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  2. So, how are local newscasts on various CBS affiliates (not the O&Os), anyway? How are the newscasts on Hearst's KCCI and WLKY? What about Graham's WKMG? Scripps's WTKR, WTVR, WTVF, and MTN stations? Tegna's WBNS, KHOU, KFMB, etc? Weigel's WDJT? The many affiliates owned by Sinclair, Nexstar, and Gray? (I'm particularly interested in Gray's WFSB and Sinclair's WGME.)
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  4. Weekdays: 5am-9am ET - Fox Weather First - Britta Merwin and Michael Estime (Mon-Tue) / Craig Herrera (Wed-Fri) 9am-12pm ET - Weather Command - Amy Freeze, Stephen Morgan, and a third rotating OCM if available. 12pm-3pm ET - America's Weather Center - Jason Frazer 3pm-6pm ET - Fox Weather Now - Ian Oliver and usually Kendall Smith, sometimes others instead. 6pm-9pm ET - Fox Weather Live - Steve Bender and I guess still Marissa Torres (She's still on maternity leave. During most of her leave, it was Haley Meier Mon-Wed and Kendall Smith Thu-Fri. I think Kiyana Lewis is doing the Mon-Wed editions now that Haley is on the overnight shift.) 9pm-5am ET - Fox Weather @ Night - Haley Meier (endless overnight loop after the first hour is done live) Weekends: 6am-9am ET - Fox Weather First Weekend - Craig Herrera and Kiyana Lewis 9am-???pm ET - Fox Weather Live - I honestly don't know what they're doing with this show anymore. It seems like they're starting long form early at 12pm ET some weekends, while other weekends, they are airing pre-recorded editions of this show several hours into the early afternoon. Hosts are some random combination of Michael Estime, Jane Minar. Bob Van Dillen, and Rick Reichmuth.
  5. This isn't a news theme, but I've always wondered what the name and composer of this production music was (it's heard several times in this video from a 1999 Cox Communications free preview of HBO, one portion being most clearly audible at the 7:50 mark). Cox had used the piece for its free preview weekend events dating to April 1997 (during an HBO/Cinemax preview occurring the weekend Twister made its debut on HBO, over a week after it became the first film ever released on DVD), when they were still hosted by Terry Rich and produced through his production and marketing firm Rich Heritage. I've also added an audio clip taken from a fishing program included in a now-deleted YT channel surfing video (I had to convert the audio clip into an mp4, since TVNT links don't accept mp3s). 98bf080fa1d3e8c6b76fb26911a35a40.mp4
  6. TBF, just cause it's "renewed though 2028" doesn't mean it will be "on CBS through 2028", they could very easily have a clause just like with Days to move to streaming at a later date. Or of course, they could can the other one to free up the hour instead. Alongside the announcement, TVLine was told this So like maybe B&B is only renewed for one more year while the more popular Y&R stays on for 4. ------ Personally, I'm of the mind that yeah I do think there's too much news hours even if yes, most people don't watch all the hours and aren't getting "fatigued" from it. I personally would want them to be more like say BBC internationally where daytime hours include stuff rarely shown on broadcast television over here and are instead locked to cable/streaming like cooking or home improvement shows BUT I can't deny Daily has been a success (and personally I find it to be my favorite, just the right mix of more upbeat morning news and serious primetime news without going too far in each direction) and like, most people nowadays have options. Even before streaming, most people could switch to any of the 100s of cable channels if they didn't want to watch what the big networks were showing and especially now with streaming, there's literally thousands of other options if you don't want news at noon. It's 2024, basically everyone has decent internet and already streams content, you aren't forced to watch NBC (and the others) if you don't want news. Hell, go watch YouTube even, you don't even need a 30-60 minute scripted drama during that time frame. ------ Side-Note: Why have they not put Daily on demand yet like almost all of their other news shows. Kinda hard to watch the one you prefer when it's literally not available. NBC News Now of course streams it but not everyone can watch live that exact second and the only stream that allows going back into the VoD is the YouTube version but they delist that meaning if you don't save the link, it's impossible to watch. Every other NBC News show from the mainstay TODAY to Nightly and including other News Now ones like Top Story, Stay Tuned, etc. you can stream on-demand on either YouTube, NBC.com, Peacock, or via Podcast. I get Daily is a bit unique in that there's 4 separate hours but nobody is saying you have to save all 4 of them, like already Nightly is only the West Coast edition on demand so like just pick one of the 4 hours and make that the on demand version.
  7. To me it looks like they have a new desk and that's it.
  8. It has a lot to do with lead-ins. WCBS had Judge Judy at 4 and the 5:00 was doing well. Then they lost Judge Judy and immediately fell. They picked up the show again and shot back up to #2. WABC had Oprah at 4 and those viewers made them #1 at 5. The winning allowed the station to remain stable in terms of talent and presentation. When Oprah ended her show and WABC replaced it with a newscast, viewers were already so accustomed to Eyewitness News that they largely stayed with them. Syndicated and network lead-ins are huge, along with stability (which is often a chicken-or-the-egg-type thing with winning).
  9. Not sure how that's possible unless they're prerecording the Telemundo newscast.
  10. They are on the same set - looks to me they are sharing the Telemundo62 studio for some reason.
  11. The station posted that they have a new sports anchor Olivia Garvey for the weekends. Does this mean that Mario Solis is the weekday sports anchor? His bio on the station website still says he's weekday reporter and weekend sports anchor.
  12. Yesterday
  13. WWSI looks like they're on a temp setup of some sort
  14. That's what was the Telemundo 62 studio. I'm guessing WCAU is getting a new/refreshed set.
  15. That logo only lasted a month. I don't think anyone knows why the logo was revised to the logo used for 9 1/2 years other than it was too similar to WTAE's logo in Pittsburgh. Notice the original 4 logo split to show the cities versus zooming into the screen and the counties flashed downward into the New York part of the logo versus falling downward into it. Awesome find! Also the original 4 logo was displayed in parts of a News 4 New York "Best of My Love-esque" promo that ran for over a year on the station from the premiere of News 4 New York in September 1980 until sometime at the end of 1981.
  16. I also liked Kelly as well all the best wherever she is going next.
  17. I don't get why Scripps even does news for Fox47 out in Lansing that should be Fox17 doing the newscast for WSYM for Fox47 never should've gotten rid of Gray doing the news for Fox47 a few years ago. Fox47 met Brad does the weather for Fox47 at Fox17 studios.
  18. I hope that person was fired WTF how does someone approve that photo I wouldn't have shameful what KGW-TV did do better.
  19. I knew that Judge Judy repeats were going to be renewed although quite surprised that TEGNA wasn't named in the article about this renewal they weren't mentioned either for Judy Justice either. Who The Bleep Is That isn't going to get a second season that was only in a handful of TV markets largely in the big markets a few smaller/midsize markets like in West Michigan at the start of the new year. Crime Stories is being pitched for syndication for the 2024-05 season hosted by former Access Hollywood & ET anchor Nancy O'Dell always liked Nancy.
  20. I'm surprised that CBS hasn't sold the TV stations that are now indies in ATL, Tampa, Seattle, Indy that is Start TV station I don't know if those are the only indies they have thou. WWMT is a strong CBS station in West Michigan I'm guessing it's because they cover more Kazoo than the other TV stations that are all in GR although Wood TV does have a news burro in downtown Kazoo for a few years now. But with the cuts by Sinclair for WWMT they hub the Sat newscast at 6PM & 11PM with only weather & sports being from the station I wonder if it is coming out of South Bend? Wood TV is number 1 when it comes to news then WWMT. Sorry going off topic.
  21. Bad news for those calling for Y&R to get cancelled.
  22. Posting here because of the talk about what CBS should do. The Young and the Restless has been renewed through 2028: https://variety.com/2024/tv/news/the-young-and-the-restless-renewed-cbs-1235924102/
  23. I was thinking the same thing... It will be a nice step up for him
  24. Ironically, the Nielsen boxes are only in city & county of Denver regardless of how much KCNC covers, though CBS knows this. My frustration that the Denver DMA really could and should be split into two markets it's too unwieldy to reasonably be covered by Denver stations.
  25. It’s important to note that CBS did something with its CBSN Local brand (before it was called CBS News Local, but whatever), which included revamping all local newscasts of O&O’s. This included KCNC and KTVT. These became CBSN Denver and CBSN Dallas-Fort Worth respectively before they decided not to do that, switch back to the old graphics, then hit them with the “new thang”.
  26. Wonder if Phil would go back to DC and join the afternoon edition of “NewsCentral”? I can see Poppy getting the morning newsroom block on MAX…. Can’t see either of them settling for weekend evenings
  27. What’s the current anchor rotation these days?
  28. Looks like the music on the weekday evening version of Fox Weather Live has also been replaced by generic production music.
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