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  2. Someone want to rename this thread? The current title isn't really appropriate anymore. I'm thinking "Disney's A Tale of Two Bobs" would work...
  3. For the record, that's eight stations -- all in fairly large markets (the smallest is Pittsburgh). Of course, it'll be interesting to see which other station groups follow CBS's lead here.
  4. An interview with Phoenix-area resident and huge Eagles fan Charlie Van Dyke: https://6abc.com/who-is-voice-of-action-news-charlie-van-dyke-super-bowl-57-lvii/12787409/
  5. Obviously, this is 100% wrong and unjustified, especially with what the Governor said. And no reporter should bare that. But with all the bad stuff that they've been doing, specifically with Perry Shook and his actions inside and outside NewsNation, you can say this was karma.
  6. Anything to get more eyeballs on them.
  7. Kate Glover has been fired as news director at KCTV. She lasted a year. She's their...9th(?) news director in 13 years.
  8. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2023/2/7/perry-sook-vs-cbs Sources tell FTVLive that CBS will decline running the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour on the CW stations that CBS owns. CBS is not going to do anything that will cause harm to their relationship with the PGA and they will refuse to air the LIV Golf telecasts on The CW stations that they own. This will put CBS in violation of their CW contract and that will give Perry Sook the option to pull the network affiliation from those CBS owned stations.
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  10. Starting to think Jeopardy and Wheel stuff needs its own thread. Wow, due to them hosting the game is a bit extreme.
  11. WDAF in Kansas City has temporarily moved Wheel of Fortune to 1:00 AM due to the Chiefs being in the Super Bowl. It returns to the normal time on Saturday (one day before the big game, funny enough). https://fox4kc.com/news/red-day-specials-move-wheel-of-fortune/ Doing this for an entire week seems pretty extreme. They also did this in 2020 and 21. Do any other stations ever move or pre-empt syndies for a week or more for planned stuff like this? I remember in 2019, WXIA shifted Wheel to WATL for the entire week leading up to that year's Bowl since Atlanta was hosting the game.
  12. This doesn’t look like ‘change’ to me. It still looks like an American parody news outlet from the mid-2000s, to be honest
  13. NewsNation correspondent Evan Lambert was arrested on disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing charges after conducting a live report on the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio while Gov. Mike DeWine was conducting a press conference on the derailment. DeWine later disclosed he did not authorize the arrest, which if true, would suggest officers acted (and overreacted) on their own.
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  15. Even if @Midnight were to run for thirty minutes, I would imagine CBS might run a rebroadcast of CBS Evening News at 1:07am and not return the time to affiliates.
  16. I loved @midnight, I hope to be a part of it's new incarnation as a guest.
  17. 55kw is hardly better than an LPTV. They should have stayed on VHF.
  18. It is, indeed, a crazy era. But why not use the medium to creatively tell a story. Look at what WBZ NewsRadio's Matt Shearer is up to: https://www.bostonmagazine.com/news/2022/08/12/matt-shearer-wbz-tiktok/
  19. Looks like KXAN is off the air long-term.
  20. I feel like we should have a discussion, or debate, on this. There's a TikToker who used to be with KSEE in California who now works for KRIV in Texas who posts dance videos all the time, and now wants to be credited when reporters grow their following. We have reporters who use social media to promote products like they're some random social media influencers. And we even have national reporters, yes, national reporters, who take selfies, smiling while covering something tragic, like a murder for example. (Yes, I read all of this on FTVLive. They're apart of my media consumption) I'm wondering, is this normal? Is this how the media is supposed to be in this generation? Is this what you are supposed to do to get a job working for the media? My gut tells me no. But I really want to know, especially if anybody here used to, or still works for a media outlet (local or national), if this place has them. But I'll tell you one thing, I feel like I'm living in an era where if I want to work in the media, I literally have to do all of this, instead of just doing basic, serious hard hitting journalism, it's scary because if I don't do any crazy thing a manager forces me to do, I'll be fired. But, if I want to do easy work and be popular and earn lots of money, it's a good thing. This is a crazy era of social media and the media.
  21. Iger just announced Disney will seek 7,000 job cuts, $5.5 billion in cost reduction overall.
  22. Am I the only one who actually likes it a lot? I think it's very clean.
  23. https://whnt.com/news/national/the-late-late-show-canceled-after-almost-30-years-on-cbs/ The show will end when James Corden leaves, there will be no replacement host. If you think CBS is going to return that time to the affiliates though, think again:
  24. New Petition. Lockwood is switching one of its signals in Knox. Indie station WKNX is vacating VHF 7 for UHF 21.
  25. 11 has favored saturday jepoardy for a long time, at least a decadd but probably longer. For many years they aired a "classic" judge judy after jepoardy during the non-football season.
  26. The sign outside has been updated.
  27. Normal branding and those colors are Pittsburgh you have to admit. When all of your pro teams basically have the same color scheme, why not? I believe WTTE/WSYX uses Ohio State scarlet and gray in the FOX-28 logo. And doesn't WPGH FOX-53 have black and yellow in their logo?
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