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  2. I didn’t either. Usually TV passport is pretty good at updating changes. That’s not a good syndicated lineup other than Jeopardy, but 3pm newscasts are rare. Though it would make sense to add one now.
  3. The length of Saturday Today varies week-by-week because NBC carries a Premier League match on Saturday mornings (although it's on hiatus along with all the other sports).
  4. There's a surprise in the Univision sale filing: because some of the owners have attributable interests in WAPA, they are divesting third-rated WLII and not ninth-rated WSTE.
  5. Honest to God fellas, I didn't mean to start a war here! Can we please agree to disagree without being sarcastic to each other? This has turned into a Twitter like war.
  6. I think priorities have shifted (for obvious reasons) and they will unveil it at some point in the future. They accomplished the goal of having it done by the midterms, which was the main reason for building it in the first place.
  7. I'm looking at the guides as well. Both airing of Jeopardy is listed. And I don't see any "41 Action News at 3pm" listed.
  8. Is Saturday Today now 7-8:30 around the country? KXAS, WNBC and others air it for 1.5 hours but WMAQ is still showing a 2 hour program. Anyone know when this change took place?
  9. I'm confused. Are we still waiting for a new WNT set or is what we see now going to be it?
  10. Here's part of KOAT newscast from October 2004, so my guess is they started using the rings graphics around September of that year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPjplSQhwEU
  11. They merged the KOIN6 GFX with the Nexstar CBS GFX (started on KOLR10)... seems like that could fit for WPRI was well...
  12. I looked at their schedule. I’m guessing Right This Minute and America Says get cut down to one airing each. I doubt they would cut an airing of Jeopardy.
  13. Latest batch of uploads from btm0815ma including the first and last ABC newscasts anchored by Harry Reasoner (and with the latter, final newscast before the ABC Evening News branding was retired in favor of the World News Tonight name)
  14. Last night at 11 Stefan Holt was broadcasting either from his home or his dad's. John Chandler did sports from an empty newsroom , whereas earlier in the week Bruce Beck had switched to at home. This morning Rafael Miranda also was broadcasting from home. On Saturday Today, Dave Price has been filling in for Dylan Dreyer who is on family leave. Like yesterday on News 4, he broadcast from home. It seems NBC is being much more aggressive at getting on air folks out of 30 Rock and setting them up at home. Both Holts seem to have been set up with green screens, the rest including Chuck Scarborough, Janet Huff and Maria LaRosa from home offices or dens. I assume space, ability to be separate from spouses, kids, and pets (except fish as in Price's case) and capabilities (space for lighting, cameras, teleprompter, high speed connection, etc) for each on air person is taken into consideration as to who can broadcast remotely or not. After all this is done with, it would be interesting to see how they were able to pull all this off.
  15. There were viewers flooding the WCBS station chatter here months ago upset about the random and unexplained personality swaps on the morning show. And before that there were complains about traffic segments being dropped and inconsistent with no explanation. Obviously COVID-19 is a special circumstance but that has never stopped this site from being a discussion on broadcast news and production, whether it’s praise or criticism. It’s my opinion that WCBS has had some unfortunate luck as of late and it’s showing in their production decisions. If you’re not surprised, then why are you saying anything to me? This isn’t the first time you’ve felt the need to jump down my back because I gave an opinion. Is the ignore button still an option on this site? If so please feel free to use it.
  16. Lazy efforts? Sounds like someone sitting on a couch typing away on their phone/tablet complaining about petty items. NYC is currently at the epicenter of this crisis, and in a time where movement is restricted, we’re accusing a station of being lazy because their building may be infected with this disease and isn’t allowing them to resume normal operations resulting in one cancelled newscast (probably the least watched), and necessitating help from sister stations. Gimme a break! If everything else was normal And they were doing this, I would sympathize with your complaint, but not now. What viewers are complaining? It seems like just you and two other people. And if it doesn’t matter, then why ARE you complaining? Then again, I don’t know why I’m surprised as your posts usually stick out to me as overcomplaining anyways (see GMA and Today threads). C’mon, there are bigger problems in the world to worry about right now.
  17. This is Spectrum's set-in-a-can. Ohio has the same set, but it's mirrored, fake steel girders and all. I guess it's an element that's common enough you can come up with an excuse for it anywhere. They had a physical set previously, but it was tiny and not very good. This looks like they might have finally taken over the old Time Warner Sports studio.
  18. I don’t get the issue that caused this. Reportedly what they’re saying is that the staff at the main broadcast centers couldn’t handle the volume of additional video feeds. Some blogs made it sound like all incoming video from each individual station was being handled by the regional HQ. I don’t recall hearing anything of this sort of infrastructure before. If they’re overloaded it could be stations sending the network live video.
  19. I’m surprised they’re stopping. I’m thinking it must be a staffing issue.
  20. Wow, mind-blowing promo. I wonder what other markets would do this. Guess it would depend on how long the virus is the story, and how cooperative local stations would feel (especially the way certain owners are or might be).
  21. Or they could have the English language stations speak the phrase in Spanish.
  22. Stumbled upon Spectrum News 1 Wisconsin by accident, and it looks like at some point, they got themselves a new set. The main set looks (to me, at least) to be inspired at least in part by the architecture of the US Bank Building, one of the tallest buildings in Milwaukee. They also now have an actual weather center. Until this set, all they had was just a green screen.
  23. They can speak English, or do it in Spanish with some translation in the bottom.
  24. 3pm KSHB Newscast starting next week.
  25. Yeah. It aired live at 8pm on every commercial and public station in the whole state of Georgia, according to WSB. I wonder if other states would be willing to copy this format. Apparently according to FTV, Oklahoma had a televised statewide prayer session, but I'm not sure if that counts. I could see New York doing this, considering they have about half the cases in the US. Then again, I don't think the networks are keen on preempting an hour of primetime in the largest market with no ads, but maybe I'm just being cynical.
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