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    • KWCH needs a new logo more than just about any other station. It's completely out of place there.
    • Furthermore, the WFLD package shown in the clip lacked a key component of TVbD/JCBD's graphics of the 1980s and early 1990s. The layer effects of the name banners and title logos in the news open just slide from left to right, not zooming out or coming together at a split point. Basically, every package from those two companies had that element at that time; this package doesn't.   Compare the WFLD open to the WGN midday open and to these...  
    • To a point, the crescent has some sentimental value by virtue of how long it's been in use at this point.  But that crescent logo needs an update.  Kind of wish WJBF would go with something closer to what WNCN or WSPA uses.  Or maybe a modern font like what KOLR10 currently uses.   Is there any chance the logo we see in the gfx montage is just a placeholder?
    • Another senior local news anchor is signing off at CTV.   Ken Shaw, the long time anchor of CFTO/CTV Toronto's noon ant 6 PM newscasts, is leaving his post on the anchor desk in January 2020. He will still be part of the CTV News team doing special projects for at least the next year. A Frank magazine article in November had suggested that CTV may have pushed Shaw out as part of a round of layoffs in October.    https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ctv-news-toronto-s-veteran-anchor-ken-shaw-announces-retirement-1.4719052   Shaw is the latest long-serving local news anchors at the CTV network to leave. On November 14, Gord Leclerc, one of CKY/CTV Winnipeg's main anchors for 24 years, was unceremoniously let go after presenting the station's noon newscast. https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/special/instagram/anchor-leclerc-laid-off-by-ctv-564943692.html   In September, CFRN/CTV Edmonton's Daryl McIntyre ended his 33-year run as that station's top news presenter; he had stated publicly that he was forced to take a buyout. https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/liane-faulder-its-a-wrap-as-daryl-mcintyre-leaves-the-nightly-news-desk-at-ctv   In April 2018, CTV also let go Tamara Taggart and Mike Killeen, the two principal anchors at CIVT/CTV Vancouver. Tamara had been at CIVT since the launch of that station in 1999.  https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/ctv-vancouver-fires-news-anchors-tamara-taggart-mike-killeen   Some of the legacy news anchors that remain across the CTV network are Steve Murphy and Bruce Frisko (ATV/CTV Atlantic), Mutsumi Takahashi (CFCF/CTV Montreal), Ian White (CFCN/CTV Calgary), and Jim Chricton (CHWI/CTV Windsor).
    • The "6" and the crescent are long overdue for a change.  But seeing as how this station was the lone holdover of the old Media General package (and JDK music dumped only a few years earlier), it's progress, nonetheless....   I'm surprised how many of the old MG-era logos are still being used.  They live on in Myrtle Beach, Tampa, Charleston, Greenville, NC (to an extent), and in places like Panama City and Wichita, where the former's logo not only survived it's sale by Media General to Hoak, but also to Nexstar, and the reunion with it's sisters under the MG-Nexstar merger!  Same with KWCH, which lives on through Gray who merged with prior owner Schurz.
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