the FULL-LENGTH version. THE WHOLE ENCHILADA!
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