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  2. Something tells me you’ll survive.
  3. Our resident KMGH fanatic is gonna be disappointed to hear this but... those don’t look bad at all...
  4. It is most likely the impeachment process which has been over the 4pm newscast. They did have a 4pm 24 minute newscast yesterday via facebook live/website.
  5. To be clear, it's the extended coverage that's causing MeTV programming to be preempted. It's business as usual (well, sort of) on their ABC and NBC main channels.
  6. Today
  7. Not sure if WTAE is doing that here in Pittsburgh. I know they were showing Ellen at 4. Not sure if ABC went off around that time or they bumped the coverage to COZI TV.
  8. Most likely.. would probably be something they’d promote
  9. Same here in LA at KNBC. Noticed it on Tuesday night, it was anchored by Chuck and Colleen. My assumption is that it is to support Impeachment Trial coverage.
  10. Glad they still kept the 1976-Present "Laser Two"...
  11. Here is the News 8 @ Noon opening. Additionally, it seems that the Noon newscast is solo anchored. News8OpenNoon.mp4
  12. WTVJ, here in Miami did the same this evening, but they stated it was a "Special Edition" of the news after Nightly.
  13. Hearst stations here in New England are bumping impeachment coverage to their METV subchannels; they're getting roasted online by viewers expecting to see their favorite sitcoms. It appears to be a corporate mandate. Hey, aren't must-runs supposed to be, like, bad?
  14. Rana Novini & Chuck Scarborough were anchoring. They made no mention of this being a "special edition" of News 4 New York as they do most of the time when they air a newscast in an unusual timeslot.
  15. The big question is did they finally update the weather graphics they had from Cox to include the 7 day instead of the 5 day? Yes....and no, the 5 day is still alive. Plus, WOFL switched as well, which leaves 5 stations to go. I would list them but since lists are not allowed, I can tell you the sum of the channels remaining equal to 75 (Hint: There are two 5's, a 4, a 29 & a 32 in the equation.)
  16. I was thinking they were just doing this cause of the impeachment coverage. But if "All Access" does end, local news would be the most viable option.
  17. A pre-launch promo for BFM's two new local news channels, BFM Grand Littoral and BFM Grand Lille, which are scheduled to debut on February 3. The promo includes greetings from the teams at BFM Paris and BFM Lyon:
  18. I heard that too. It really was just a straightforward 30 minute newscast. Maybe All Access got canceled? If so, this could be an easy replacement for WNBC.
  19. I knew I heard Myles Miller say “we’ll have another report at 7”.. didn’t think too much of it.. interesting
  20. Here are the 2 videos that @ScottSchell is referring to
  21. Have to say, the Denver7 bug looks good when it's flattened.
  22. Sounds like Scott Chapin's voice has also been retired and replaced with Jim Cutler.
  23. Looking at this picture, I had the immediate thought that this should be the regular GMA team. Michael should be regulated to celebrity/cooking/health, etc and only during the 8:00 hour. I cringe every time I hear him read a serious story. I'd also love to see Cecilia Vega & TJ Holmes receive more expanded roles on the show, They both are amazing.
  24. WNBC is currently airing a 7:00 PM newscast this week. Does anyone know if this is permanent or just a test run?
  25. WNBC is too, preempting Access Hollywood. Been since last night.
  26. KMGH Denver7 has also went to the new graphics well on YouTube they are using it.
  27. It seems like it. WNBC is also running a 7PM as well.
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