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  2. Looks like the CW affiliates owned by Nexstar will be owned by the network itself: KWGN, KTLA, WPIX, and so on.
  3. WXIA’s Chief investigator Brendan Keefe has left the station to be the Chief investigator for WGCL. Non compete will keep him off Wgcl until April
  4. Yes, this similar graphic has also been used for their current COVID-19 look - which has been used for a few months also.
  5. What is there to be gained from yanking the affiliations off of WCIU, WPSG, KBCW, WCCB or WISH? What is the return on investment for alienating the massive groups that own those stations right off the bat? What benefits stations like KRON, WGN, WPHL, WJZY and WTTV that already have established brands (and in the case of WGN and WTTV, willingly gave up the CW for their own self-interests) to disrupt their programming with CW fare? Just because Nexstar is buying majority control of what is still for all intents and purposes a three-way partnership does not mean they are going to be doing things to it or to the affiliate base "just because they can" The CW targets a demographic that is least likely to watch OTA TV. It might have still worked in 2006 but that's 16 years and 12 models of iPhones ago.
  6. I believe they were refering to the Eye motif, not necessarily the "gun violence" per se
  7. Rachel Aragon has left WBFF to join WGCL
  8. On what planet is WGN America a better brand name than The CW? (I'm not saying The CW is a particularly strong brand in and of itself, but it's certainly worlds better than WGN America.) The only people I've ever spoken to that have any kind of affinity for WGN America are here on this board.
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  10. I'm aware and I alluded to that. I'm also aware, thanks. I actually thought about the branding (the history of which I'm too aware) this morning before and after the news and totally agree. They don't even have to get a new logo; just freshen up that very one.
  11. WPHL is for all intents and purposes an independent station and run themselves as such. Yes they carry the MyNet primetime stuff but they've long since distanced themselves from the network. I'm sure Nextar is eager to get their newly acquired network on their #4 market station asap. As for WPSG, CBS seems to have no issues owning unaffiliated stations in duopoly markets (see LA & Boston). I could definitely see them fully bringing back the Philly 57 branding (given that they already have done so in logo form when the CW was originally launched, but verbally only referring to it as the CW Philly).
  12. This is quite the paragraph from the Deadline article. The demographic focus of the CW will also change over time, Carter said. Historically, shows like Riverdale, All American, Arrow and Supernatural have focused on viewers in their teens through their 30s. The reality, though, is that the average CW viewer is 58 years old, and Carter said that schism explains why the CW is the lowest-rated broadcast network.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if CBS does with KBCW what they're doing with KCAL down south.
  14. Nothing in Toledo yet, but WXYZ in Detroit gets a dreaded 1:30 AM slot.
  15. I’m wondering what will happen to KBCW (CBS O&O) and Nexstar’s KRON (MyNetwork Affiliate) unless KTVU Plus takes the MyNetwork affiliation.
  16. Sounds like it will end up a combination of MyNetworkTV and Dabl - cheap DIY shows and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives ripoffs and the like, with some syndicated deals in the mix (hey, maybe they convince the rightsholders to move In The Heat of the Night and Blue Bloods here ). Maybe some small sports league will pony up some cash to buy time for games to be broadcast. Especially considering the content deal with Paramount and WBD is only for 2022-23 (though could be extended), I'm not expecting much from the new CW.
  17. Nexstar CFO Lee Ann Gliha has said that the company plans to make the network a more cost-effective platform with "cheaper" programming for a broader audience, with a goal of profitability by 2025. No specifics were given. https://deadline.com/2022/08/the-cw-will-become-profitable-network-2025-broader-cheaper-programming-nexstar-1235092173/
  18. If Nexstar wanted to pivot to more wholesome programming, targeted away from the young, coastal elites, THIS is always an option... https://fb.watch/eW7axxz72k/
  19. Of course. By “chopped” I mean being axed from the network. I’m sure they’ll fit right at home on Paramount+ and Warner/Discovery’s streaming service.
  20. Anything that drew an audience will be moved to Paramount+ and whatever Warner/Discovery does with HBO Max. And the DC Universe fans will move with them.
  21. Wouldn’t be surprised if WGN returned to the CW as well. They only went independent to accommodate sports, and considering that sports rights aren’t coming back anytime soon, it makes sense to run CW programs. On the subject of programming, you can bet there will be massive cuts with the “same strict financial standards” and all, but considering that Paramount and Warner/Discovery still hold interest, I can’t imagine them going full-on “NewsNation on Free TV” just yet. I would expect the network to still air some shows produced by Paranount/Warner, but the quality/budget of those shows might be diminished. Besides, the CW is a low priority for them anyway (hence, the sale), and anything that drew an audience is being chopped.
  22. Good for the sellers, squeezing some cash out of that thing. I hope not too many people are emotionally attached to the existing CW programming.
  23. FOX Weather has started sending me a "FOX Weather Agenda" email each day, teasing the next day's coverage. Maybe I should forward it on to NN.
  24. Wow. Maybe in a better world, the CW brand name doesn't carry over, and WGN America makes a comeback. But that's wishful thinking. I can see either happening, but WPHL picking up the network is the most logical scenario. At least it gets to be O&O again instead of just an affiliate (and a barely recognized one one at that).
  25. Even though I haven't been Talking here more or less, I'm not Surprised given the Rumors that have been going around recently about the CW getting acquired by Nexstar Still I don't know what is going to happen with WPSG's CW Affiliation, I'm hopeful they'll be able to keep it but if it comes to it and WPHL gets the CW Affiliation, but again that's Speculation.
  26. Pictionary Station List. This can’t be complete. Lots of missing markets. It takes both of YBYL’s time slots here on WJZY. 11:30am and 12:30am. So likely either 25 Words or Less or YBYL moves to 1pm or WMYT, with the other airing at 11am, or maybe WJZY creates a 2 hour game show block and Rachael Ray moves to 1pm. Of course this could turn out to be wrong, as I learned with Young Sheldon and Nick Cannon last year.
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