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  2. Fair points. I had it as 5 and 11, as that would allow Team B to come in 3:30pm to 11:35pm, giving them not too much over 8 hours of work.
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  4. Hello everyone! I've been thinking about doing this post, and sharing this with you all for a while now and so now I am doing it. I've mentioned this once or twice I think on the forum before but I am the founder of my school's news program, I am also in charge of editing, as well as doing our graphics, which I've made myself like the many concepts I've posted on here. We started the program late last school year, here is our first episode. This is our first episode of the school year when we started to implement a new graphics package And this is our most recent episode, since our first episode of the year we slighted edited the graphics and started to use a green screen again. In addition we also do a monthly edition in Spanish. I would most appreciate any feedback y'all could give us on the overall product, from both graphics packages, the sets, and the stories from the collective experience's across the industry from the overall way we do things, etc as we try our best to put out a professional product out each week, as when you look online for other high school news programs, they are not this professional or as concise IMO. Also, we are considering a rebrand in the coming weeks as one of the challenges we have faced is being confused with our school's weekly newsletter which is of the same name.
  5. There’s also the issue of what graphics systems are used at the station level, and whether the group-standardized graphics have to be customized to support the station’s existing system.
  6. You also have to consider the DMA, end of rating books, big events (i.e. Olympics)... There really are a lot of variables and there really is no formula... Take Gray for example.. They seem to be doing 1-3 stations/week with the GrayOne rollout... CBS didn't take too terribly long.... NBC didn't really take that long either..
  7. I believe it's more dependent on when the station group provides the finished graphics. There is some implementation on the station level, but the graphics hubs have to finish putting with all of the localization.
  8. Bizarre… it has to be challenging for staff (on-air and off-air) to keep things straight! I assume Haley was in for Kelly?
  9. Vacation type days and such aside, Brittany is pretty well set Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. With the launch of the 10 am, Chris seems to be, generally, Tuesdays and Wednesdays—Tuesdays being the new addition for him. Adam is indeed the fill-in when someone is off or what have you. All summer, the rotation of who had the weather at the shore segments also seemed to factor in on occasion.
  10. Looks like approximately 9:06AM ET is when the Fox network went on with coverage, unless they took FNC for the first several minutes like what WAGA was doing. KDFW Dallas was taking the WNYW Good Day NY feed. Fox stations with no news department may have either gone back to the syndicated program or (more likely) were taking available feeds in those breaks in the special reports during the 9:20-9:50AM timeframe. In the case of any FOX stations that carried Regis & Kelly at 9AM (or even 8AM CT), that may have been the actual R&K feed with WABC. A couple of old VHSgoodies videos have been posted. KCTV 5/3/91 10PM, with Wendell Anschutz and Anne Peterson KNDO NewsCenter 23 10/15/90 with Mary Leonard
  11. WISN and WITI pretty much have all the momentum now and there's no stopping them. The 4:30 half-hour was only two-staffed anyways and never could justify itself. And it took them about nine years to get to it, but Scripps finally covered up the Journal Broadcast Group logo label scar that's been on the front of Radio City for years and was never replaced; this flat sign just felt like they could've done MUCH better, but it feels like the least they could've done was light it (even for a basic lightbox sized to the logo LEDs are nothing now). Were they seriously waiting for the radio side to move out before finally replacing it?
  12. Today they went into the untitled weather update loop with Haley Meier two hours early, at 8:00pm EST/7:00pm CST.
  13. I’m not sure they have a clear rotation at noon yet. It’s usually Brittney and Chris with Adam thrown in here and there. B at Noon, 5 C at 4,6,11 that would give both those teams two hours of airtime.
  14. Weekend newscast starts on October 7th. It looks like they are only going with the 11 pm newscast for now.
  15. WPVI is definitely not the same format. It is a more straightforward though lighter newscast. Headlines and all that, and a good amount of feature-ish content—consumer news, trending/social media content, etc. No separate desk, or that kind of thing. The producer is one who helped shape their 4 pm, and she’s brought a similar (not identical) feel to 10 am. Good vibe among the presenters, and they’ve managed to work in the weekend morning meteorologist who typically handles Wednesdays at noon for one weather segment the last couple of Wednesdays.
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  17. And sadly with bean counter Zaslov in charge it’s highly unlikely that CNNi will be able to recapture any of its former glory the gutting of HLN is the most bizarre to me as you could easily make a low cost operation with repeated or repeating news on rotation. Total failure of corporate leadership and lack of vision. Sometimes I really wonder how different things would be of Ted had never sold to TimeWarner
  18. Jeff Hullinger is leaving WXIA after 13 years.
  19. That's good because morning start times have been increasingly pushed earlier and earlier over the years yet the noon responsibility has not changed on many stations.
  20. They have, at times. After Lisa Colagrossi died on the job (and her family later claimed WABC overworked her), Lori Stokes and Ken Rosato demanded to stop working the noon show and they were indeed replaced. That's when Novarro started anchoring at noon in addition to at 4:00 pm. When Shirleen arrived, she started on the noon show and because she had no seniority (i.e., leverage), she kept the noon show when she was given Lori's morning chair.
  21. WCTX and WNAC got added as well according to someone on reddit. Edit: Huntsville's CW (WHDF) and WBDT were also added.
  22. WDVM was finally added to YouTube TV a few months after they said it was coming. Wondering if other missing Nexstar stations were just added.
  23. The set isn't bad. I think it's an upgrade from what they had before. But I'm not a fan of the colors though. And I do agree about the monitors being clunky.
  24. I think the set is very cold and sterile feeling.
  25. Broken record but...I think stations should get away from morning news anchors having to do the noon because of that long stretch of hours, working from about 3:30 am to 1pm ish. If anything: TEAM A 4:30-7, GMA cut ins, 10am TEAM B: Noon, 4, 6 TEAM C : 5 & 11pm.
  26. From KFMB San Diego: inside Tic Tac Dough from 1981
  27. The longtime PBS station (and associated FM's) in north TX will be getting new/replaced facilities as a part of a redevelopment of KERA's longtime site just north of downtown Dallas. Developers plan an office tower and residential tower on the site, with new studios/offices for KERA and the FM's. News just broke earlier today, so no artwork/mockups for the station yet, just for the towers. It will be strange to not see the buildings that made up the original pre-KERA facilities there anymore (KBTV, Dallas' DuMont affiliate was there before being sold to A.H. Belo for WFAA's first station site). Story: https://www.dallasnews.com/business/real-estate/2023/09/28/dallas-high-rise-development-planned-for-kera-uptown-site/ Site renderings: https://www.kaizendp.com/projects/Chalk-Hill
  28. Yeah, in my opinion, it's probably WABC's hottest new show (by far more interesting than the First at 4 launch back in 2011) I personally am really becoming a big fan of this show! It's not a snoozer by any means. The new show is literally everything that I had hoped for and in some cases even better. The new laidback "down to earth" or "watercooler" format is just so refreshing to see and such a nice departure from the hard news. And what's nice is how dynamic the show can be in terms of the presentation and the adaptability of how they can always switch from the chill vibes and get serious when need be which really goes to show how they are really are professionals. The show has been on for about 3 weeks now. It's already almost a month in and it's such a solid show. I loved yesterday's segment with Jon DelGiorno flying NewsCopter 7 to discuss the story about the crane that collapsed back in July, over the city and just how he took the extra time to explain everything, as I was saying before, we now get to access more of the perspective of the reporter and presenters on this show which is so very refreshing, the viewer simply does not get that access during the other shows which is why this show is so refreshing and quite frankly the best thing I've seen WABC do in recent times because First at 4 honestly is just another newscast, I expected First at 4 to be like that, but Mornings at 10, really good. I hope it continues to evolve! The topics are solid not just boring trying too hard topics they are all compelling interesting stories and also the interviews they get to do with the local officials and talent and doctors, it really is almost like must-see TV. And because the talent are veterans and locals and WABC only hires the top-notch, you really get to hear their shared experiences, see their personalities, and get to know them on a bit more personable level, which is so cool. I also love how the producers purposely full-screen the camera on the presenters when they provide their perspective because it just again differentiates it from their ordinary newscast. Solid Job WABC with this show! Not to veer ofcourse here, but how are the sister stations doing? I believe there are two other O&Os that were gonna do this too. WPVI (6ABC in Philly) and WTVD (ABC 11 in Raleigh) how are they doing with their 10am shows? Do we know if they are following the same approach?
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