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    • Well with Jeff they have a full summers worth on Big Brother.  IIRC he didn’t do or say anything too outrageous a lot of his time was taken with his showmance Jordan who he married. However I don’t think he rocked the boat as he was voted “America’s Favorite” fan boat.  I’m sure if someone went to JokersUpdates they could find something innocuous and make it something. 
    • I'm curious to know where here career will take her and if she plans leave the industry. After the blackface incident, she is now damaged goods, I think she knows she has burned bridges and no mainstream media organization will take her. Logically, her place will be back at a conservative media organization like Fox News, Pat Robertson's CBN or maybe even that new Viacom/Pluto TV channel called First.
    • I just watched my 4th or 5th snipet of The Daily Blast. I can't watch more than 5 minutes at a time, but I tried to give them a chance to see if I can warm up to them.   I can't. They are simply awful. There is no chemistry and there is nothing worse than forced bubbliness.   Tonight they were talking about how Ann Curry has the goods on Matt Lauer and is threatening to go public. I'm thinking to myself, "I wonder if anybody has the goods on any of you guys?"   A very uninteresting show.
    • I have a possible reason for why Sportsnet may not have updated their NHL graphics: their contracts with the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers are up after this season, and given how cheap our networks are in this department, they probably don't want to make new intros for regional broadcasts if there's a chance one of them will only be used for a single season. Conveniently, the current graphics also meet this criteria, as they had acquired rights to the Canadiens as well.   I'm expecting the Oilers to renew with Sportsnet, though. Rogers is a major team sponsor and the naming rights holder of their current arena, so I fully expect them to keep it. But the Flames present a potential opportunity for TSN.
    • Quite frankly Sinclair and that team up north is likely going to have a much easier time getting distribution for Marquee due to Sinclair tieing in Marquee with YES, the 21 former Fox RSNs and obviously the local stations more so than what the Dodgers are having with SportsNet LA
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