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  2. This is the what New York Living looked like from the new studio.
  3. Looks like CBS News Detroit at 9am debuts next Monday, March 27th. https://www.ontvtonight.com/guide/
  4. So far the only thing that has changed is their background of the city on the video wall on the set with the CBS Eye in the middle. I actually like it!
  5. I think you have the wrong end of the stick on this... all the videos posted today have the same graphics they've had for a while.
  6. Can you post the video here please? Thank you!!!
  7. The entire rest of programming today has been done from Studio K as a temp set as well. Just like Weather Command, Fox Weather Now did not air today. The 3pm ET hour was billed as America's Weather Center with Ian Oliver and Kelly Costa hosting together.
  8. Yesterday
  9. A lot of them were uploaded today, so pretty much all of the ones from today.
  10. Which video?!?
  11. Unless anything unflattering comes out, sounds like ABC is just fulfilling Marciano's contract with them, which means they'd probably not renew it. They literally found a replacement for him on GMA Weekend. The writing is on the wall.
  12. I think KDKA is trying to keep the KDKA News branding as long as they can. But, even thru know they are going to lose this fight, just like the early 2000s when they had to use the O&O style logo.
  13. The set and graphics look great. The L3s however are terrible. Alot of unknown faces at WPIX from that video. Oji was great, she had personality.
  14. I agree there has to be more to this. Surprised they were able to keep this quiet for so long. There are a lot of missing pieces here because this incident (or incidents), imo, would warrant a review of corporate policy and not a random ‘you can’t set foot in the studio’ agreement.
  15. I'd assume it was a three-party deal where the victim pretty much said 'fine, but if he comes near me again' and management said he wouldn't and blocked him from TSS. He's more a roving weather reporter anyways so his in-studio appearances were limited to begin with (usually he's stuck near the GWB for a location shot, as Ginger does for WNT within sight of the Tappan Zee).
  16. I saw. I keep watching the videos from the KDKA YouTube channel to see.
  17. Based on promos airing today, KDKA is not rebranding.
  18. On another note, I believe Ojinika Obiekwe is out as entertainment reporter (her bio is no longer on the website). I believe Dan and Hazel have been handling entertainment reports. Marysol or Ben would probably be the best replacement?
  19. It has 89 episodes so far (the first few seasons were a handful of episodes), which could be enough.
  20. New round of layoffs coming to ESPN. Bob Iger did say last month that layoffs were coming to Disney; The article says that Stephen A. Smith, Scott Van Pelt, and Joe Buck/Troy Aikman are on the short list of those who are safe.
  21. I’ve heard The Conners is expected to but that’s it.
  22. Very interesting insight here into the Amy and TJ debacle. Kim is aiming to have successors named in due time.
  23. Wonder if this was the original plan and the anchors in the corner was temporary until they got lighting or something Great looking interview area, and the main anchor area has nice depth and warmth from the wood accents. They also add a sense of height with the columns extending beyond the frame of the shot. Nice job framing the area above the anchors with the lit headers though I'd love to see the '9 Oklahoma's Own' up there rather on the anchor desk
  24. Has there been any announcement of offnet sitcoms for this fall? Katz's roundup a few years ago incorrectly said "Bob Abishola" for the current season, but it will have four seasons by fall. Anything else out there?
  25. That looks way better and makes sense!
  26. WOW...There has to be more to it because how swiftly they got rid of Amy and TJ, they cannot possibly allowed this to go on and he's still on the air?
  27. KWTV did some re arranging moving the anchor desk to the interview set making it the permanent location and moving the interview area to where the anchor desk was.
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