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  2. Albert posted this as a new header on his FB page. New CBS News Chicago logo too.
  3. See the "WFLA, but even cheaper" vibe here, and you can see why this station is such an easy divestiture option should Nexstar end up buying The CW.
  4. You can see that Nexstar doesn't put any value into their art direction. That "Local News That Matters" text is just a hastily implemented Video Copilot plugin.
  5. I saw Jillian on the 5PM news tonight reporting out on the street.
  6. Yesterday
  7. And WNCN has launched their 4:00 pm newscast. No more temperature, just time. The open seems to be some in-house modifications of the generic Nexstar CBS open. New VO, but I can't tell who. CBS Local remains, but now they're using the same cuts as WKYT.
  8. IIRC, stations have to license the branding. Perhaps in cases where the NBC O&O has it already, the CBS will retain Storm Watch.
  9. Some of these big companies don't understand that people can quit and don't have to put up with their nonsense. This is why we have a "Great Resignation" in the first place. Who the hell wants to get screwed in the ass so much? He asked for a schedule changed. They refused and he walked. Easy as that. I hope this gets laughed out in court and they get to pay his legal fees...
  10. “As a result, News 12 devoted more than 200 hours, including significant amounts of executive management time, to the process of securing coverage for McDonough’s sudden and unexpected absence,” and paid “premium compensation” to cover his on-air shifts, according to the lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages." Oh, boo hoo hoo. Station execs actually had to do some work?
  11. But apparently only starting on Tuesday per her Twitter.
  12. FYI; her anchoring the 4pm is now confirmed
  13. Audios Texas Weather Experts.
  14. Maybe not across all the O&O's. Quite a few NBC O&O's already use First Alert. I guess CBS could take it though.
  15. KTVT jumped on the First Alert bandwagon, as well. Appears this is likely gonna be the standard across the O&Os.
  16. WSHM has run Dr. Oz at 5 PM between newscasts here in Springfield, MA, so I thought I should check to see if The Good Dish is cleared there. Nope. Nothing. It's not airing at all here. WSHM's just replacing it with a simulcast of WGGB's 5 PM news.
  17. Haven't seen any post but WBBM, is joining in on the weather rebranding along WJZ to "First Alert"? Saw this promo with Albert on their Youtube channel.
  18. Not to mention that there are large market CW affiliates that run newscasts produced by independents (WLVI) or have a standalone news operation (WPIX). WPIX is operated by Nexstar, so NewsNation at 10pm is a no-go if they want to compete with Fox affilates running newscasts at the same time.
  19. Actually, Griffin Communications still uses Doc as the voice for KWTV and KOTV. I know KWTV hasn’t used anyone else to voice promos since they started contracting him c. 1995, and he’s been doing work for KOTV since the late 1980s when it was still owned by Belo. As far as WRCB dropping “Eyewitness News”, I think this leaves WBRE and KOB as the last NBC stations to use that moniker, right?
  20. Chris and Alex did start at PIX11 today.
  21. Byron Allen line 1, 3 and 4. Line 2 is for Morris and WDEF.
  22. If the play button was replaced with a different motif (I'd say NBC peacock) then this new package would be perfect for the ex-Quincy stations! Just as most broadcasters are dropping Inergy. I think Guardian/production music would've fit much better.
  23. Sounds like it might be at 10pm Eastern. Interesting. That’s when a lot of stations run newscasts produced by CBS, NBC and ABC stations. Maybe those stations would delay them to 10:30 or 11pm.
  24. Star Jones will be taking over Divorce Court from Judge Faith Jenkins. Star has a big personality so she may do well on this program. Judge Faith was nice but her marital advice felt generalized and common sense. Judge Lynn Toler, who was more powerful and personable in that role, was the best. I wish Judge Mayblean Ephraim my favorite, could make a return to the program. https://www.google.com/amp/s/variety.com/2022/tv/news/star-jones-divorce-court-judge-1235150919-1235150919/amp/
  25. There was an article in the paper last week. Weigel has replaced the Larry Mendte show with another Jersey based show and states it will continue to expand its news presence, on air and online but not maintaining what Press Communications built. Since Weigel owns MeTV, I would expect most of the schedule is cleared. I read the article in the Record, but it is actually an Asbury Park Press story, a sister Gatehouse dba Gannett paper. https://www.app.com/story/news/local/new-jersey/2022/01/12/metv-owner-drops-jersey-matters-launches-new-jersey-politics/9156591002/
  26. As the result WJLP is now in Weigel's hands, Jersey Matters with Larry Mendte aired last episodes on New Years Day, the NJNN's Facebook and Twitter become silent since January 5. Maybe WJLP will clear MeTV schedule after all.....
  27. The linked THR article from above says NewsNation execs are "salivating" at the chance of putting news on The CW, so get used to the idea of it bud.
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