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  2. Fox 11, ABC 7 and KTLA are covering the protests and looting in Santa Monica and Huntington Beach (no looting in that city) this afternoon. I noticed KTLA and KTTV were sharing the same helicopter video but they've also each had another helicopter of their own with their own reporter on at that same time. KTTV has been doing the most on the ground reporting and it's been the best of all stations this weekend. When the looting began, they were able to walk blocks away live on the air to the looting which no other station has been doing.
  3. Who learning? If it's Eric Wotila, he had 9 years to learn. If it's everyone else, who knows.
  4. Today
  5. Lots of F-word and lots of nonsense...
  6. Here are some WKYC sets from 1980 and 1982.
  7. Nice! I just bring up how little we know about any broadcast music that came out of Nashville, and then this comes up. (I just hope that perhaps some of our questions about unidentified music might be answered by further research into the Nashville ad music industry. There were several notable national jingle campaigns to come out of Nashville, the classic “Red Lobster, for the seafood lover in you” comes to mind, so I’m sure they must have been the origin of at least some news music beyond what little we know about.)
  8. The singers in the promo sound almost like Dallas to me. This MIGHT have been the work of VTS, who was based in Asheville, NC but recorded most of their stuff in Dallas (as well as having several working connections with FirstCom founder/TM co-founder Jim Long), but I certainly won’t be able to confirm anything from Hal Brown, because the Oodles World venture he was running at the time of our correspondence turns out to have been a Ponzi scheme, he pled guilty to defrauding investors of $22 million, he’s awaiting sentence and he may well spend the rest of his life in prison (he’s 70, the maximum sentencing totals up to 50 years). So bizarre to find this out, he seemed like such a nice guy over the phone, always willing to discuss his VTS work with me (at least until I started always getting his voicemail; this was a few years ago, but perhaps it did have to do with the Oodles con getting longer and longer, I guess I’ll never know). He seemed sincere over the phone, but I guess like they say, “beware the nice ones.” So we’ll have to search for news articles and other stuff (or I’d have to establish contact with someone else who was involved with VTS) if we ever want to know about VTS’ involvement in this or anything else we don’t know about. Fortunately, we know a lot as it is (not all of it reflected on NMSA - see: WRTV’s “Making a Difference” package which is still listed there as WRTV 1990/Unknown), but I don’t believe I ever got an answer from him on this package (I had my suspicions, I remember wanting to ask him, and I believe I even emailed the audio to him back when we were still talking, but I feel like I’d remember if I got confirmation one way or the other).
  9. Oh, I almost forgot. I tuned into KTTV after KABC signed off at midnight just to see what their coverage was like. I hadn’t watched a broadcast on that channel in years and was totally impressed by Elex (in studio) and Christine (in newsroom) and Bobby D in the field. Btw, what I loved more than anything were their graphics. It seems most stations still have things centered on the screen, whereas KTTV took up the entire width which looked at lot cleaner versus cramming everything into a smaller, centered space. At the end of their coverage, Elex mentioned Laura Diaz, Phil Schuman and Christina Gonzalez; I'd forgotten about all of them, but glad Laura is still around.
  10. I was watching KABC yesterday and thought they did a terrific job. Ellen Leyva was on from about 3:30 until midnight, initially with Veronica Miracle and then later with Marc Brown. The latter team was great, both strong anchors with market experience. They had Carlos Grande and Leanne Suter I the field both of whom are strong. I’m glad they had Chris Christie in Air 7. I briefly checked in with KCBS to see who was anchoring coverage and was irritated they didn’t have anyone available to them; that’s unacceptable in this market. Chris Christie provided eyewitness details and told us exactly what was happening and where; KCBS couldn’t do that. I was bummed however when KABC ended coverage at midnight as looting was still occurring on Melrose. I felt with their deep lineup of anchors and reporters, they could’ve had additional live coverage from midnight on with a new, fresh team until John and Rachel came in for their regularly scheduled 5 am show. Right now, I tuned in to watch “The Last Dance” which was correctly preempted last night, but KABC is live with David Ono and Veronica Miracle. Now that the National Guard is in town, hopefully things aren’t out of control as it was yesterday.
  11. WPLG Eyewitness News Nightbeat 1995 1999-2000 South Florida tv news clips of the millennium celebration
  12. Tracy is co-anchoring with Stephania this morning.
  13. Nydia is back in studio co-anchor with Gray today.
  14. In an effort to not get too cute with fill-in assignments, and to keep anchors only (and Giangreco) in the studio, Karen Jordan got called in early to fill in for Stacey, which I believe to be a first in her 17 years working weekend evenings.
  15. Bonus points if they end up back on the station formerly known as WTBS.....
  16. I've always been a big fan of the current iteration of their set. Definitely not cookie cutter.
  17. They’re gonna have to put a LOT of work into those websites! That site is so far behind the times, it’s pathetic! Reminds me of when I worked in radio in the 2000s, the AM station I worked at was still using reel-to-reel and cart machines, and using a severely outdated computer system for automation on the FM side! Both stations have since been sold: the AM is now an EWTN Radio affiliate, and the FM is now a country station (one of 4 in the market)!!
  18. I couldn’t agree more. During these uncertain times, we need our news organizations (national and local) at the top of their game. They have to get out of the mindset of ‘at least we made it on-air’ and put in place comprehensive plans to get things as close as possible & safely, back to normal. I was disappointed with the Chicago coverage yesterday in part because they didn’t break in quickly (and enough) to give people a heads up as to was going on. A lot of people were either oblivious or caught off guard to the chaos that was happening for hours.
  19. The Work from Home meltdowns continued yesterday on NBC/MSNBC with this complete disaster of a special report. Things start out bad on MSNBC, where anchor Chris Jansing attempted to let network join the MSNBC feed, while her phone emitted a loud busy signal (second video) which she hastily silenced as the special report animation ended and her camera went live. Later, the feed transitions to the end card in the middle of a live shot (first video) and goes back to Chris, who just throws down her notepad in frustration before they go to commercial. But wait, there's more! That weird end was just an abrupt cut to black on the network (Fast-forward to 13:05 if it doesn't take you there automatically.) After the meltdown at CBS Evening News, we're starting to see the limits of "work from home". No backups, poor communication, dozens of extra points of failure. If the current situation keeps up, you have to wonder when networks will start giving up and going "back to normal".
  20. I agree with what @CalItalian2 said. Everything was going on in within LA County or the city of LA. I live in San Bernardino County (next to Riverside county, these two counties make up the Inland Empire, aka the IE). No significant looting or rioting out this way. Most stations have an IE reporter or IE bureau and can cover the IE fairly well.
  21. Fox 11 finally ended their non-stop coverage at 12:43 am. They were on around 10 hours. Maybe slightly longer. Back on at 6 am Sunday.
  22. Fox 11 is the last station on. NBC 4 went off sometime between 12:10 and 12:20. Fox 11 is just great.
  23. They came back on at 11 PM on KTTV for another 30 minutes on Friday. CBS 2/KCAL 9 had the best coverage on Friday (everyone ended by 11:35) although I found everyone somewhat lacking. Coverage was excellent today except KTLA primarily because of their commercial breaks which were quite long. ABC 7 ended coverage just before Midnight Saturday night. KTLA, CBS 2 & KCAL 9 at Midnight. NBC 4 and Fox 11 is STILL ON after 12 Midnight. Kudos to both of them! The one thing I've noticed all the reporters talking about on air is the security they have with them. Something nobody had in 1992.
  24. Interesting. I found KTTV coverage poor on Friday. They had no coverage at 10:30 pm. They ran their news special as always on Friday nights. However, they seem to be better on Saturday.
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