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  2. Per TVNewser: "Out of the broadcast morning shows, @GMA garnered the most total viewers last week, @TODAYshow was No. 1 among adults 25-54. @CBSThisMorning was the only one of the three to post growth from last year among adults 25-54." https://t.co/oMIvMJyOjH?amp=1
  3. I think that's a glitch from VizRT. Somehow someone routed the on-air feed back into the input channel used in the tease graphic since there's an effected wipe in it. It just caused an infinite loop.
  4. More and more companies are producing web-exclusive content. There are less and less sources of ad revenue online unless you want to become a video portal, which I suspect a market like Fargo can't support. Forum wants to be paid for the content they create, and I can't totally blame them. I think you'll see a point soon where some of the online-only newscasts become paywall'd--and so many are now used to receiving content for free that it's going to be a PAINFUL adjustment on both ends. The ones that are providing free content are hanging on by a thread. There will need to be a way to directly monetize it all, or you'll soon see no content of value at all on the Internet. The letter in the FTVLive piece tells me Scott may have jumped the gun on the TV website itself being paywall'd (guessing it'll be INFORUM.com first), but if they indeed go through with it, it'll be a noble, if not necessary experiment to see if some of these small market stations not owned by Sinclair or Nexstar can stay afloat.
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  6. That doesn't make sense. WDAY and WDAZ are available to anyone for free if you have an antenna, so why would you move content behind a paywall? It's justifiable for newspapers to do, because that industry is ailing financially and newspapers have always required you to pay to purchase a copy (either via a one-off purchase or a regular subscription). But anything one can receive legally without paying doesn't merit a paywall, unless it involves more substantive content exclusive to the website, while allowing most other stories to be available for free. I don't see this panning out as well as Forum thinks it will.
  7. On top of everything, Kristin Thorne had her baby and Danielle Leigh got married.
  8. This is a first. WDAZ-WDAY is taking their website behind a paywall. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/7/16/tv-stations-take-websites-behind-paywall?format=amp&__twitter_impression=true
  9. Yet she's gained a lot of new fans among the MAGA crowd (just look at the comments on the YouTube video).
  10. That's a really nice building. Pity the newsroom doesn't have windows to the outside.
  11. Did you happen to actually read my comment or no? I'm not at all shocked by what she said, I'm shocked that she didn't realize that her mic was open and the broadcast was potentially going live. That's the equivalent of me sending political views or disparaging remarks via email at the office when I know the company monitors them. Her recklessness is what is shocking, not what she said.
  12. Strong debut. The blues give the show an evening feel, not too different from the blues of WNT and NN. Norah has a commanding presence and brings her own gravitas. This is a show I would watch. The nod to Murrow was just as much for the CBS staff as it was for the audience. She can give a 20 second nod to the show's history in the debut episode and still establish the show as her own. They aren't mutually exclusive.
  13. I always thought Otis Livingston does the recorded sports segments, that's unless he's on vacation and Dick Brennan is subbing, However, very nice screen shot.
  14. jbnews

    Out & About

    I think its the fact that she was dumb enough to say it while mic'd up, on cam, etc. I don't have a problem with the language, just her lack of judgement.
  15. ns8401

    Out & About

    You don’t seriously believe this sort of thing is only said by your local mechanic do you? Why people are shocked and outraged by this stuff is beyond me...
  16. Gotcha. Admittedly, I haven’t been watching much of WSB (or TV In general) lately, so I haven’t seen this. Thanks!
  17. Dick Brennan did the recorded sports report this morning. Did he do the sports report last night?
  18. It was at the top of the newscast...also they have started to use the slanted version of the blue background in their recent promos
  19. I hope so. With the new open and new weather graphics, a (much-needed) graphics overhaul to the remainder seemed inevitable. That being said, was this during the sports segment? They’ve been using the “slanted” version of the blue background for sports for a while.
  20. Better not shut it down like plj, hell i think they dont have sports no more?
  21. It was two years ago already. That is why WCBS 880 and 1010 WINS say a radio.com station.
  22. Thank you for clarifying.. I was actually not aware of that
  23. Kari Lake is a pathetic example of journalism. I refuse to watch Fox 10 here in Phoenix until she's GONE. I've had the unpleasant task of helping her at a local health food store. She was rude, pushy, and thought she owned the place. The temptation to smack her was oh so great.
  24. To clarify; WCBS-TV and WCBS-AM-FM radio are not owned by same parent company - that is why WPIX uses WCBS 880 traffic reporter
  25. Interesting story: NBC Connecticut Political reporter Max Reiss is leaving to serve in Ned Lamont's administration starting Monday 7/22/19. I don't know how I feel about political reporters working on the dark side in State politics. The last reporter that did the transition from reporter to political administration was John Miller from WNBC-TV/CBS News/ABC News.
  26. For WCBS.. It's called $$$$$ savings in the traffic department. It's easier to have an inhouse anchor do the traffic rather than a dedicated traffic reporter. Although Alex Denis is shown in the main promos doing traffic. Tri-State area traffic isn't really hard to understand. However, when you have all the stations reporting almost the same traffic everyday than I could see why WCBSTV doesn't have a dedicated traffic person. PS: New WCBSTV promo now features Elise. Along with Chris, Mary, Alex.
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